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Hoyts Adult Tickets $11, LUX Tickets $25 (Redemption until Sep) @ ShopBack via App

  • This voucher is only valid for redemption from 1st Aug 2022 to 30 Sep 2022
  • While the T&C state the voucher is only valid for redemption from Aug to Sep, comments below suggest that it can be redeemed online for June & July sessions.
  • Cannot be redeemed on Saturdays after 5pm
  • 1% cashback
  • $2 more expensive than the same deal in March.
  • It's on the in-app gift card page, Search for Hoyts, there should be a separate $11 and $25 Hoyts listing
  • May I suggest you to put a reminder event on Google Calendar on 1 Aug, 1 Sep and 15 Sep, so you will get a reminder email or push to use your pre-purchase ticket. Otherwise it will become a non-tax deductible donation to Hoyts.😂

T&C Copy from previous deal

• Available for any session at HOYTS Cinemas in Australia during the validity period. Check HOYTS.com.au for latest information
• Available for any D-BOX, Samsung Onyx, 3D and/or Xtremescreen movie session with an upgrade fee, which will be applied at time of redemption
• Is valid until the expiry date indicated and cannot be exchanged, extended or replaced.
• If redeemed at HOYTS.com.au or via the HOYTS App both the voucher number and PIN are required to be entered. Booking fees will apply.
• Seats are not guaranteed and subject to availability.
• It is recommended that you book your tickets in advance via the HOYTS Website or app.
• For session times, locations and full terms and conditions visit HOYTS.com.au.
• Can't be redeemed and/or upgraded to HOYTS LUX, HOYTS Daybed, special or group event sessions
• Can't be used to purchase 3D glasses
• Can't be used in conjunction with any other offer
• Can't be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or damaged
• Can't be used to purchase any pre-paid movie vouchers, gift cards or HOYTS Rewards memberships
• Can't be exchanged for cash and change will not be given irrespective of cinema pricing
• Can't be sold without the prior written consent of HOYTS Corporation Pty Ltd.
• Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

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Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • Not bad

  • Any good upcoming movies during Aug/Sep?

    • +3

      scroll down to Aug-Sep
      Avatar - (original) 22-Sep

    • +4

      There's Bullet train, which is a movie with Brad Pitt, it looks interesting, I would say you should watch the trailer, but trailers tend to give a way a lot of the plot.

    • +1

      there's a new jordan peele (directed us and get out) film, 'nope', coming in august. should be good!

  • +2

    Haven’t been to the movies for a couple of years just wanna see top gun Maverick…
    1st Aug is too long lol

    • +8

      For the full top gun experience you can get cheap IMAX tickets on Tuesdays.

    • +2

      Funny the original got like 67% and the new one is top-tier?

      I think our nostalgia/discerning gauge is broken due to covid….My son and his mates saw it and had the same opinion. It's "okay". But the $ it's raking in is stupid.

      • +1

        Great. Blame everything on covid.
        What makes the film great is its ability to reel you in and overwhelm you with nostalgia in a good way. Those who have not seen the original when it first came out will probably not appreciate it as much.
        Not many films can pull it off. Like any work of art, not everyone will appreciate it. But the ones who do, they’ll love it thus the high rating and the $ it is raking in

  • good post

  • +3

    Before you jump on this, have a really good look at movies coming out for August-September.
    Other than school holiday releases, not a whole lot of good action adventure movies coming out.

    Only 'star studded' action one is Bullet Train (Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock).

    Black Adam, Black Panther not till November.

    Clearly this all depends on movie tastes (there's a couple thrillers, horror, and romance), but imo very slim pickings over next few months for cinema worthy action/adventure flicks (the redemption period).

    Plus vote because its still a good deal for those wanting to see something in particular.

    • Isn’t Thor coming out next month, that’s worth it right?

      • +1

        I was looking at movies being released from 1st August to 30th September (the redemption dates)… but sure, yes any previously released movies a month earlier that are still showing would of course be valid. Wasn't my point though…. as fans would have probably seen it in the weeks earlier. All I was trying to say is that during the redemption period there's not a whole lot being released.

    • But minions 2 is out right now… there can't be a better movie than this!

  • +1

    Since the Optus deal died via perks is there any other platform for discounted hoyts lux? Longer term without restriction?

    • +2

      eBay Plus on Tuesdays or through Neat Ideas via Westpac

    • +3

      Optus taking away cheap cinema tickets and now charging for EPL making them not good value anymore

      • Is this a recent thing?

      • Hang on isn't EPL free if you got Optus plan?

        • Changing from August 1st, you should have got email from Optus by now if you are a customer.

          • @GerrardLFC: Oh damn.. I just read it..

            Mm anyone know if there are alternative that is cheaper?

            I heard hotstar India has epl for 2022/23

  • Jurassic park still be showing by then I wonder hmm

    • +5

      Not worth the lux experience imho.

  • +1

    Great for the new Dragon Ball Super movie. Thanks.

  • +5

    For those who wants to get discounted Hoyts tickets, Neat Ideas via Westpac is showing $11.50 for adult tickets and it can be redeemed anytime (I.e. no set redemption timeframe like ShopBack) - code to access Neat Ideas is generic (see previous posts by doweyy)

    Info via Neat Ideas:

    • Valid Mon-Fri
    • Valid for minimum 12 months
    • Not valid for alternate content screenings
    • What's neat ideas?

      • See this previous deal for Event Cinema

        • +2

          The 11.50 one has some restrictions btw the one you listed above are wrong
          eVoucher (Option to eGift to a friend)
          Valid nationwide
          Valid Mon to Thurs only
          Valid for minimum 12 months (From date of purchase)
          Not valid for alternate content screenings
          Please see full terms and conditions

          • +1

            @StarPlatinum: Oh yeh whoops. Wasn’t meant to include Fridays. But yeh if Mon-Thurs work, at least there’s an option to get it at $11.50 at anytime

    • +1

      Legend - thx

  • +1

    Ah yes, perfect timining just after I've seen everything I want to see recently…

  • What happened to the $8 tickets

    • +3

      In the glovebox of the Delorean. If you ask Marty nicely he might get them for you.

  • +3

    18 August 2022
    Bosch & Rockit (2022)
    01 September 2022
    Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022)
    15 September 2022
    The Railway Children Return (2022)
    18 September 2022
    Capel Green (2022)
    22 September 2022
    Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022)
    Wicked Game (2022)
    28 September 2022
    A Little Resistance (2022)


    • The railway children return? I didn’t know there was a first movie.

  • Thor!

  • +1

    Anyone know a cheap method for now / July?

    • If you have westpac refer bargaingrabbers comment further up ahead. The code on the events cinema page still works today so I believe you may be able to buy the ticket from the neat ideas portal

      • Alas no Westpac in the house.

        Wife said Costco do it but I'm not sure

        • +1

          Use the code from the events deal it still works I think you're still able to access the tickets from there. Go the top press movie tickets and from there find the hoyts one

    • RACV members

    • +1

      If you like lux, I believe ebay plus gives you $25 tickets. Tuesday only tho

    • +1

      AIA Vitality - valid for any session except Sat and Sun after 2pm, 6 tickets per account and at $10.50 / $20 for adult / Lux, respectively.

      • 6 tickets per account

        Per calendar month

  • +5

    is it possible to usw NSW Discover vouchers for this deal?

    • Same question

    • +3

      Unfortunately not, you can only pay via Credit/Debit Card or Available Cashback in our App.


      • Thanks Store rep for the response!

  • Pretty good deal
    But good luck trying to find seats for lux pass. I've had two tickets sitting around for a month and can't get seats as there's limited viewings and movie sessions.

  • Can a child use an adult ticket?

    • I have tried it. They dont really check.

  • +6

    I just redeemed 2 of these vouchers online for a movie on 26 June, and it went through successfully. Guess they haven't implemented an online check for these vouchers to only be used from August to September.

    • +1

      Can confirm it works, just did it with 4 tickets

    • +1

      Thanks, deal updated.

    • Anyone reckon it would work in person?
      Maybe the staff won't look too intently at the voucher saying it's only available August - September.

    • seems this no longer works :(

      • I just did now, it worked.

        • Weird, my barcode wouldn't work online. Had to call them direct and get them to put it through over the phone. Plus side is that I wasn't charged any booking fees doing it this way.

  • Does it still work for June - July sessions?

    • it worked for me, just now.

  • Booked two lux tickets to Thor on opening day.

    I noticed that the website called them 'Groupon tickets'

    • Thor Odinson

  • +1

    It worked for me. Just booked two tickets for Top Gun.

  • +1

    Just booked a Xtremescreen, Was $4 bucks extra upgrade plus the $1.50 booking fee. Comes out to $16.50 which is still relatively a good deal

  • Worked for me thank you :)

  • Unable to see deal. Has this expired?

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