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Hot Wheels 50 Pack $40 (Pay by Card) + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ BIG W eBay


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Only $0.8 each hot wheels car, lots of for the kids

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  • +1

    Nice deal, more worried abt my robot vacuum now

  • Hot Wheels under $1 each, you got my +

  • Cheers

  • Nice, but I prefer Matchbox!

    • Or Siku

  • +5

    Yes…for the kids.

  • Guess I'm buying 50 cars tonight

  • +9

    Sadly no rav4 or cx-5 model included, due to 18 month waiting times

  • +1

    Check out Gaslands:Refuelled if you want to use these in a tabletop wargame sort of game. It is pretty cheap to get into and fun!

  • Missed out. 0 available / 64 sold

    • More stock added

  • Ozbargained

    • More stock added

  • Thx bought 50

    • +1

      The history says one sold for $119 in 2020 and the other for an unknown price, but still hilarious!

  • I guess I missed the extra stock added :(

  • I just got one, 2 more available. Make the kids happy ;)

    • And gone again :(

      • Yeah mate, I refreshed after posting and was one left. Thought to grab for mates kid who has less but was sold out again by the time I tried to check it out.

      • Just grabbed one of each of these for the boys, ice cream truck and tractor. Lego is great for kids if you can't score the hot wheels :)

  • +3

    It's back in stock for now

    • Thanks got one.

  • they charge $7.9 delivert fee?

  • IDK, even at $40, it would be easier to try to choose what you want at $2 each than getting mostly cars you don't care about, but given that they are individually packaged, this is a bit suspicious, like Mattel knows there are a lot of flippers and want to directly sell to them, for what ever reason…

    • how many total cars are there?

      • it's in the title, Hot Wheels 50 Pack,

        • i meant overall (as in total collection), not just this pack

          • @pinkybrain: Idk, wish they would post a list of cars or even include a list of what cars are in the package, instead of buying blindly

  • +1

    Got a refund, item unavailable :(

  • +1

    Says it's back in stock so have ordered, thanks.

  • So I ordered one the very first time it came back into stock.
    Got an email this morning “…unable to supply the below item/s as they were unavailable at the time of processing your order.” Issuing refund.
    Disappointed I checked eBay again and since it was still in stock thought I’d give it another go haha.
    Well just now I got a shipment email and tracking number for the second order.

    TLDR: If your order gets cancelled, order it again.

    • How did you applied the code a second time?

      • +1

        I had actually already used that code so I only had a $2.50 code off which I used multiple times "FYXTRA" (Still happy to have it at $47.50)
        Coincidently I did use the $10 off code on an item that was cancelled, once the cancellation was confirmed in ebay I was able to use it again. Maybe request a cancellation and see if Big-W will actually confirm it on ebays end.

  • where can i get a track deal after getting 50 cars?

  • +1

    Mine arrived already

    • happy with your mix?

      • The kids are excited. Lucky dip rewards

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