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Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 (Barely Volt/Hyper Orange/Volt/Black) $217.99 (RRP $310) Delivered @ Nike


Looks like the price is only for the Colour : Barely Volt/Hyper Orange/Volt/Black
Style: CU4111-700

Been looking at these for a while, and this is the cheapest I have seen the Next% 2. I don't think you will get any cheaper than this.

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    Solid shoe for race day

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      Aren't these, or similar, the ones that got banned because they were too good?

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        The original Alphaflys that Kipchoge ran in for Sub-2 were banned. They were updated with a single carbon plate and reduced stack difference, and have recently been superceded by the Alphafly 2.

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    Fantastic price for anyone looking for a top tier race shoe.

  • Any professional runners able to comment on this shoe? I am part of a running club for distance/health and I've never seen anyone wear these or express any desire to own them?

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      Not a pro, but enthusiast. I have run my 5k and 10k PBs in VF1s. The carbon plate dynamics provide great response and reduction of effort at pace (a reduction in 4% VO2 when running at threshold pace). The ZoomX foam is super responsive yet comfortable. These shoes are NOT for easy days, and are unforgiving when running form is not good (eg, heel-strike strides).

      • Do you have alphaflys?

        I forget which one but I've heard of people use one of the nike racing shoes for easy/long rungs

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          I have a pair of AF1s, and they are reserved for my half marathon and marathon races. These shoes are even WORSE for training runs that involve slow paces or intervals with recovery runs in-between sets, mainly due to the heel being completely Zoom x, and I sag into the heels when running form is inefficient.

          Long/easy shoes from the Nike brand from experience: Invincible Run 1/2 (full-fat ZoomX with a rocker design, no carbon plate), followed Tempo Next% (has AirPods like the Alphas, nylon plate, noisy on the road). I didn't like the React foam from Nike, always ended up with blisters. Haven't run in a pair of Pegasus in about 7 years, so couldn't recommend them at this time.

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            @yojabbajabba: Yeah. I only got one pair of nike shoes. (Unused AFs lol)

            I generally just gets what cheap and use it for easy/slower runs. Recently tried Cliftons and initially the cushioning was nice but not sure whether i just wore the foam out or what kinda felt it was making things slow and not nice to run in.
            Current long run shoes are actually a pair of Newbalance 880s' i think which i accidentally ordered instead of 1080's. They are rigid/stability shoes but Ive taken a liking to them.

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              @DisabledUser435103: Agree on the cliftons, I use them for recovery runs or when I haven't had a run for a long time and need to pound out a run to get ready for a real run as they are too soft and I feel like I'm losing energy in them. I've got a pair of the original adizero pro for my proper training runs

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            @yojabbajabba: I like that about the vaporfly/alphafly in the way it makes heel striking feel so wrong and helps to make sure your running style is better. But then I don't do short runs in these. I save them for the longer pre-race runs and race day.

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      These are the race day shoe for many serious runners - line up towards the front of any kind of major city running event and you'll see a sea of these shoes. Rarely discounted due to high demand so this is pretty good - but obviously, if you're not interested in road racing (or chasing that last few %) then stick with what you've got.

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      What do you mean by professional runner? These are middle/long distance race day shoes. Sure you can train in the Vaporflys but there are less expensive runners for the task of putting in hundreds of km into. I've found Vaporflys are great for any race 5km and over

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        I do my long runs in the OG vaporflys. I've had them for more than 3 years and they had only clocked 150kms. I use them for 30km+ long runs so I can keep up with my friends. I find I run with better form in them, and recover quicker.

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      These are racing shoes. Designed to give you greater energy return/efficiency.

      Reasons to get them would be
      1)You run races
      2)You got money and just wanna try a pair of fun shoes.

      Gotta the alphaflys which I'm yet to try.

      What distances do you run and what pace?

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        … or you wanna flex at ParkRun and ring that bell with your shiny new shoes.

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          I feel as though Next% are no longer a flex at parkrun these days.

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    • 4% cashback if combined with the Cheddar app.
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    • I bought a pair several months ago.
      Yet to use it lol

      • I got a pair of Alphaflys 20 months ago and yet to wear them. Lol

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    Definitely best raw price I've seen. Would be great if there was some coupon/cash back to stack on top.

    TBH unless you plan to use it now I'd wait to see if a solid cash back deal like the 30% which cheddar had comes back.

    You can also get 10% of on your bday if you register as a member on the app. Although you may need to wait 12 months etc.

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      The blue version were on sale for $189, but not much stock and not in my size

      • Forgot about that one, so I think that is the benchmark for the cheapest pair. Although I think that was heavily discounted due to limited sizes.

        I've been keeping an eye out on certain models for years, so most will eventually go on sale for a 29% off towards their end of life / weird colour way.
        Then you can get that 39% for limited sizes available.

        Then if you live near a Nike Factory outlet, you can get some even cheaper deals. I've only seen the Womens Vaporflys at DFO once. But I did manage to get some Zoom Fly 4's for less that $100

  • How does this compare to Asics Gel-Kayano? I'm looking to buy a pair of gym/running shoes. Not a pro runner. thanks

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      These are not gym shoes and are horrible to walk in. Only buy these if you plan to start running 10km+

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      Kayanos are a stability shoe and are a very comfortable running shoe for over-pronation runners - Vaporfly are aimed at pro runners and designed for speed first (not stability) - neither are designed for the gym

      • Thanks man. I'll try Gel Kayano and see how they feel.

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    I will post this here, as it might help people keep an eye out on sales :

    There is also a sale at Pace Athletic for some Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 in different colourways and some have limited sizes. Just in case you want to rock up to your local parkrun in a different colour.

    But they cost a little more at $248.00 (inc delivery)

  • Suitable for wide foot? I got the Pegasus 38 in wide and am really happy with the width.

  • Been looking at these for a while

    Careful, that could give you permanent eye damage!

  • +4

    Just bought some. Gotta get my parkrun time down!

  • I have the Fly 4's which are the everyday training version of these race only shoes. They are incredible.

    Obviously they can't be used on dirt or wet/loose surfaces, unstable when turning reasonably sharply, but for a normal run there is nothing like them.

    From what I've read, the race day shoes (this offer) don't last as long, and can be tough on your feet. i.e not for everyday use.

    • In the last ultramarathon trail race I did, there were heaps of people at the front wearing vaporflys!

  • Would these be silly to purchase just for everyday/casual shoes?
    eg for someone who just enjoys wearing sneakers in general

    • +1

      No, you wouldn't use these as everyday shoes.
      I like Ben Parkes on youtube, he reviews the Next% VAPORFLY 2

      I've linked to his negatives about the shoes, and goes into detail about his negatives on slower speeds, and even issues with walking in them

    • Yeah na, these are really "fast / race day shoes" for very keen runners. They would be uncomfortable to wear and just walk, they are highly unstable, the heel is very narrow.

      I guess from a collectible/sneakers point of view, its an iconic shoe, the story of it is cool.

    • Depends on what you want out of them?
      Obviously not the cheapest option.
      It would look a bit silly in the eyes of runners but if you willing to drop the money and like trying different shoes then go for it.

  • Was just looking to replace my runners, thanks OP. Perfect for the upcoming marathons.

    • beware, these are not very comfy and they are not designed to just "jog" in them.

      • I find them very comfortable, my feet survived a brutal marathon in amazing condition

  • Long time but casual runner here.

    These will absolutely change your life for those 5-10km ish runs. They are light, fast and very comfortable.

    They are not however for anything but running as the are high, narrow and awkward to walk in.

    If you take your running seriously these series of Nikes are another level. Highly recommend.

  • What's the pick of the bunch for Nike shoes for trail running?

    • +1

      Are you looking for trail racing or just more every day use?
      I think Pegasus trails might be the best option. (https://runrepeat.com/catalog/nike-trail-running-shoes)

      I know you asked about Nike but if you were serious about trail running I'd probably look at other brands.

      • Thanks for the recommendation.

        I specified Nike because their running shoes have always suited my feet very well, but of course am open to other brands. I'm no world beater but I am getting more into running on trails (dirt/gravel) and I've owned my current Nike RNs for many years now

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