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[Second Hand] Haworth Zody Office Chair Red $75 (MEL Pickup) - Purchase & Delivery by Quotation @ Sustainable Office Solutions


I've been on the hunt for a new comfy chair on the cheap and I came across this place that sells second hand office furniture. This appears to be the exact same as this deal. Not sure if it's been ongoing or this is a new batch. The condition is a mixed bag but the ones I grabbed cleaned up fine enough and are super comfy (moreso than my Buro Metro) with loads of adjustments, so that's a bargain for $75 in my book.

Best to ring ahead and ask if they have any stock on the floor to inspect. I recommend doing so, make sure to check all the adjustment levers and such!

Pick up is from N View Dr, Sunshine West VIC 3020
(Thanks DONMAI!)

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    Diji get one ?

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      Nah, two.

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        You did it again? Isn't that a Diji redo?

        • God damn it.

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    • Oh right, should have mentioned that. I'll add it to the post now!

      • [VIC] tag in title as well please

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      Pick Up Location: Sunshine West

      Hiring private security guard kills this deal… 😔

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    Very good chairs - we have two of them and paid considerably more.

    Is that image of all the chairs accurate?…

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      I wish, would've loved to have picked through the lot to find the best ones. Unfortunately they only had around half a dozen on the floor, and a handful more that were reserved.

      • How would you rate the condition?

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          The mesh on all of them was completely fine as far as I can tell. The fabric on the seats were decent, most had a couple of loose threads and I didn't notice any stains on the ones I checked out. The adjustment levers were where the most variability came in, some had totally smooth adjustments, some had levers that were fine but a little bit janky, and a couple had seat depth levers that were totally stuck. For whatever reason it was the seat depth lever that was the most troublesome and none of the other levers on any of the chairs I tried seemed to have an issue. One chair was particularly wobbly, though I couldn't say whether that's an issue or not but I still opted not to get it even if it was in fine condition otherwise.

          Hope that's comprehensive enough for you. :)

    • I bought two of these last time this was up. For $75 they are a steal. They were clean and not tatty - i didnt look I just ordered online as I figured it was worth the risk. It was.

  • I tried the last deal and sent them an email in regards if they could send 4 chairs to Brisbane but never got back to me

    • Looks like they're ignoring you on Ozbargain too. That's a shame.
      Edit: sorry, OP was so helpful in the comments that I thought they were associated/a rep. My mistake.

    • They replied to me: "you are welcome to organize a courier to pick up from our showroom once invoice has been paid we require 48 hours notice".

      I am not sure how to do this exactly or worth doing it.

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    I worked for an entity that opened a new office and brought over old chairs, questionable stains were everywhere. Have these chairs been sanitized?

    • Probably steam cleaned or whatever they use, but nothing more.

    • It didn't even occur to me to ask! They were quite dusty underneath (there's a crevice that's kinda awkward to clean so they may not have bothered) but the ones I looked at were stain-free. I still wiped all the surfaces down with sanitising wipes and used an upholstery cleaner on the seat though.

    • The chairs here normally look fresh from a warehouse or old workplace. Some staining and dust, nothing terrible, but not a cleaned product

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    Brought this exact chair from them a few months ago, chair was great and still fully functional, just some minor wear and tear to both the seat cushion and back support, though your milage may vary. They usually have a bunch out on display so just try em out.
    From memory, i remember asking them if they do any maintenance or quality checking for any of the chairs they told me they don't do anything additional to them.

    • How is yours going, if you're still using it?

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        Oh sorry, should've said "is" rather than "was" since i'm still using it to this day, but yeah still going good!

        • Good to hear! For $75 I won't be kicking myself if it craps out early but obviously the longer it lasts the better.

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        I also bought this chair a few months back; Now the reclining is a little creaky and the seat is a little scuffed with those fabric thread balls from me sitting too much. Still functions fine though.

        • Yeah as long as the reclining and stuff holds up I'll be fine to look past annoyances like that since it was so cheap. If it were $250 or something it'd get to me more.

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    Honestly these chairs are quite good. They're not as pretty as HM chairs, but even for retail they are half the price of an Aeron or something - would recommend. If you're looking for new though, i'd probably the Fern over the Zody.

    I think they ran an ad last year saying they had sold 3 million zody's (or 5 mil, can't remember) globally, so it's got traction. The only thing i'd be worried about is 0 warranty, but honestly for $95, it's not that bad - you can probably contact Haworth directly to replace a part.

    • Yeah I'm wondering if I could obtain the arms directly from Haworth (none of their stock had arms).

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        Probably be more expensive than chair, but call their showroom and ask.

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        Appreciate if you can feedback on how'd you go with this!

        • its around $200 for their 4D arms.

          • @da1nonly: Good to know, I'm not really missing the arms so far.

  • What are the RRP of these chairs?

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      These brand new goes for 1k, second hand normally goes for 200 at least depending on condition

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    Thoughts from someone using a haworth zody (purchased second hand, though not this seller)

    -chair has great range of adjustments (height, seat pan depth, forward tilt)
    - the seat cushion is comfortable, providing a good enough thickness so you don't feel the metal underneath, but not so thick you sink into it.
    - mesh back and lumbar support is good

    - the adjustable lumbar pressure (not height) is kind of useless, as it doesnt lock in place and the pressure from your back resets the setting to its default. But height adjustment for lumbar works well and clicks in.
    - configuring forward tilt can be a little tricky, controls not ideal, but thats a complaint I have of about a lot of chairs.

    All in all, provided the chair condition is good this is a steal in terms of sitting in an ergonomic position for $75. Long term, I'm looking to upgrade to a Herman myself as id prefer mesh along the bottom of the chair as well, but the cushion on the Zody is comfortable.

    • as it doesnt lock in place and the pressure from your back resets the setting to its default

      I had one in my old workplace and this honestly never happened to me. Could be a faulty unit, it always remained as tight or loose as it was set.

  • These are quite comfortable and supportive, we have them at work, but the lumbar support piece (the rectangular grille like part) is not robust. Mine broke and few other people in our office also had their chairs replaced for the same fault.

    the adjustable lumbar pressure (not height) is kind of useless

    Yep, its not that great but better than your average cheap mesh chair. but you will definitely notice when its broken and may develop a back pain.

    Good for $75, and I would have bought one if the cushion was black.

    • I have broken quite a few lumbar support grills too. Their quality is horrible.
      The plus side is they are still reasonably comfy without the grills IMO.

  • Minimum height 406mm :(

    I’ve been looking for an office chair that gets low enough for my feet to comfortably sit flat on the floor but the lowest setting on any chair I try is still too high and I end up standing on my toes. Anyone else have this issue?

    I’m 170cm which seems to be the average height of an adult so I’m not sure why chairs all seems like they’re made for taller people :P

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      Herman Miller sayl is quite good for a shorty. My misso uses it at 155 and I'm 180 and decent tfor both of us

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      Since your first adjustment should be chair height to forearms horizontally touching table, the table seems a little high.
      Easy fix. Get yourself an adjustable footrest for under the table, or make one from a box.

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    I bought some from the last deal, including one to take into work, and have been happy with them. These are from NAB’s office move, hence the colour.

    • Ahh, I was trying to figure out what company they could be from.

  • Can you add armrests?

    • Unfortunately you can't.

    • if you could find them in stock - you can. - Sometimes the marketplace has spares - some guy is selling a pair on FB for $50 - Probably Negotiable and you could get the aftermarket pads from aliexpress for $30 or so delivered.

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    Went to the place. Chairs are pretty well used. Ex. Marks or holes on the covers of some. Others greasy.

    You can buy seat covers though online.. So it will look a bit nicer.

    Would def inspect before going. But last time I went the red chairs didn't look good

    • I guess I just got lucky with the cosmetic condition. Inspection is a must though, you'd definitely wanna make sure the adjustments work.

  • These chairs are top notch. Got one from work for covid WFH, well worth it.

  • Great chairs, if you get one in decent conditions.

  • Very comfy chairs, for this price they're an absolute steal. Good warranty/support also.

    I bought mine second hand and had the armrests crack shortly after getting it, contacted Australian support and they sent out two new ones. Only wanted a photo of the serial/ part number label.

  • I own the old model, 10 years old and I own this.

    Both are very well constructed and I picked up the red one as a spare.

    However, the new design has an ability to kinda "unhinge"the seat and lean extra forward.

    This new mechanism, when in the locked, sitting normal position, has the seat leaning forward a tiny bit too much for me.

    It's not uncomfortable really, it's just the old one has more of a bucket feel to it as the seat itself is a bit lower at the back than the front.

    If you've never used the old model, it probably won't bother you. For me, every time I sit in it, I'm wishing I'm in the other one.

    It's very well built, quality and worth 75. Most of you will never notice it

    • That’s actually a feature called forward tilt to bring the chair in line with the Aeron. The tension roller is how you dial in how much you want it to lean forward (and backwards, it controls both).

      Once you have it dialed in for a neutral position it’s very comfortable.

      • Neutral leans forward too much, vs the old model.

  • They are currently shipping only to melbourne

  • Is there an equivalent to something like this in Sydney?

  • Same here, Is there an equivalent to something like this in Sydney?

  • Picked one up today, in the lot of about a dozen there was only one without any obvious stains so I was happy to grab it. The chairs were steam cleaned today so they were all still a bit wet when I picked mine up. I'll probably clean it again before using it. They also said they have about 2,000 or so left and will bring in more this weekend.

  • Went picked one up. They have “1000s” in a warehouse and trickle through some to the public area, about 50 to pick from. Today they sold a lot but plenty left. I found the condition pretty good, some had some wear, just do the checks. Actually regret not buying two more for others.

    Highly recommend

    They also came from the main NAB office that got downsized hence the colours

  • Damn, I really want two of these, but I am in Brisbane. What are my options besides going blind and buying from them without inspections?

    • If you know anyone in Melb maybe they could inspect on your behalf?

    • You need to arrange your own courier to collect them as well.

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