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Otis Memory Lane Gold Blue Mineral Glass Sunsglasses $42.46 + $9.95 Express Shipping @ Sunnieside


For those who know otis are a good sunglassess manufacturer, quality materials and build that will last you years. Still have my two original pairs from 4-5 years ago. Mineral glass is much more difficult to scratch.

Very rare to find a pair under $60 let alone one this cheap. More for the ladies this style but you may pull it off.

The frames etc come with lifetime warranty and they honor it with no hassles.

Beats raybans anyday

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  • They look a bit flimsy tbh.

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    It's 2022, if you're not wearing polarised sunnies I don't know what you're doing.

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      polarised lens not always useful against digital displays.

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      pilots and anyone who relies on digital displays shouldn't wear polarised. some skiers also prefer non-polarised so they can see ice patches better.

    • yeah …wear polarised 80% of the time, but polarised in glass, not plastic is expensive, adds about $60 to the price of mineral glass wayfarers ….. this deal is for $55 mineral glass sunglasses if they were polarised glass would cost noticeably more …

      just hate the blue colour in this deal ….. i have persol steve mc queens with the blue lens and it’s not a color lens i find useful.

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    “Beats raybans anyday”
    Except I can get prescription lenses in my Ray Bans and keep the tint. I don’t see an option for that here.

  • love mineral glass lenses hence rayban and persol ….i have seen the otis in shops …..down side in this case is the colour …… i have a blue lens pair of persol and they rarely get worn as useless for driving and don’t provide much contrast ….. pity they don’t have otis with grey , green or brown lenses on special …

    great price if you can handle the blue lens …..

    as for polarised , works great in some circumstances e.g near water, or plants, or driving, but in some circumstances e.g looking at mobile phone screen it can be a nuisance, but i usually take my sunglasses off when looking at phone screen anyway.

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    There’s a black one on sale for the same price too

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