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Sonos Sub Gen 3 Black $899 (Save $200) Delivered @ Sonos


Not quite the cheapest price yet, but with cashrewards I think it would make it the cheapest price yet. Been wanting one to go with my arc for a while, now seems like a good time to pull the trigger.

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    Price in title.

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      My bad mate, first time poster, very long time lurker :)

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        It happens mate.

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    Can I connect Sub to a third-party soundbar, wireless speaker, or Bluetooth speaker?

    No. Sub will only work with amplified, non-portable Sonos products.

    Frequency Response

    As low as 25 Hz

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    Does anyone know if this will work with the Sonos amp?

  • is sono stuff any good? they are pretty pricy to get a whole surround sound set up

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      I have the Beam, 6 Play ones and one of these subs and I think they are great. Never had an issue, Sound is great, I use them for movies and music…
      They are pricey though. Their app isn't amazing but it does the trick.

      • have any issue with no bluetooth ?

        • Tbh I’ve never really given it a second thought, so I guess I haven’t missed it..
          We do have Bluetooth speakers in the roof but they essentially became redundant.

          • @Dishpig: The app is better than the Samsung app. I think Sonos makes most sense when you want to use it for music as well. If not, I'd go for one of the deals on the Samsung 990b.

  • For those keen on saving a couple more dollars you can pick them up at Harvey for $895

    • So torn ! Cheaper … but at Harvey Norman.

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    The app is dog shit but the sound is amazing.

    I bought a Sub gen 1 from crime converters to go with my ARC, it sounds amazing.

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      crime converters

      Fighting crime one sub at a time?

  • 8% cashback from Cashrewards for Sonos website

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    After 8% cashrewards comes down to $827.08

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      My $67.80 cashrewards just came through, stoked with that! It's expensive kit but I am so impressed with my Arc.

  • does the unidays student discount work with this?

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      No. Takes the 15% off the original price so ends up costing more

  • I have original sub, playbar and 2 x play ones for a long time, not one issue, also 2 x play 5's and a 3 still going strong.

  • Is there any Arc sound bar and sub deals for $2000?

    • Got for 2k from Pentagon Digital in Balwyn 4 weeks back.

  • Just got one, game changer…

  • Try Good Guys store. There are offering $80 store credit with the purchase. I called customer service as website had some annoying issue. They matched Harvey Norman's $895 price and then took $80 off as they could not provide store credit on phone purchase. Just paid $815 and it is ready for collection now!

    • Great to hear Planterina. Is there any chance you can post the receipt once you get it?

      • I can. How do you share an image here? I cant see an upload link.

        • Not 100% sure but are you able to upload one to imgur and then copy/paste the link here?

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      Just tried this, they were unable to offer the $80 store credit discount for purchasing over the phone.

  • Sub mini incoming????

    • Sure looks like the announcement is imminent

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