Lekker Bikes (Amsterdam 8) Thoughts?

Upgrading my trusty, but elderly, hybrid push bike used for short-distance commuting and leisure riding, mostly on roads and dual-use paths of varying surface quality. No mountain biking and don’t want e-bike.

I’m intrigued by belt-drive bikes of which the easiest to get in Aus seems to be the Lekker Amsterdam.

Obviously it is pricy and a bit of a niche item, but was wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience and would share the pros and cons.

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    This one here just in case anyone else was looking for what it was.

    Coming from a motorcycle perspective, pros and cons of belt drives are;

    Pros: A lot quieter. Doesn't need to be lubed. Smoother driveline power delivery.
    Cons: Expensive compared to chain. Larger, thus heavier gears. Stretch and adjustment/alignment.

    I think on a bicycle, you are going to get a lot more losses in driveline friction and flexing. Also, even though it may be an 8 speed, it is all contained in a hub assembly with not much room for gear ratios. If you damage a gear or a belt, your local bike shop might not have the parts off the shelf to keep you going.

    At the end of the day, I think the bike is a bit of a wnk item @ $1,700. There are a lot of other great and just as boring looking hybrid bikes out there that are half this price if all you want is a bike to ride a short distance to shops and work. A $1,000+ premium seems a lot to pay for a hub drive gearbox, a belt drive and a "Lekker" badge. But, if it makes you happy and you like it, I say, go for it.

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    The Belt drive bikes have been around for a while now and are great maintenance wise.
    The trade off though is that the internal hub is quite heavy and if you get a flat tyre its not a straightforward job.

    Would i get one? Probably not due to the increased rolling mass and difficulty in changing tyres.
    Is it a good idea for a winter bike though? Absolutely.

    They are quiet as well though.

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    when i was living at a hotel during the pandemic, they lent us lekker bikes to use to get around

    overall good quality, solid bikes

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    That's decent value for money bike. Perfect for paths, shopping and day rides. Gates belt drive is zero maintenance and for most part time riders, last the length of the bikes life. Fenders and side stand a bonus and the 8 speed Nexus perfect for a hybrid commuter run about. The 47mm tyres will give a comfortable ride. Throw on that sexy front rack and you will be in Amsterdam… BUY IT !

    For an extra $50 you can also get a half decent eBike from Reid EOFY.


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    Check out the Gates site then you can search for bikes with Gates drive sold in Australia.


    Like this one.


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      I went to the Marin first because I am familiar with Marins and by chance it is by far the cheapest Gates drive bike you can get. A quick look at some of the others - jeez they are expensive.

      • Looks good, but I am hesitant to spend 1350 without a test drive, and can’t find any stores here (Perth) that stock them. Apparently there is a place in Fremantle to test drive the Lekker so I may see if that’s actually true.

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    Belt drive and internal gear hub seems a good solution for a commuter bike. No chain maintenance, no gear adjustment seems like a no brainer. in reality, derailer gearing and a chain are pretty reliable and just require a quick line every now and then.

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    Belt drive are fantastic, especially on a commuter setup with reasonable tyres etc (less likely to get flats). Had one about 5 years, runs beautifully even though I left it outside at my last place that had no storage. Trade-off is a few extra kg for the igh.

    I have an 11 speed and it's more than enough, don't think 8 would be a huge issue

  • IIRC Lekker doesn't have many sizes which is why I personally was turned off by them — I'm particular about fit.

    The Norco Alf 8 belt drive was a good competitor (wider tyres etc) to the Marin Presido belt that you could get at 99bikes, but Norco stopped distributing it here.

    (Personally I would prefer a Brilliant or Priority, for the upright fit, but you have to get them imported.)

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