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Décor Cook Refillable Oil Sprayer $6.25 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU / Woolworths


The Decor Cook Refillable Oil Sprayer is the ideal cooks companion for light and healthy cooking.
Perfect for barbequing, baking, dressing salads, frying, grilling, roasting, and more.
The unique easy spray action produces a superfine light mist without the use of aerosol gases.
It allows you to apply a thin even coat of oil, as opposed to pouring a thick heavy layer.
So use your favourite oils in the healthiest way possible for all your cooking needs.

Product Features:

• Easy spray action.
• No aerosol gases.
• BPA Free

Amazon has dropped price to match Woolworths. Thanks @singlemalty.


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  • +42

    mine is fantastic. I'd get another one for vinegar to add to salads but cant afford lettuce.

    • Buy the seeds!

    • if you take out a personal loan you could put a 10% deposit on a new lettuce

    • -1

      Three bucks at Aldi

      Things must be really tight for you financially!

    • Change lettuce to cabbage?

  • +3

    I wish the plastic was dark coloured to let the oil last longer.

  • -1

    also price matched at Amazon if you're ordering from there anyway

    • $10 on Amazon for me

    • +2

      sorry - I bought two at this price in the last two days. Seems it has gone up to full retail price again for now. Sorry to waste a click or two for anyone :)

      • +2

        Same, I bought two at amazon yesterday for $6.25

        • Amazon has dropped the price to match Woolies again! I just ordered for $6.25 (amongst other things to get to the free delivery).

  • thanks op. how long do people find these last?

    • +1

      I've had mine for 18 months now, and it still works.

    • +1

      mostly good reviews under this item on Amazon

    • +1

      I bought 2x 6 months ago, one died after about 3 months, the other is going flawlessly.
      Have ordered 2x more.

    • +1

      4 years for mine but looks like something is broken in the trigger now. It still works OK.

  • +3

    Used it last night on the bbq grill so good , no more brushing oil.

    • +9


  • These are awesome 10/10 product highly recommend spreads a super thin layer across your food (as other OP said perfect for the BBQ)

    • +1

      other OP

      There are 2 OP's?

  • +1

    Note that I've had some chunky batches of olive oil clog my sprayer- absolutely worth the hassle of buying another if it doesn't mend. These things are great. My oldest one (I own multiple) is probably 5 years old by now. I wish they still produced the bag-type.

    • How do you clean the old ones (the bag type)? I am finding it impossible to clean and dry the bag.

      • Only tried once, and had left it about a week after shaking with hot soapy water. Worked fine but honestly we use our olive oil faster than it turns so I haven't bother cleaning it since.

  • Besides not having aerosols and choosing what oil to put in it, how do you guys like these to the spray can oils?

    • +2

      Million times better. I find spray can oils always tend to be quite thin (as in almost watered down).

      Also doesn't kick up a mist of oil that coats everything around it the way cans do.

    • +1

      Been told not to use aerosol sprays with my airfryer as the propellants can damage or erode the air fryer coating. Not a problem with these.

  • +1

    Do these spray bottles handle oils of thicker viscosity ?

    I want to get this bottle for use with Cobram Estate ,
    but curious how it will go with other brands, etc.

    • +4

      it doesn't go with cheap brands - it only works with expensive brands … ;-)

  • Thoroughly recommend this! It’s such a fantastic contraption that you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without it!

  • Awesome must have item

  • +1

    YMMV but I find woolies stock levels of these garbage, including showing in stock on the app/website only not to be found in store.

    • -2

      'I find woolies stock levels of these garbage, including showing in stock on the amp only not to be found in store'

      some interpretation required (SIR) - guess you meant 'app' and you perhaps disapprove of this product or service ?

      • +1

        Sorry, yeah fixed that just as you were typing.

        Don't disapprove of the product/service. Just a comment that I don't think I've ever seen more than 3 or 4 of these on the shelf at once in a woolies store. That, and a couple of times in the past when these have been on special, I've been to multiple woolies store (I have one near home and work etc) where the website has shown stock but there's been none available in store.

  • +7

    In addition to olive oil, if you pop the filter off the bottom and fill it with lemon juice they're super handy. We use it for spraying the kids cut apples to keep them fresh in school lunches. The spray lets it be even and thin enough to prevent browning and the lemon taste dissipates by the time crunch and sip rolls around. Also handy if you eat a lot of avo toast to get a nice even spray.

  • -2

    Will sriracha work in these?

    • +1

      If you think hot sauce can be fine misted then you don't know much.

      • +1

        Why not?

  • I have one of these they work well.

  • these are brilliant.

    Its not a regular spray bottle that you'd get with windex or something, It pressurises the bottle so that way the mist is fine, and consistent.

    buy it and you'll never go back to shitty aerosol oil cans.

  • +4

    If you're getting streams instead of sprays, make sure you aren't tilting the spray bottle too far over so that the tip is out of the oil, since that will introduce air into the tube => streams of oil.

  • +1

    I have seen these come up a couple of times and I have wondered if this is a more cost effective way of using canola spray. In case anyone else is wondering about this, my rough calculations to compare are:
    Woolies Canola cooking spray $2.50 for 300ml (400g) can = $0.75 /100ml
    Woolies 2L canola oil $7.50 for 2L = $0.38 / 100ml
    Thats 0.37 / 100ml difference.
    At $6.25 for the sprayer, it would take 1.6L of oil to pay itself back. Which is 5.3 cans of cooking spray.

    So it depends on how many cans of cooking spray you use, and whether this bottle will last longer than 1.6L (5.3 refills). Given the comments above, I feel like it will so I expect this is a more cost effective way of using canola oil than the aerosol spray cans.

    This is a purely financial comparison. There are other benefits like no aerosols, reduced waste, and choice of oils with using this too.

  • What other liquids do you all use this sprayer for? I have seen a comment about lemon juice. Anything else?

    Clearly I'm trying to justify buying a second one - although at this price, it won't take much.

  • Saw that on the weekend at Woolworths, had it in my hand ready to buy, but after checking some reviews on my phone, I put it back.

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