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[Second Hand] Haworth Zody Office Chair Red $75 (MEL Pickup) - Purchase & Delivery by Quotation @ Sustainable Office Solutions


Pre owned/second hand office furniture - These chairs have cosmetic wear & tear. RRP when new: $838.

This Haworth Zody Chair features patented lower back support and a host of ergonomic refinements in a sleek, sustainable design, offering personalised comfort and adaptability for any environment. Designed to accommodate 95% of all users, Zody is intuitively adjustable, starting with the patented asymmetrical lumbar adjusts on either side of the lower back, cradling the body for maximum comfort. Zody balances superior lower back support, with a timeless inspired design to enable high performance for all types of settings.

It has a mesh back for better air flow, as well as an aluminium base, high-density foam seat pan and height-adjustable arms.

It is GECA, BIFMA, Greenguard, and AFRDI Level 6 certified.
737 W x 737 D x 965 H

The pneumatic seat height adjusts 406 mm to 533 mm vertically.
The Zody Chair has asymmetrical lumbar for independent adjustment on each side, allowing you to apply more pressure where needed.

The seat has a waterfall seat edge that minimises pressure on the back of the legs.
It is complete with an adjustable seat, back angle, and seat slider, allowing you to adjust the depth of the seat to find your perfect fit.

3,700 chairs in stock

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    How much is delivery?

    • +2

      I submitted a quote request to see how much it would cost for one to be delivered, not feeling all that optimistic though.. Will also probably be sold out before I get an answer

      • Good Morning Ned i have plenty in stock your welcome to come in store or place an order via email
        [email protected]

        • Thanks for the reply - I did email through requesting a shipping quote, are you able to provide an estimate for shipping to 7000?

      • Any updates on delivery cost?

        • Nope, never heard anything back from them

          • +1

            @NedStark102: cheers mate - was tempted to buy one & cop it - can't find anything decent with a small budget…

    • +21

      I previously enquired about having a zody chair delivered, and was told delivery would cost $100. At the time, the chair was listed at a “sale” price of $100, normally $200.

      I went down to their office to inspect the chairs, and after being given the impression there was a decent number to choose from, I found no more than three zodys on display, with an equal number marked as “reserved”. The display stock appeared to be in average to poor condition, with all surfaces looking as though they had been scrubbed with sandpaper. Curiously, their black chairs appeared to be worse off than the red, with the seat cushions appearing heavily compressed. After asking if I could view other stock, I was curtly told that the floor stock was it, the rest was stored in their warehouse, and that any stock marked reserved was unavailable. In addition, I was told to make my choice quickly as the price would soon increase to $150.

      While not as keen on the price, I also inspected the Herman chairs available. These were likewise well used, however the chairs on offer were the low spec hard backs, and a couple mesh without adjustable arms. These were priced $450 with ripped seats, $500 for the hardback.

      Way overpriced imo.

      I still decided on the zody after all, however bought new via officeworks and price matched the black model with arms for $760. Not cheap, but the 15yr warranty takes the sting out somewhat. Also pretty comfy.

      • Who did you price match with at Officeworks?

      • +6

        Sustainable pressure tactics by curt never fail to elicit my karen.

        Zody seems like a bargain in the long run.

        • -1

          Wonder if they sort any of the refurbished chairs by condition.

          Maybe 10 year quality of seat cushions for these categories of ergo chairs only represents the 70kg folk

          Sandpaper is one way to renew the surface, I guess

          Ways to clean deep-sunk stagnant stains of 9001 bottoms (and other mysterious substances)? 😬

      • Is this zody chair high enough for you to rest your head?

        • No, I’m roughly 6’2 and the back reaches my shoulders. An oem headrest apparently exists, though would need to be ordered from Haworth.

          Edit: the headrest is included in the executive configuration, however is also referenced in the service parts section of the catalog

      • Yeah, you got to be comfortable in the chairs if you are in them a while. I have 2 HM Embody chairs. Not cheap at 2 grand a pop, but it is the repetitive use for me. I consider these to be a long term purchase and be sitting in them at my home office for another 15 years. (Work from home, so a no brainer)

      • +1

        Just wondering how you went about price matching? I just called my local Officeworks and they said they don't price match online.
        They said to call 1300OFFICE to discuss with their head office.
        Did you have to take these similar steps?

        • +2

          Yes, not the most user friendly system for obvious reasons ;) You need to call their office line during the week, as they're closed over the weekend. Provide the website to price match against, have an order placed (as they don't have stock instore), and collect from your local to avoid delivery fees.

    • Our delivery fee vary due to location you can email me with your details i will get back to you soon as possible.
      [email protected]

    • Delivery fee will vary from your location, please contact me for further details.
      [email protected]

  • +6

    3,700 chairs in stock

    • +1

      wow, that's a lot of chairs. what big business went out of business to create this huge inventory?

      • +1

        Could just be a move to wfh and reducing office space?

        • +2

          true, but 3700 chairs? what business got rid of 3700 chairs, that's still a mind blowing amount of chairs.

  • +2

    Where is all the HERMAN MILLER lovers in Ozb. This seller got them on sale.

    • +2

      Maybe cause they are too expensive to be posted on ozbargain? Got my Herman Miller Mira-1 $130 on eBay at the beginning of covid19

    • +4

      Pre-COVID Herman Millers, Haworth and Steelcase used to be dime a dozen and sold out of corporate offices for $50-$100 a pop in good condition. I got a Mirra for $50, hated it. Now have a Steelcase Leap V2 (which I don't love either, but is a lot better than Mirra), wish I had an Aeron.. not going to pay what they're asking these days though.

      • Interesting - I own the Leap V2 but find the Mirra and the Aeron to offer a similar level of comfort, would be very happy with any of them! Just goes to show the importance of trying before you buy if possible, because everyone is different.

    • +3

      They are all in pretty terrible condition. Most are quite old too so the mesh needs replacing.

      • +1

        Did you go look?

        I’m pondering ringing and having a look. The commenter above reckons they were all in crap condition. I am happy to spend more, say $250 if it’s in good condition. Even for $75 I don’t want a severely worn out unit.

        • +1

          I went by a month ago. Some of the Zodys looked ok but only a few were on the floor at the time, they would be worth checking out. Heaps of Miras but again I wasn't keen on them as they've all been well used.
          It's worth a drive if you're not too far away but I certainly wouldn't purchase sight unseen.

      • Sorry all our stock is in great condition, no tears or faults in unit.

  • +1

    Please include delivery costs.

    • +3

      Fully assembled - so likely to be prohibitive…

      • I had $100 for two to melb metro.

  • tax invoice?

    • +1

      I picked up one today, full tax invoice was emailed to me.

      • Oh did the MEL pickup in the post mean they will unlikely ship so many individual quantities out?

        See most comments about people picking up from the warehouse now and in the past - and the ability to pick among heavily used chairs

        • Good Morning, we do single deliveries fee depends on your location.

  • I think this is wholesale/bulk only?

    • Looks like you can request single items but item is not available for direct purchase ( need to submit a quote request ).

    • These ones seem to be missing arms compared to a google search for similar products
      and for "red" variants.
      Gumtree had a couple armless red chairs

      • +2

        This is a very comfortable chair with good build and brand reputation. However based on my own experience a pair of separate arm rests of this model is almost impossible to find in Australia, so be aware.

        • +2

          Just get it from Haworth direct. It'll cost you more than this chair but it'll be new.

          • @jaygee: Nothing show up when searching for haworth, nor zody.

          • @jaygee: Maybe buying ten secondhand chairs will have a range of enough quality parts to mix and match 😬

            Who/which corporation or education campus has red branding locally

            Looked like red was a custom order

    • +3

      Nah, you can definitely buy from here single chairs as a regular customer - multiple people from my work bought their home office chairs from here during the first lockdown.

      They just use this backwards quote system for some reason.

      FWIW, two people bought this specific chair (which is very well reviewed) from here - one absolute loves it (thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread), and one absolutely hates it (I think he is too tall for it). So best to visit instore and trial before you buy. It's in Sunshine, so a fair trek for us eastsiderz! (Apparently the condition of the chairs is quite varied, so best to go in and choose the one in the best condition you can find. You may also be able to negotiate the price down!).

      Source: not my own experience, as I ended up just ordering a chair online…but I sent my boss here to get a Steelcase Leap (she loves it), and a bunch of others from work also bought from here. I would have bought from here myself, but I wanted arms, and they just didn't have what I wanted at the time!

      • Thanks for the assurance

        Where do all the arms go :( 💪

        • Most of the people remove the Arms so that chair can go under the desk
          Then the arms end up in the bin

          • +1

            @Wiser: lol funny you say that, cause I bought a chair today and it's $50! cheaper without the arms.

      • I just had two arrive, thought it was worth the punt as if they were ick, I would have just chucked them for the price.

        Pleasantly suprised, in decent nick and very good ergonomically.

    • Good morning, we do single item sales also.

    • No were sell single chairs also price does not differ.

  • +15

    Pity - I was looking for 3,701 chairs for our office

    • +5

      I've got one - you can have it for free, now just buy the other 3700 and you are set.

  • +5

    Bought a single one of these just after Christmas for $90 but they must be keen to move them (am sure taking up a lot of room)
    Chair is in overall good condition, wasnt dirty
    Only annoying thing is the incline resistance winder is broken off or missing on mine (if familiar with these chairs) no biggy for me as I keep it in locked position anyway
    Very easy to deal with and was pretty happy with the condition, just gave it a wipe and it’s an $800 chair for 10% of the price

  • this or the $65 LIFE BY FORMWAY chair on the same website? says rrp is 1495

  • +3

    Wonder if they'll ship 4 to QLD, and if so how much. I'll send them a quote request.

    • +1

      Let us know how you go. Maybe a SEQ bulk buy could be organised?

      • sounds like a good idea!

      • They still have plenty in stock, but won't ship to Brisbane. However, they're happy for a courier to collect them, and said a lot of people are using Airtasker for deliveries.

        Anyone keen for one?

        • Yeah. Maybe 2. Depend on delivery. But I wouldn't even know where to begin.

          • @TooSerious2: I'd be getting 4, so we just get a quote from a courier and split it. I pay 2/3 , you pay 1/3?

  • +1

    I use these chairs in my office and they are very good.

    Bought the more premium chair Haworth Fern with armrest and it is horrible with no back support unlike Zody.

    • Sheesh really? Does the fern you have incl the lumbar insert? I was going to do the same and grab a fern but your post worries me

    • +1

      It doesn't come with the lumber insert in Australia.

      • Thanks, I had the option of waiting 12 weeks for one to be included so they must have to get it in from OS.
        Love the look of the fern but your experience is a bit off putting

        • When I bought it, didn't have option. They have a tie up with my work place and we get it at a discounted price of $820.

          Apart from back support it is ok with lots of adjustments.

          I prefer Zody and should have bought it but there was a 12 week wait for one with arms.

          • @Commenter: Damn 12 weeks either way
            Agree arms make a huge difference

            • +1

              @original15: I actually think arms are not recommended as you hunch your shoulders up.

              • @Commenter: The arm rest height is adjustable.

              • @Commenter: I'm not an expert, but as I understand it, poorly positioned arms (ie. unadjustable arms) are heavily advised against in terms of ergonomics. But well-positioned arms are fine. So as long as you get arms that can be adjusted in all directions (and adjust them properly!), you should be fine (or if you just happen to be the exact size and shape such that unadjustable arms are in the exact perfect place for you! lol).

                But yes, because most arms are unadjustable (or adjustable but not properly adjusted), the general advice is usually not to have arms, because they tempt people to slouch.

  • My office uses these chairs and they're really comfy. For $75 you really can't go wrong. I ended up getting a Haworth Fern for my WFH setup after trying it in store and really love it.

  • Oh I saw these on Gumtree, looks like the address and price is the same.


    I cbf with driving there, but probably would if the chairs were all known to be in good condition.

    • +1

      Yeah, unfortunately, from what I've been told, the condition of the chairs is really varied…(some are really trashed!).

      Having said that, all people from my work who went there managed to find a chair they were happy with (in terms of the condition). Just needed a bit of a clean up, but came up well. YMMV

      (Maybe they all just didn't want to walk away empty handed after driving to the other end of the earth! lol) :)

  • Sunshine West >:(

    • 52 North View Drive, Sunshine West Vic 3020 - Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 4pm, Sat: 10am - 3pm

  • +1

    Amazon review shows 3.7 stars.

  • +1

    For what it's worth, Haworth chairs are good and their after sales support is great…

    I bought a Very task chair 5 years ago and easily managed to buy replacement parts mid last year to freshen it up. Paid $200 second hand, lasted about 4 years when it was already worn, and now it's brand new again.

    They're also easily serviceable by yourself.

  • Quote number 5069, thanks OzB family lol

    • Envisioning sales support team going through a couple thousand single chair orders to wrap up into a manually-emailed quote.

  • Someone secured a quote of ten chairs so far!

  • Went to pick up 2 today. Chairs function well, comfortable and good back support.

    There was some minor stains on the fabric, spot clean removed the stains.

  • +1

    I picked up one of the Zody Black today, better conditions than the Red, although almost an extra $100. Bought it home, gave it a few wipes and it has come up really good! all the functionalities work!

    Here's one of the videos I watched to discover all the functions https://youtu.be/DYVsIm9T0Ow

    ps. there's only 1 Black left after I got 1, and that was at 12:30pm

    • +1

      They have a few hundred of the black ones at the warehouse. They only bring a few of each to the sunshine showroom at a time.

      • +1

        oh ok, I thought it looked abit sussed when I checked their website this morning for stock.

        Makes me wonder if they randomly pick a few out from the warehouse to display in showroom, or selectively picking…

  • +1

    I have a zody and aeron I currently prefer the zody and so does the mrs but thats because the gas strut is broken and its at the lowest setting, the height of her desk is too high for it.

    Would recommend arm rests though mine needs new pads, replacements on ebay are $50

  • Did anyone get further info on quotes from the online sales team (non pick-up)

  • +2

    Good afternoon, any details your require for pick up or delivery feel free to contact me directly on [email protected]

  • Picked up four today (one for work, one for home office and two for family). Staff were very helpful and I could choose those in best condition. Very comfy. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    I went in today at about 8.30 and they had about 15 or more of the red ones on display. I picked up 2, and I’m actually quite impressed by the good nick they’re in. I couldn’t choose because they were all fairly spotless and mechanically work. They had a couple of $50 ones too, which had damage like the lumbar support not working or something.

    The sales dude was really down to earth and helpful, told me to come swap them for others if I wanted. I told him I saw this on ozbargain and he said there’s been a fair few of us. 👍😄

    They put out 10+ each morning and sell them that day. I saw a truck of new ones (second hand) coming in as I was loading mine.

    They also have a lot of other office furniture, desks, cabinets, etc. Decent quality stuff actually. I took a couple of photos but haven’t done anything with them yet.

    • Awesome

      Thanks for sharing

      Sounds like they have improved the sales experience

  • Anyone keen for a group buy shipped to Brisbane? The seller won't ship them, but are happy for a courier to collect them.

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