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NAB Credit/Debit Card Complimentary Travel Insurance Extends Cover to Epidemic/Pandemic (COVID)


NAB complimentary travel insurance would cover Pandemic/Epidemic. Similar to ANZ Deal here but covers many cards.

NAB Statement:


We're making some important changes to the following NAB credit card(s):
NAB Low Fee Platinum Credit Card
NAB Premium Credit Card
NAB Velocity Rewards Premium Credit Card
NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Credit Card
NAB Qantas Rewards Premium Credit Card
NAB Rewards Signature Credit Card
NAB Rewards Platinum Credit Card
NAB Flybuys Rewards Credit Card
NAB Low Rate Platinum Credit Card
NAB Qantas Plus Credit Card
NAB Visa Gold Debit Card
NAB Platinum Visa Debit Card

Effective 30 June 2022, the General Insurance Code of Practice section, and Complaints & Disputes section in the NAB Card Insurance Policy Information Booklet for your card(s) has been updated. These changes align with the standards and requirements of the 2021 Insurance regulatory reforms.

You can view details of the Notice of Change within the new policy Information Booklet at nab.com.au/personal/credit-cards/manage-your-credit-card/covid-travel-insurance-changes.

Introducing Epidemic and Pandemic cover for International Travel Insurance

From 30 June 2022, if during the period of your cover, you (and your spouse/dependents, if they're eligible for cover) are positively diagnosed as suffering a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic (such as COVID-19), cover may be available. Refer to the sections listed below in the policy information booklet under 'Select benefits':
1.1 Overseas Emergency Assistance
1.2 Overseas Emergency Medical
1.4 Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
2.1 Cancellation
3.1 Additional Expenses
If your travel companion is positively diagnosed as suffering a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic, such as COVID-19, which impacts your journey, cover may be available to you under the following sections under International and Domestic Travel Insurance:
2.1 Cancellation
3.1 Additional Expenses
Note, you won't be covered while travelling against advice or warnings issued by The Australian Government and where you did not take reasonable care to avoid contracting the sickness, for example by delaying travel to the country listed in a warning.

Visit the Australian government Smart Traveller website, for any Australian Government advice or warnings.

The information above is a summary only. Eligibility criteria, terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions apply. Please refer to the NAB Card Insurance Policy Information Booklet Part D - General Exclusions and the exclusions covered in each of the above sections.

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    Wondering if Citi Credit Cards will now do given NAB has now taken ownership?

    • +1

      Was just about to say this
      My virgin card comes under them now

    • +1

      Coles Credit Card is also part of NAB now…

    • If its the same underwriter then YES!

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    I'm assuming you need to pay with the NAB card to be covered?

    • +4

      I think min $500 to be paid using NAB card

    • What if you’ve already made the payment?

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      Open PDS search "activation, activate, activated"

  • @OP, did you find this on your NAB CC statement?
    I have an eligible NAB CC but can't see this on my current statement.

    • +1

      I revived an email a couple hours ago, the OP has copied pasted exactly what the email said.

      I don't; know what you have to do to be illegible as i have never used it, many OS trips I paid for before Covid were often charged in USD, so the NAB card fees were laughable.


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      there was an email from NAB regarding change in insurance on 17th Jun

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    Waiting for CBA to follow suit

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      CBA had this for platinum or diamond cards… Via cover more.. that actually covers less

      • CBA's credit card travel insurance via Cover More still doesn't cover anything COVID-19 related, unfortunately.


        Credit and debit card travel insurance customers
        If you have travel insurance with Cover-More via your credit or debit card, this event (i.e. COVID-19) is excluded and there is no cover.

  • Can anyone recommend the best NAB Qantas frequent flyer points credit card available?

    Or ANZ?

    I need to book a trip to Bali in August!

    Unfortunately, if I book a holiday to Europe in May next year with points I'll have to get separate insurance?

    • +1
      • Damn no ANZ bonus card at the moment, couldn't see the black card on them but I'm gathering itll come back

        St George actually has a krisflyer 75000 point card, which is pretty rare and actually pretty good!

        I think I'm going to apply for that one, and probably the Qantas NAB would be the best two cards at the moment till ANZ gets it's stuff together!

    • +1

      I applied for the ANZ card 3 weeks ago. No progress on the credit check. NAB turned around me application in 1 day.

      ANZ is a joke. I have no loans, and a large savings account (in between buying properties).

      ANZ has more points, but go NAB for now if you need to book soon.

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    Just FYI, 28° (which is free) already covers this

    • Their covid coverage is very limited

      • +1

        Not really. They cover you fully for all medical expenses, as well as change of flights and extension of hotel bookings if needed.

        • +1

          To be fair I haven't done a direct comparison but when the ANZ travel insurance with covid coverage came out, quite a few people with the 28 degrees card mentioned the coverage with the ANZ policy was much better

          • @dinglejerry: Thanks. I don’t have an ANZ card but I did look at the 28° closely just yesterday. It covers any medical expenses up to $700,000…

        • Not according to themselves and hence limited in comparison to ANZ/NAB-

          The benefit examples outlined above are subject to you meeting all the other terms and conditions of the policy. The insurance generally does not cover the following COVID-19 related events:

          travel disruption due to border closures, such as the cost of additional accommodation or missed flights; and

          additional costs due to quarantine.

          Where additional Hotel costs overseas could add up if you need to Quarantine.

          • +1

            @Spizz: That's what I was trying to say - the 28 degrees card coverage is fairly limited in comparison.

  • What about Citibank and Virgin credit cards now they are owned by NAB?

  • So to be eligible for cover, do I need to spend the $500 after 30 June 2022? or if I buy now it will be covered as well?


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    It's epidemic/pandemic - not endemic. Completely different meaning.

    • +1

      Thank you. I have updated the post to reflect Epidemic.

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    Last card to jump on the bandwagon. Thanks for being late to the party

    • The opposite actually. Many/most cards still exclude COVID 19 cover. I thank NAB for been one of the first to offer this.

      • Yep, I have ANZ platinum which has the COVID cover but my Westpac black doesn't have the COVID Cover.

      • ANZ was the first to offer comprehensive COVID cover via their credit cards. NAB is 2nd. Others that have COVID cover are limited in what they cover.

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    Be good if the tight asses @ AMEX would add this

  • good find! Thanks op

  • Now that this pandemic is over (almost) they add it on to make it more attractive. How convenient

  • Does anyone know if this includes cover to typically high cost travel insurance countries like the USA?

  • -1

    "Note, you won't be covered while travelling against advice or warnings issued by The Australian Government"

    Most countries are listed by our Gov as "Exercise a high degree of caution" ie. USA, UK, Indonesia

    • "Exercise a high degree of caution" is for most of the world and that blanket warning won't void your cover in those countries. You'll likely find that if the destination is stated as "reconsider your need to travel" or "do not travel", there won't be any cover. I know first hand, I'm currently in Mexico and my ANZ platinum card doesn't provide cover here (nor in Egypt where I'll be at the end of the year!) I imagine NAB is the same, I'm sure the PDS will be clear on this point.

  • I never used cc insurance before. If i book a trip with friends and pay with the credit card the whole amount, everyone will be covered or only me?

    • +1

      Only you. Depending on what card you have they might provide cover for your spouse and/or children as well.

      But definitely not friends.

      Best to just read the terms for you credit card travel insurance to see what it covers

  • I've got the black one that comes with the home loan, it's a debit. Eligible?
    Also doesn't seem to be as good as the CBA which covers everything not limited to COVID

  • Just to confirm eligibility requirements:


    Who is eligible?

    As a cardholder you are eligible for this International Travel Insurance when you meet all of the following criteria:

    1. you reside in Australia and your journey commences and ends in Australia;
    2. before leaving Australia you spend at least $500 on your prepaid travel costs (i.e. your travel costs that you pay for before leaving Australia) and you charge these costs (e.g. cost of your overseas travel ticket; and/or airport/departure taxes; and/or your prepaid overseas accommodation/ travel; and/or your other prepaid
      overseas itinerary items) to the accountholder’s card account; and
    3. you are aged under ninety one (91) years at the date you depart on your journey.
    • I have already bought and paid my ticket, I am not eligible damn! have to purchase one that covers Covid19, any recommendations?

      I have free travel insurance with the CBA' card but it does not cover Covid19 related events.

      • But does it need to be the flight you pay or just $500 in general?

        • Other related costs but I dont have anything else that I have to prepaid! I have free accommodation at the destination, I cant think of anything else that I have to spend $500.

      • Reread the above. It can be other travel related costs.

      • I am on the same boat as you. I am thinking to get insure and go insurance with groupon20 discount code to be on the safer side

  • As a general thought, has anyone ever relied only on credit card insurance when travelling overseas?

    Or do people supplement with an extra travel insurance policy?

    I’m trying to decide whether a trip to Switzerland and Romania will be adequately covered under my NAB credit card travel insurance, or whether I should take out separate insurance.

    I know I can read the policy, but I’m after opinions based on general understandings on how good credit card insurance is.

    • NAB CC Insurance is operated by Allianz, I don't think just because it's supplied through a credit card that it makes it better or worse.

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