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Winix Compact 4 Air Purifier $268.81 + Shipping @ The Nile


Anyone looking for an air purifier for your room or office?
I just found this and used it to price beat at Officeworks. Came down to $255 (rrp $329)

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    Max “air flow rate” (not the same as CADR) of 204 m3/hr and max noise of 51.5 dBA

    Not bad, but they dont list the air flow and noise for all the speed levels. 51.5 dBA is pretty loud so you’d never use that and get 204 m3/hr in real life


    • their box filters are better, less noisy (max out at 47 dBA)

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    I have two Winix Stage 5's already, but I also bought one of these for the home office within the first couple of weeks of release. I can confirm that the Stage 5, while 3 times larger, is most definitely quieter. I had a rattle in my mine and I really wasn't impressed with the noise levels on the highest setting compared to the Stage 5 (as I bought it to sit next to my desk so I could move the Stage 5 to the bedroom). I daresay the rattle may have had something to do with the cylindrical design, as the fan rotates differently than the upright box-style purifier, but that's purely speculation.

    Not a bad little purifier, but you wouldn't want this to be covering more than a bedroom and you'd need to be content with the noise factor.

    • Yes I have the Stage 5 too but in the living room where it adjoins to the kitchen area. I was carrying it around between the living room and bedroom (being way too cheap) and couldn't be stuffed anymore. So bought this little one for the bedroom.

      • That's what I was doing too. I was lugging mine back and forth between the living room and bedroom lol I finally splurged on the second one when they had a deep price cut on Amazon one time and put the new one in the office. I really wanted to like the compact, but having it whirring away next to me while I work vs the more gentler fan noise on the Stage 5 was a bit too much.

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