Need a Cheap Netbook or small laptop?

Hey everyone!

kinder in a need for a cheap netbook sub 300 mark? was wondering if anyone knew what was good or where is some where cheap that i can get one soon?

any help would be great!
or a cheap 10 inch tablet!!




    Have a look at this thread


    Check the JB hifi sale. They have this for $300 :

    Read up on the N2600 chipset. The power consumption of that is impressive.

    It's a pretty decent bet.


    If you could stretch a little more the HP DM1 for ~$380 is way better than any netbook. 11" screen, good battery life and good performance. Outside your budget though so just a suggestion.


    oh wow! thanks guys ill have to check out JB, i kno a guy there so i mtie beable to get it cheaper in true oz bargain fashion :P

    its for a gift so 300 was the budget!
    but thanks again

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