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RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots and Dynamic Flex $476 Delivered @ THE ICONIC & David Jones


Been waiting for a good deal on these boots

RM Williams boots on 20% sale at David Jones and the iconic

Note: discount applied at checkout

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David Jones
David Jones


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    Price in title

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      Sorry was in a rush to post. Title updated.

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    HEYICONIC75 $75 off $350 spend for new members?

    Not sure if it works.

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      Just tested that code, it brought the RMs down to $401

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      Thanks, just bought for $401.

    • this works, just bought

  • Don't see Dynamic Flex on Iconic

  • Dynamic flex at David jones

    • What is the difference?

      • Different soles and different sizing.

        Dynamicflex have a hybrid sole and space for orthotics in them.

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    Decent shoes but a lot of money still.

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      I just bought 5. :)

    • Well worth it at this price!

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    Can’t see H width sizing for dynamic flex… can anyone help please? :)

  • Dont forget 9% cashback in Shopback. That's worth $38 approx (pre GST amount)

  • Never owned RMW's before, are they similar in sizing to Florsheim's?

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      No, quite different.

      I am US10.5 with Florsheim and 8.5H with RMW. It's best to try in person if you can, they do a regular and a wide size also.

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        Second this, I’m a 11.5 US Florsheim and 9.5H RMW

      • Thank you.

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      RM use UK sizing, so it's 1 size smaller than US off the bat eg US10 is a RMW9 but as said, it's best to get them fitted in person.
      I'm a US9 and RMW8

  • are these good for hiking? after a sturdy boot for bushwalks

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    • These are office boot you wear to get under the boss's desk

      • That makes sense. The office is a treacherous environment

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    Are you able to wear these on the treadmill?

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      It is possible.

    • +1

      It’s a very expensive exercise

  • You can still find them.

  • David Jones size states 8 AU assume this is G? I am looking for F.

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    They’re 25% off pretty often…. Just wait if you’re not in a rush!

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    Just bought another. Thanks for posting !! And cashback tracked from Cheddar app.
    So essentially for $342.32.

  • I don't see H size. How do you get H ?

  • If you search comfort craftsman you can find wide fits under different listings. But the price isn't discounted af all for those.

  • A deal is a deal but that price! I can get two pairs of boots from a great brand(not Hush puppies) and still have money to spare

    • Out of curiosity, wouldn't it have been easier if you named your 'great brand' rather than telling us in brackets it's not hush puppies?

      • Hahaha. Leave it. Everyone has their preference and I respect that. I wear aquila. And sometimes batsanis. 😊

  • I bought a pair of Chestnut comfort crafts from iconic last year, still never worn and got the original box.

    I prefer Dark Tan colour instead, do you guys reckon I can get a free swap with any RM store? I pretty sure I can pull out the receipt from the iconic via my email etc… I didn't do it with iconic back then as they dont have any dark tan left with my sizes…

    or they only accept change of sizes for the same colour within 30 days?

    • Is Iconic an authorised reseller or dealer of RM Williams?

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