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Pilot Capless Fountain Pen (Medium Nib) in Black with Silver Trim $164.49 Delivered @ Bunbougu


A good price for an iconic fountain pen with a gold nib. This is an Aussie based retailer I've bought from multiple times and have no complaints. Shipping is free over $59.

Obviously you have to be a fountain pen person for this to be considered a "deal" and I wouldn't recommend buying this pen if you've never tried one. I'm even hesitant since some people complain about the placement of a clip. My aim is to try one in person at a store before making up my mind.

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  • I have the Pilot capless, which is great for me.
    However OP is correct, it is not for everyone and some people do find the pocket clip awkward when writing.
    Try before you buy.

    • Yes, do try first. Like many Japanese pens, the nibs are particularly fine. I suspect that a medium will be a good experience for people who would normally choose a fine nib in a European manufactured pen.

      And yes, it takes a bit of time to get used to carrying it! Mechanism suprises people when you pull it out to write…

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    This pen can write underwater

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      Sorry forgot to mention that It can also write other words too

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        Thanks for the LOL.

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        willing to put up with the negs, now that's commitment for a joke

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    Every fountain pen post gets haters. ‘Is this a joke?’ ‘Who buys this’ ‘how’s this a deal’

    If it’s not for you, just move on with your life. People with other likes and dislikes exist. They value different things than you do.

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      Absolutely. Some people value cryptocurrency.

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      Yep, it's funny how those comments never show up on posts for $750 game consoles, $1500 phones or $500+ watches

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        Agree, but to be fair, you can’t get a $5 multipack of Xboxes which do exactly the same function as the expensive one.

        Point remains though. If this is a bargain for what it is, then let’s post it.

        • I can get a used Xbox for like $50 though, which does the function of "playing games" ;)

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        I think $500 for a watch is still considered "entry level" haha. Not to mention $1000+ for graphics cards. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wanting any of those things, just different strokes etc.

    • Tribalism is in-built into the human psyche, as such you will never get away from this.

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    Waiting for a deal on Lamy 2000 😃

    • Just got Kaco Edge the other day. I have never heard about it until I came across it by chance the other day. Never tried Lamy 2000 but I love the makrolone body of this pen, nib is also okay (after I aligned it, tangs were a bit off). Nib is German.

      Check it out, you might like it.

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        Cheers !! My current pen is Lamy Studio, the above one seems to be okay when compared.

        • There's Lamy studios on sale which I was thinking about too. The glossy grip puts me off though, I get sweaty hands and will probably end up too slippery for me.

    • They (Lamy 2000) are $233.22 if you have eBay plus and the PLUSFY22 code, for a fine at Peters of Kensington at the moment:

      • And $244 without ebay plus
        Coupon SAFY20

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      Massively different to the Pilot. But think that is a true design classic and so comfortable to write with. Good luck!

    • What's considered a good price for a 2000?

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        Below $250 is pretty good, closer to $200 ideally.

    • Just get both and you'll have the 'what do I get if I want to upgrade from entry level' starter pack

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    Can't wait to sign million dollar cheques with this

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      zimbabwe dollars?

      • +2


        • The Ruble has gained back all its lost against the USD, and then some.

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    Good deal OP!

    These are great to write with and I've found the tines only get better over time (read: a little more flex without being misaligned or springy). I got my first back in 2014 and it's still going strong.

  • I’ve got two matte black vanishing points and I don’t need another pen… but this is a really good price. God damnit.

  • Trump approves and has one:

    • Be nice if he reached Vanishing Point as well

    • +3

      Funny enough he apparently uses a sharpie for this stuff, and asked sharpie to make a special and rich looking one for him.

      "So, I called up the folks at Sharpie and I said, 'do me a favor, can you make the pen in black? Can you make it look rich?'…

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    Can a "pen" person tell me why these are really cool and what appeals to them about this specific model?

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      This is one of the few fountain pens out there with a retractable nib: that is, it's got a button to make the nib go in and out, just like a ballpoint (most fountain pens have caps which you have to unscrew or pop off and take extra care to not lose). Basically, combines the subjectively superior writing experience of an FP with the convenience of a ballpoint.

      Also has a mostly metal body so it has a nice heft if you're into that

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        Also, it is made by Pilot and is therefore a quality bit of workmanship.
        The nib retracts in/out of the end where the pocket clip is, which can appear odd, but is pretty smart.
        It means that you can clip it into a pocket without fear of leaking.
        There is a very clever seal inside the nib end that operates when the nib is retracted.
        So it is a high end FP experience but with quirky, eye-catching design

      • Thanks for the great answer!

  • This is a genuinely good price for a standard Pilot VP: overseas the 'usual' price is ~156usd from what I can tell, so it's not like the Australian RRP is terribly inflated either. Can't justify it when I have a LE from several years ago still sitting in the box untouched…

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    With interest rates going up, wonder how luxury items like these ones will be repriced.

    Financial times with Ozbargain (FTWOzB)

  • You will not find a gold nib pen for anything less than $200. This is a real deal. This pen is highly regarded as one of the best.

    • Fountain pens specifically, likely not much given how small the Australian market is and how easy they are to import. Being a small, high value item means shipping isn't a major cost and there aren't any import restrictions or region-locking.

    • There is a Pilot with a 14k nib that costs approx $50

      • I don't suppose you could share the name? It isn't one I could find online.

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    We are clearly at different places in our lives. I don't write any more

    • I've been a student for a while and have just found writing notes by hand a more satisfying recently. Being a huge nerd, any way to make it more interesting is a plus for me. Although luxury goods and student budgets don't often mix.

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    beware of tiny converter

  • can't actually justify the cost for simply a pen

  • I snoozed :( … would've been a nice bday pressy for the daughter. I've been trying to upgrade her Kakuno. The clicky VP would match a slip cap in terms of speed.

    My slip caps tend to be high end. She refuses to use anything from my "stash" …

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