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$10 off on Eligible Items ($50 Minimum Spend) When Paying with a Credit or Debit Card @ eBay


A good discount with what appears to be a decently sized pool of eligible items.

For example this Google Chromecast with Google TV from Big W would be $69 with eBay Plus.

In the past you could pay the full value with gift cards, not sure if they patched that like Afterpay, please comment if you know. *Confirmed below by @cooni.

You do not have to save your card details for future purchases.

This offer entitles you to $10 off the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items during the Offer Period, when you spend $50 or more (excluding postage costs) in one transaction using a credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover). Multiple items may be purchased in 1 transaction total (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

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    list of items, please ?

    • +4

      Big W and The Good Guys appear to be participating, but no list, eBay doesn't do lists.

      On the other hand I have found them to be pretty good in displaying what coupons you can use in the listings and search results, so just keep an eye out.

      • +10

        I wish it would let me 'ignore' some coupons. Like the Afterpay one which I do not want to subscribe to.

        But because Afterpay coupon ($10) is higher than the monthly $5 off coupon, it won't show the monthly one. And so sometimes I forget it's available or applicable to an item. It's annoying but it's good that the system shows us the highest coupon applicable, I guess…

        • Good point, I forgot about that coupon since I have long since used it, it must be pretty annoying to see all the time.

          They could also list the applicable coupons, but as with most eBay stuff it is what it is, if we're lucky they'll improve.

    • +48

      wow one lettuce

      • link?

        Last one had a 2 lettuce purchase limit.

      • +2

        I remembered not long ago, the price of big mac was used to measure inflation, now lettuce is used.

  • EBay going sour on paypal?

    • +1

      Yeah, they divorced.

    • +6

      They have been overtime. Seller payments now go straight to bank account as default payment (while the only option was Paypal in the past).

      • +1

        Yesss!! I need to sell some books but was avoiding eBay after a seriously crappy experience with PayPal 'buyer protection'. I might be brave enough to tackle it.

        • +7

          Rofl. You think ebay protection won't shove their foot up your hole?
          Rule of ebay. Buyer never loses. The best you can do is get ebay to cough up so you don't lose either.

          • +6

            @justtoreply: Totally agree ! Ebay is totally on the buyers’ side !! Once I sold an Apple item on eBay and it forced me to accept a return, and bear the postage for both directions, when I had a ‘returns not accepted’ policy. Buyer claimed that the item was faulty and Ebay refused to accept my video recording of the item working fine and me packaging it for delivery (I video / take photo of everything precisely for this kind of scamming buyers). At least I got back my item which works fine…. stoooopid ebay. Now I only use eBay to buy stuff

            • +1

              @wondering: Interesting we had the exact same issue with net gear orbi. Worked as intended, but not how the buyer wanted it to work.

            • +1

              @wondering: It doesn't matter if you have no returns accepted, as MBG overrides it.

              and Ebay refused to accept my video recording of the item working fine and me packaging it for delivery

              Yeah they never accept video as evidence (or video/photos of packing the item either for that matter).

            • @wondering: Same here. I sold an Apple TV on eBay. The buyer returned it (with a big scratch on the outside) because Apple had withdrawn support for the YouTube app. He claimed that I had misrepresented the item despite the fact that there was nothing about YouTube in the description.
              I only sell items on Facebook Marketplace for cash these days. It's a far superior experience to eBay 👍

              • @Gazza52: FB market place is much better..although your potential buyers are limited unless someone coughs up the postage

        • Buyers can still pay with PayPal though… which means they can still go through PayPal for a refund (up to 180 days later) if needed.

        • EBay sends crap buyers to infrequent sellers, because they don't want infrequent sellers on their site.

  • +1

    Good for those who got the discount cards from Coles the other week?

    • When Paying with a Credit or Debit Card @ eBay ?

  • +1

    This explains why something I had my eye on got jacked by $10. Good if you can find something that hasn’t been though

  • -3

    Signed up to ebay plus free trial again (new email), used the $30 Cashrewards giftcard deal from earlier this morning and bought the Google TV for $39 delivered :)

  • Does eBay allow Revolut one-time cards?

    • Have not tried but why not, have never gotten it rejected anywhere including amazon

    • Zip doesn't give any problem, So I hardly doubt if revolut would give any problem, especially given the fact that I had once paid eBay plus membership with A Revlout Prepaid Virtual Card.

  • -1

    Tried this last week, seller has still not contacted me about sale (after 7 days). Please be aware there is no buyer protection and you will need to contact your credit card provider to get your money back

    • +2

      I think you are at wrong platform, Its aliexpres always almost like that. eBay is hardly like that, ebay's always on buyer's side

      • I've never had an unsuccessful dispute on aliex. One seller called me a liar after submitting photos so I did a video and case closed with refund.

        • Same. Most of my recent dispute, actually got approved within minutes. I almost think robot had it auto approved disputes….

  • Have you tried going through eBay? They also provide buyer protection.

    • Thanks for that (i thought it was paypal only, overdosed on silly pills lol) will initiate if no contact by friday ( the delivery date) need to be a lawyer to read all the terms and conditions lol

    • only for 60 days..

      paypal = 180 days

      • That's true, I forgot about that, 180 days is stepping into warranty time though.

        Just consider what you're buying and if you need the extra buyer protection time.

        • paypal also has free return shipping…

          • @pinkybrain: Also true, but again we're stepping into warranty territory, if you're not at fault you don't need to pay return shipping with eBay.

            PayPal has the better return policy, but if you want to use coupons like these or discounted gift cards weigh for yourself if it's worth it.

            • @Hiphopopotamus: well i rather have 180 days free returns than 60 days

              not sure what you mean by warranty territory though..

              paypal does not cover warranty issues..
              they only cover this

              If you purchased something and haven't received it, it's not as described, or the payment is unauthorized, you can file a case in our Resolution Center to start the process of getting your money back."

              Warranty issues can be hit or miss depending on the seller.
              Some seller will just ignore you or give bullshit replies when you enquire about it..

              At least with paypal if you any of the above mentioned problems, then you got 180 days with paypal.

              • @pinkybrain: That cover is pretty much identical to eBay, 30 days after the estimated delivery seems adequate for things like not receiving items or them being not as described.

                If the item stops working within 180 days then PayPal would have been the better call.

                Edit: So to be clear here is what PayPal protection has over eBay buyer protection: 180 days cover vs 30 days after the expected delivery date, and free 'change of mind' returns assuming the seller accepts.

                • @Hiphopopotamus:

                  30 days after the estimated delivery seems adequate for things like not receiving items or them being not as described.

                  depends on the person..
                  some people might buy something and not open it for 30 days..
                  or too lazy to file a complaint within 30 days.. which means you are stuff if you only got ebay protection.

                  If the item stops working within 180 days then PayPal would have been the better call.

                  e.g. on day 100…item fails
                  not sure if paypal will not do anything.
                  they will ask if it worked when received the item?
                  if yes, then it is now a warranty issue.

                  Generally paypal are great only when those specific issues occur

                  -If you purchased something and haven't received it,
                  -it's not as described,
                  -or the payment is unauthorized,

                  Anything else is considered warranty issue and harder to get paypal to approve.

                  free 'change of mind' returns assuming the seller accepts.

                  don't think paypal would cover this or even sellers would accept this, since they would assume it has been too long or used.

                  most change of mind should be done quickly like in a week or 30 days (if they allowed this in their listing).

                  • @pinkybrain: In this case I would say "You used the coupon and chose to skip PayPal, check your item!".

                    Well theoretically it isn't as described since it stopped working, I feel like there's an argument that can be made there. And you could always say you didn't open or use it until now if you're the same type of person who doesn't check their item within 30 days. I have never had to try so I don't have any experience with it.

                    Some eBay sellers accept 'change of mind' returns but the return post would usually be paid by the buyer, PayPal would be helpful in that situation since they offer (I think 4 or 8?) free returns a year.

      • Only 30 days actually (eBay), not 60. Apparently for INAD it can be up to 60 if the seller has 60 days returns though https://www.ebay.com.au/help/policies/ebay-money-back-guaran...

        • on ebay

          30 days for what does it cover vs 60 days?
          Always thought it was 60 days.

          • @pinkybrain: I think they changed it to 30 days after the expected delivery date, maybe it used to be 60? I'm not sure.

          • @pinkybrain: As it states on the page I linked to:

            For item not received:


            30 calendar days after the estimated or actual delivery/collection date has passed

            For item not as described:


            30 calendar days after the estimated or actual delivery date or within the seller's stated returns window, whichever is longer

            • @MiscOzB: interesting..
              they might have changed this or not

              always though it was 60 days.

  • +5

    Thanks, bought $49 item from binglee together with some random $1 item from a non plus seller to hit the $50.

    Paid in full with gift cards.

  • ugh could have saved more buying a game from bigw

  • +3

    Just paid the whole thing with gift cards. It works as well.

    • +1

      Yes. I did the same.

  • +2

    Thanks op, got a few storage containers from Big W. Paid by an eBay gift card only.

  • +1

    Yup, pay in full using GC, works fine for me.

  • Can this be redeemed unlimited times on an account or is there a limit?

    • "You can only use the redemption code once during the Offer Period"

  • I'm going to get some Oxyshred for under $50 - happy with that

  • Binglee is also Eligible store

  • works only once

  • Will ShopBack cashback apply with this code. I'm thinking not as I can't find it listed.

  • Anyone tried making an offer on an eligible item and being able to use the code (of course if the offer price is still $50 or more)?

    • yes. just did and all went thru

  • +2

    Thanks OP used this on 2 accounts plus GC'c.

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