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ANZ Black/Platinum/Travel Adventures Credit Card: Complimentary International & Domestic Travel Insurance (Now with COVID Cover)


Just saw that as of the 28th of April ANZ has now included comprehensive COVID cover in its travel insurance. Was looking for travel insurance for my parents whom were going to pay $900 through Covermore for their upcoming trip when I saw that their ANZ Credit Card now has similar cover included. If this belongs in the forum mods please feel free to move. AFAIK it is the only Bank to offer relatively comprehensive complimentary COVID cover.

You only need to spend $250 in travel, accommodation, taxes, tour, or transports costs to activate cover.

Eligable Cards-

ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum
ANZ Frequent Flyer Black
ANZ Rewards Platinum
ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures
ANZ Rewards Black
ANZ Platinum

Overseas Medical- Unlimited
Cancellation- Up to $20,000
Additional Expenses Unlimited

If, during the period of cover available, you (including your spouse and/or dependants who are eligible for cover) are positively diagnosed as suffering a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic, such as COVID-19, cover is available to you under the following sections:

•1.1 Overseas Emergency Assistance
•1.2 Overseas Emergency Medical
•1.4 Evacuation & Repatriation
•2.1 Cancellation
•3.1 Additional Expenses

As always read the PDS to see if it overs your needs.

Informatin booklet

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    Hopefully the other providers will follow suit!

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      The good thing with ANZ (Allianz) is if you have pre-existings not automatically included, you can for $75 go through an assessment to get them added to this policy which is great for my parents.

      • How do we do that

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          Call the below number, option 1
          From the PDS
          Phone 1300 135 271 (within Australia)

          They will then tell you about the $75 you have to pay whether your successfully approved or not for the pre-existings and then they take you through the questions.

          • @Spizz:

            How to apply for cover

            If you, your spouse or dependants have a pre-existing medical condition that is not listed in the booklet or does not meet the criteria applicable to those listed conditions, you can apply to Allianz Global Assistance for an assessment of whether your pre-existing medical condition is covered by the group policy issued to ANZ. Please call Allianz Global Assistance to request an assessment.

            Depending upon the outcome of the assessment of your pre-existing medical condition:

            • If cover is provided by the group policy for your pre-exiting medical condition and you require written confirmation of cover, an administration fee of $75 will apply;
            • If you choose not to obtain written confirmation or your pre-existing medical conditions are not covered, no administration fee will be charged.

            Emphasis mine. That would suggest that they have provided faulty advice to you about "you have to pay whether your successfully approved or not".

            Thank you for the tip about calling up about pre-existing, though! What kind of questions did they ask for the assessment, and how probing were they?

      • Good luck with that. You can apply for pre-existing conditions cover but that certainly doesn’t mean they’ll approve it!

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          They will assess the risk before accepting with any conditions where possible.

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          We’ve done this process many times on the ANZ CC and it has always been approved. And we have also claimed twice when we had to cancel - once for medical condition, and once for covid. Excellent value and easy to deal with.

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    Does it backdate automatically?

    Edit: Seems so. I’ll try this later:

    You can obtain written confirmation of eligibility for cover for your overseas journey based on the answers you give us, by applying online at:


    If you provide us with incorrect answers to the questions we ask you, you may not be eligible for cover under the group policy issued to ANZ.

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      It depends on the embargo dates of the insurance company.
      Generally speaking this is at the date you booked your flight / holiday.

      Insurance polices can change very quickly so it is best to give them a call to confirm if you are covered before you book a flight / holiday.

      I remember with the Bali Volcano it was a 48 hour period you could get coverage. If you booked before or after you had no coverage.

  • Amex insurance includes it from what I can see…

    • Looking at the PDS their cover is very limited and only applicable to Trip Cancellation and Amendment Cover. Also the limit for Cancellations is half that of ANZ. YMMV.

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        No, I had the ANZ black card and successfully made a claim for a trip to the UK in December where the return was delayed due to contracting COVID.

        COVID wasn't specifically mentioned but there was no pandemic exclusion.

        • Can i ask what did you claim and you did it? What documents did you submit for the claim?

      • I was having a look too at Amex and it also cover for medical expenses. Doesn’t it cover if you need to stay longer for example and wait to get clear from covid? I thought that would be included.

      • what i read it covers for medical expenses cancellation everything is very generous???????

        • If you have read the PDS and Amex cover meets you needs then that is what counts.

          IMO it is limited in terms in what it covers compared to ANZ and the limits per section. ANZ will cover Accommodation and Meals if you get COVID which can add up lost moment overseas whereas Amex (Chubb) wont. YMMV.

          As always read the PDS to see if it covers your needs.

    • It does, and looks like good cover from memory, except you need to book flights with it. ANZ is only $250 and applies to many things.

    • I can't seem to find the PDS for my amex card.

      This website gets me nowhere: https://www.americanexpress.com/au/insurance/insurance-with-...

      Can anyone find the PDS?

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    When you are flying somewhere with compulsory covid insurance, how do you show the authorities you've purchased this when you don't have a receipt? Looking at Philippines requirements….

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      You can obtain written confirmation of eligibility for cover for your overseas journey based on the answers you give us, by applying online at:


      If you provide us with incorrect answers to the questions we ask you, you may not be eligible for cover under the group policy issued to ANZ.

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      As Spizz said, you can get the letter as proof. However, the letter does not explicitly says you have covid coverage. The letter will refer to the PDS. At check in the airline staff didn't ask to see the PDS when we presented the letter, YMMV.

      One thing to look out for is that the letter given also only says dear cardholder's name when I did it back in April. No mention of your travel companions are covered. Unlike AMEX's insurance where they explicitly says cardholder, spouse and whoever else is covered.

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        I went through this process in March to get to Thailand which requires proof of COVID insurance. What you have to do is contact ANZ, specifically the Allianz Insurance side of it - on 1300 135 271 and ask for a Letter of Eligibility - International Travel Insurance. You'll need to specify exactly who is travelling with you, and they will include this in the letter. I did this back in March and part of this letter included Eligibility for Epidemic/Pandemic (such as COVID-19) Medical Expenses, so I think this offer has been running for longer than advertised. You'll need to allow a few days for this to be sent through, potentially even a week from memory. I did have an issue in that they said they would send it through in X days and it never happened, so was freaking out while overseas in country number 1 trying to contact them to get it sent through before heading to Thailand.

        • Yes the coverage for COVID was always there by ANZ, but now they've "relaunched" it and it's a deal. I only went thru the automated process for the letter of eligibility, so good to know that other names can be included as well.

  • I bought a flight in December with my ANZ Platinum and they had Covid cover then. Maybe they've extended it to more of their cards since then.

    • Under the Premium Card insurance PDS that was in effect before this one, COVID was not mentioned in the PDS AFAIK and still had the general pandemic exclusions.

      • I confirmed it with them at the time (only by phone though). Hopefully if there's any question the date of flight, rather than the date of flight purchase is what counts.

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          PDS is your source of truth

          • @Morbo66: Agreed. Always check the PDS.

            • @Spizz: The old PDS did not have a general pandemic exclusion. It seems one of the big changes here is to add it, but then to allow coverage for Covid19 specifically.

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    Westpac Credit card travel insurance is also with Allianz, so hoping that will change as well.

    • I actually saw this on a US card last week so hopefully global across all AGA policies.

    • Hoping for westpac to match this too!

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    Does the card holder need to travel too? Or do the tickets only need to be booked on the card itself?

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      Yes the Card Holder needs to travel to as anyone else who may be covered under it would be only eligible especially under point 2-


      If the cardholder becomes eligible for the cover available, a spouse and/or dependant(s) also becomes eligible, when each of them individually meets all of the following eligibility criteria:

      1. the spouse and/or dependants reside in Australia or are the holder of a visa issued under the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) which entitles them to residency; and
      2. each spouse and/or dependant is travelling with the cardholder for at least 50% of the period of cover available to the cardholder for the cardholder’s overseas journey;
      3. each spouse and/or dependant has a return overseas travel ticket before leaving Australia; and
      4. each spouse and/or dependant is aged under 81 years at the time they each become eligible for the cover available by meeting conditions 1 to 3 listed above.
      • Must be aged under 81, hopefully @spizz parents are spring chickens.

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          They are both under 81.

          • @Spizz: So 'dependant' covers my mum and my son ? I am travelling with them and have purchased flight ticket for all three of us using my ANZ black card. Will they both be covered?

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              So 'dependant' covers my mum and my son ?

              No for your mum, or at the very least would be difficult to argue for.

              Yes for your son.

            • @fseng: No not your mum. Only a spouse and a person under 21 from memory.

      • Wow, thanks!!

      • Does "cardholder" include the sub-card holder?

        My partner bought her tickets using the subcard i got her, will she be covered under this? I won't be travelling with her.

  • Will this work with Thailand travel pass?

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      Yes, I used CBA ultimate creditcard travel insurance to get through.

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    Based on the wording above, if you aren't diagnosed as having the pandemic/epidemic illness, you can't claim under those sections of the policy.

    So if you are healthy but there is a 'health orders' lockdown in the city/country you are in, any additional expenses you incur in having to stay put at your hotel, changing flights etc. aren't covered.

    Hopefully we are past lockdowns now, but you never know…

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      Take RATs with you and do a doctor's appointment via phone call to an Australian doctor?

      I bet they didn't think of that. If it doesn't mention PCR just diagnosis then I think you're good

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      That's standard. I get free travel insurance with my 28 Degrees card, but decided to look around for a separate travel insurance policy, and they all seem the same. You won't be covered for lockdowns or having to isolate - unless you or somebody on the policy actually has covid.

    • At least on the flight part, you could just buy flexi tickets although they do cost more.

  • Good that it has been included in the booklet. Covid cover was from before 28th of April but was on a separate page on ANZ (harder to find) and not in the booklet. We used the ANZ travel insurance earlier in April at the airport as it was a requirement to board the plane for our overseas destination.

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    I have nab Qantas rewards signature
    Do I have the same cover?

    Also, do I have to buy the air ticket by that credit card to activate the offer? Thanks

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    Perfect timing
    I have to book flights for Bali in August, and I need a new CC.

    Next year in Europe, and American I'll have to pay for insurance due to using points! 😬

    • You could still use points and put any accommodation, or taxes from your award flights on the card to kick in eligibility (especially consider the QF, EK, QA, EY taxes to Europe).

      • That will give me insurance?

        I'll be flying through Krisflyer.

        • +1

          Yes. As per the PDS-

          • before leaving Australia you spend at least $250 on your prepaid travel costs (i.e. your travel costs that you pay for before leaving Australia) and you charge these costs (e.g. cost of your return overseas travel ticket; and/or airport/ departure taxes; and/or your prepaid overseas accommodation/ travel; and/or your other prepaid overseas itinerary items) to the accountholder’s card account;

          If you need any clarification always call ANZ(Allianz) for confirmation.

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    Another possible wat to reduce your Travel Ins cost is to suspended you Health Cover whilst you are O/S…check your provider. Def Health allows suspension up to 24 months

    • Most of them won't allow it if you're only going away for 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Man i had closed my ANZ rewards CC thinking i could get HSBC CC but HSBC rejected me,

    so very pissed at myself cant have my CC from ANZ back now

  • Hopefully CBA follow suit on their ultimate

    • Ultimate has it and I used it to go overseas.

      • +1
      • Not according to the Commonwealth website-

        Please note travel insurance doesn't cover cancellation claims related to COVID-19.

        • I know, once you get to the airport (Syd) a lot of confusions amongst Qantas staff and they encouraged me to see if there's travel policy with my creditcard.. and I joined it and get passed.
          Thailand even didn't check the insurance when I arrived there..

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    Whilst ANZ has added this travel insurance they’ve taken out others such as price protection insurance, best to make sure you use the right for the right purchases.

    • Does any card still have price protection anymore?

    • I've never claimed with the Price Protection policy, but the list of eligibility requirements always seemed so restrictive anyway.

  • Already booked domestic trip before 28th Apr for travel in Oct. I guess it doesn't cover that. On the other note, given breakfree package is coming to end (i.e. no annual fee) I will need to cancel my ANZ platinum and look for another alternative with no annual fee…

  • Does anyone know what the cover amount is for cancellation costs (for prepaid hotels, fights, tours, etc) if get COVID just before your flight and are unable to travel?

    And what is the excess amount?

    • +1

      Up to $20,000 and excess

      • 2.1 Cancellation $350.
      • Thank you.

        However PART C - BENEFIT LIMITS (page 58) says $3000 for cancellation costs so now I am confused? Is it $20,000 in total for cancellation costs, but then there are sub-limits of $3000 for flights, $3000 for accommodation, etc?

        • +3

          Just realised the $3000 is for domestic cancellation costs, the $20000 is for international.

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