Panamax 500mg Tablets 100pk $0.69 (in Store / C&C / + Delivery) @ Chemist Warehouse (Max 1 Per Order Online)


It's back, last deal was Boxing Day. Part of Chemist Warehouse Stocktake Sale.

General Information

For the temporary relief of pain and discomfort in arthritis, headache, muscular and neuralgic conditions. Reduces fever.


For the relief of minor and temporary ailments and should be used strictly as directed. Prolonged use without medical supervision could be harmful. Always read the label. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

In Store / Free C&C or + Delivery (Free with $50 Spend). Maximum 1 per order, if buying online.

Combine with:

Free Fast Delivery (3 Hours) on Selected Big Brand Orders over $30 @ Chemist Warehouse
1 Free Sample Product When Spending $30+ @ Chemist Warehouse (Delivery Only)

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      I’m anti-pain myself. That’s why I like these deals

      • “Bitch mints” (jk)

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    Thanks, stocked on these last time and they just came in handy when i had covid. Will def buy more again

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        I found horse medicine worked for me. Not only did it clear up my covid but cured my heartworm as well.

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          Nothing worse than an itchy heart. Good to hear you made a full recovery!

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            @tharlow: "Give her this, and this…and then these."
            "Thank you doctor."
            "Oh I'm not a doctor."

        • What about fleas and ticks?

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      Stock up, the flu after covid hits harder. Covid for me was 2 days of feel crap, this flu has been 5 days with fever, cough, aches and congestion.

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        Oh, i had the flu first, which was really bad and turned into a bad sinusitis. Covid was just 3 days of feeling bad. Flu was def the worst

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        This has also been my experience and everyone I know….the symptoms from the regular flu has been way worse than Covid, yet we shut down the whole world for 2 years for Covid…..

        • If you didn't have the vaccine, covid could have killed you. Just saying.

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  • very likely 1 per customer in store too - it already was at my store and several others before this sale.

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      Same happened to me. But you can enter the same store many times.

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        2 times, on thing you got hauled to back room and get a beating

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          At least you'll have some panadol for the pain

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          That’s a paddlin

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          we have a specific corner in every staff room marked for this purpose

    • TGA rules dictate that limit.

      • Really, since when? As of last year, I was always able to buy two boxes at a time.

        • i believe the 1 per person TGA limit is just for the elixir.

    • It is 2 per customer in my chemist in NW Tassie
      I used to buy 6 or 10 at a time last year, but they changed the law this year
      Before that I used to take 100 Asprin a month, until my stomach problems
      I have had a constant headache for as long as I can remember (which is until my adult years, I don't remember my childhood).
      I have seen several doctors about it. Had scans. Seen professionals. Shows nothing out of the ordinary. All I have different is my C2-C3 is fused together; maybe that is the cause. Who knows? And he/she ain't telling :p

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        I was getting really bad headaches and also taking too much medication. One doctor finally got it right and said scoliosis. As soon as I started going to a chiro, my headaches cleared up right away. Didn't even know I had it. The chiro referred me to get an x-ray to confirm.

        • I have had plenty of x-rays, cat scans & MRI's, they all showed nothing out of the ordinary.
          I will mention to my doctor about scoliosis thou, thank you kindly for that.
          I am really sick & tired of these headaches. They sit between 6.5-9.5, & when it gets over 8, I can't think at all; I can't even think to take panamax tablets! I was put on Prebalin (300mg Lyzalon capsules) a few years ago, and that has quietened down the high pitched squealing noise; thank f*#k. Prebalin is meant to be used for nerve endings pain. After decades of my headaches really bad, finally a doctor gave me some taklets to try! I was given Sandomigram tablets. First off, I was given 1 x 0.5mg. I don't know how that is that going to do much to a big bloke like me who has had these headaches all his life; after a few months, I am now on 3 of those. I still don't know if they do anything yet, too early to tell. Life sucks, then you die

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            @the Unforgiven: Sounds dreadful. So sorry you have had this pain for so long.
            I have occasional migraines which seem to be getting more frequent but at least not constant. I take Panadeine forte which usually helps. The doctor used to prescribe me a box of 20 per 6 months. I have just managed to get 60 for 6 months. Are the meds you are taking stronger than Panadeine forte?

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              @Yola: Thank you for your kindness

              Prebalin (300mg Lyzalon capsules) - just takes down the quealing noise in my head a little, at least I don't cringe in pain from the noise as offen as I did the last half a century.
              Panamax is less that Osteo which is less than Forte - I found it is more better if I spead it out over the day/night than having to wait 6 hours between tablets, I would just watch the clock all the time or just say stuff it & take it earlier. UR only allowed 6 Fortes/day & 8 Panamax/day, I take 10/day as I don't sleep much as my lower back is too sore and both of my shoulders are f*#ked; I find it better to just pass out at my computer chair. But I have to go to bed some time as my lower legs swell up & split open; I hate my body. I can't drink anymore as my liver is too big now. I can't smoke anymore. Something about emphsema, and both halves of my lower lungs are filled with green shit & I have glass fibres in my left lung from being a mechanic in the 70's. So no more dope & moonshine, pity; but I have the odd big stubbie of apple cider, I love the way I make it
              A few years ago my headaches were at over 9 for days so I just kept taking Panamax. Over 3 days I ended up taking 60 tablets! I won't tell u what happened next

  • Thanks but for reason can't check out online, tried 3 times

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      Weird. It’s usually third time lucky

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    I'll price match at Chemist Discount Centre.. they don't like it though ;)

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      If that gives them a headache, then I recommend a couple of paracetamol. Preferably capsule-shaped, so they go down easy

    • I'll price match at Chemist Discount Centre.

      they don't just match it
      they give you 10% of the difference!/prod/106784/panamax-paracetamol-500mg-100-tablets

      saving us (if my maths is right) 2c!
      none of this 69 business

      • They never do though. They just match it

        • +1

          They did for me (bought something worth >30 with a $5 difference)

          Maybe it was because I printed out their price match policy 😁

          • @docians: Yeah, it's stuck on right in front of every register here.

  • this stuff works for me, panadol rapid not so much

    • No use in Russian, I guess

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    I’m a simple man. I see 69 in the price, I upvote

    • What do you like so much about 69?

      • Im sure its the anticipation

      • Last night's dinner

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        The smell of feet

    • Nice

    • Nice

  • $0.69 ?
    i bought it ,about $5…


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      No one bought Panamax for $5.

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        bought Panamax for $5

        I cringed when I read that.

    • Hand in your Ozbargain membership

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    accordingly, some stupid people criticise this is too cheap and people overuse painkiller. Affordable medicine is good news for all.

    • Wasn’t there some study recently saying Panadol doesn’t actually do anything??

  • Nice

  • Wow!

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    I am really compelled to vote this down, simply because The size of the tablets, being over 32 metres across, they're very difficult to swallow unfortunately.

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      32 metres and difficult to swallow?!!!!! I'd say impossible.

      They are not even 32mm across (more than an inch, no way). Can easily swallow two with no liquid. Tastes a bit nasty, but no biggie.

    • -2

      Yeah they’re awful to take. Rather pay the extra dollar for Panadol

      • I dont think Panadol make a panamax alternative. The fuel cost alone makes it not worth shipping it to you. Where would you even keep it if they did?

      • Wait a 100 pack panadol for $1.69….where?

  • Nice

  • Usually it's $3? Meh.

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    Bought some today by chance. The new girl had to ask the other check out chick if that was the right price. She scanned it and got the same price so said yes.

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    Don't forget to activate CR or SB cash back….1%.

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    I went to my near by store to grab couple of boxes of these with a budget of $1.40 in mind, forget that my wife was with me having different shopping list of her own.
    When I left the store, my credit card has $250 dent out of her makeup shopping.

    PS: I was able to grab 3 boxes, so no 1 per person limit in store (at least not at Castle Hills)

    • Oooooof

      that $248.60 difference

  • +6

    Thanks. Dinner sorted.

  • Made in India. Most Medicines in Australia are manufactured in India now

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      India is one of the largest Medicine manufacturer I think

  • I’m getting message there is an error in your checkout form please check your details. It a CC. I’ve entered everything correctly. Anyone else having this issue at checkout?

  • Urgh just bought a pack the other day before the sale. Do they do easy refunds?

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      Chemist warehouse don't accept refund on medicine even it is unopened. it happed to me before when I bought Vitamins.

      • Damn, thanks for letting me know.

      • It is the law for all pharmacies.

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    I tried to buy 2 packs. I couldn’t only get 1. Brentford Sq, Victoria.

  • what's the expiry date on these? Can anyone who bought them confirm?

    • 01/2025

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