LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car 42141 $196 Delivered /C&C/ in-Store @ Target


Good price for this set.

Looks like 20% off most Lego.

Edit: Redeem 4,000 flybuys points at checkout to take another $20 off, making it $176.

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Target Australia
Target Australia


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    Anyone found somewhere to get a custom decal setup on this? I'd love the Google livery

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      I dunno, the Google colours seem to fall off the car

  • OP, where did you see the 4,000 flybuys offer?

    • It's part of the checkout on the target site

      Just above the payment options, you can log-in to your flybuys account

      • 40,000 flybuys offer will give you $200 off


  • Thanks OP, been waiting for this to drop below $200.

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    box, box, box

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      No no stay out!


        • unsafe release!

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    Just a heads up with these - there was an accidental release with Pirelli marking on the wheels. They didn't have licensing or something for it.

    A lot of places are still using the old image but the tyres have been 'updated' and therefore aren't as collectable as the original.

    • Seems it's luck of the draw in terms of who has old/new stock. My recent Amazon purchase arrived and has the Pirelli decals so clearly there's still old stock floating around out there.

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      Wild. Perhaps paying close to full price when it was released and not building it could earn me some profit in the future.

  • where does it say you earn 4000 points?

    • You can use 4,000 points to take another $20 off

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      you can redeem 4000 points which is $20.

      • I must be missing something, logged in to my flybuy account on the Payment Method screen, but can't see any option to pay with points or earn 4k points 🤔

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    Yes, you too can botch your pitstops at home.

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    This is really tempting but I wish they made some more. Red Bull/Mercedes/Ferrari at the very least and a Haas so I can slam it against my wall every weekend

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    This will be going cheap with McLaren's current performance this year….

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      Lacklustre performance isn't too unique to this year though.

      Since Sainz left in 2020 & Riccardo joined it's been pain pretty much every race.

      I reckon if you were a McLaren fan who wanted this, you're already used to this performance.

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        Mind you, Carlitos couldn't drive their shit car either.

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        I just bought one as I needed a reminder how much I hate myself, and watching the Canadian GP at 4am wasnt enough by itself.

  • To keep up with OZB spirit …. return the BIG W .. and purchase this … need to check if BIG W comes with Pirelli tyre decals ..

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      i got my Big W order with Pirelli tyre decals , i won't return it, worth the $$ to keep anyway

      • Was this just recently?

  • Put in an order but it got refunded a few minutes later…

    • something is wrong/suspicious with your account.

      • I checked out as a guest

    • Did you mange to get an order through yet?

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    A better deal is BigW and 10% Cashrewards on Lego until midnight tonight!
    Same price of $196 but with 10% cash back.

    Can also consider the BMW RR … damn it is tempting.

    • argh that'd be right… I wasn't going to get this but under $200 tempted me too much so I bought at Target… oh well!

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    Sign up to target newsletter and get a $10 code.
    Code sent almost immediately.

    • Thank you! I don't have eBay plus, so thought I would miss out on getting it for 186, but this is exactly 2hat I needed.

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