[QLD] Hisense 65 Inch ULED 4K Smart TV 65U8G $1049.99 (In-Store Only) @ Costco Ipswich (Membership Required)


Not sure how to upload a photo but it's $1049.99 in store
Not a android system but suppose to work faster? good value for money in my view
Called Goodguys & jb hi fi for a price match and was told best they can do is $1250 (a store manager mentioned this price is cheaper than his store purchase price…)

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    Very good price fod this unit. Purchased one of these from JB when they were clearing these a few monts ago for $988. Very happy with the TV.

  • One at North Lakes. Its for the floor stock item only.

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      at least 10+ at Ipswich around 5pm when I bought it

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    Just be aware this is very different from the US version

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      This, I almost bought one until I realised all the reviews were for the us version with exactly the same model number. The au version has several significant features missing. For this reason I won't buy Hisense

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        I am in the exact same boat. Hisense also will not directly label their TV's as different from the US version, only leaving vague disclaimers or fine prints, almost like they're intentionally trying to mislead people.

        For those curious, here are just SOME of the features missing between the AU and US versions:

        Does not have HDMI 2.1 like the US model does
        Does not have 1500 nits of peak brightness like the US model does
        Does not have Android TV like the US model does (no Disney +)
        Can not do VRR @ 120 FPS like the US model can.

        These downgrades impact the U6G, U7G, U8G, U9G and maybe more.

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    U8G gets really good reviews from top tv reviewers

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      As stated above you that’s the US version

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        That's why I boycott the 2021 version of Hisense

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          You know they always treat Aussie are idiots giving crap models and sell here as new. Just like politics from China boycotting Aus products

          • @neonlight: they treat Aussie and Kiwi like shite, knowing well we don't have a border with any countries. I used to like Hisense, even though I haven't bought any of it. I rather buy Sony or LG with 50% more expensive and get what you expect

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      I stand corrected if this is not the us one and not 120hz 2.1

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    This is not HDMI 2.1 or 100/120Hz for the record.


    • Thanks nice read. It means it doesn't have HDMI 2.1 input as it's U8G 65". U80G does

  • This is a great TV. Bought one about a month ago. Top quality for this price point

  • How does it compare to U7G?

    • Better dimming and 200 SMR vs 100 SMR on the U7G

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        Other than that spec, there’s a solid YouTube comparison that ranks the u7g better, will try and find it


        • Damn. Makes the u7g look great. I guess our u7g same as USA?

          • @chinaman: 65inch u7g was ~$900 from tgg after cash back a few days ago

          • @chinaman: No, the U6G, U7G, U8G and U9G are all significantly downgraded compared to the US version, do not go expecting the features advertised in the US version here.

            The video review linked previous is also likely referring to the US version as the purchase links take you to the Best Buy.

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    Will grab one for the bedroom tomorrow. Cheers

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      65” for the bedroom?

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        • You want at least 7.5” for the bedroom

          • @Goatmon: Width or length

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            @Goatmon: Size doesn't matter; It's just the features.

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              @samp365: Exactly what I tell her

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                @xenoic: I usually just play with the TV downstairs by myself after she goes to bed

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                  @Ninternet: Same here. She no longer plays with the TV with me.

    • Pop a V while you at it

  • Does anyone have a photo of the price please.

  • Damn, paid more on U7G earlier this year.

  • No costco near me. What would be other options around this price range?

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      Move close to the nearest Costco

  • I bought a u7g last week, absolutely beautiful picture quality. If you don't care about 120hz refresh rate or gaming like me, this will be a great tv. I have a nvidia shield plugged in and its just amazing. This is a great deal as i paid $960 for the u7g at jb hifi.

    • Good guys has the same price and 12% cashback last week

  • Been looking to replace a old 55" Sony TV (no gaming) in the living for a while now and this seems like good value

  • got one for tiny house as room divider

  • Whats the processing speed like? Can it quickly power on and switch between TV stations?

    Potentially buying for Boomer MiL who'll never use the the smart functions.

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    I bought one of these because of the great reviews, Hisense did a bait and switch and I was never happy with the TV. Something is not right, the colours are off and AFL looks shit.

  • Based on people saying there might be issues with Qc and the difference between USA model… Might just go for a Sony? Like the 'X80J'.

  • This or TCL C727? Been looking for 65inch with good picture quality, dont care about gaming or sound. Looking for FALD.

    • I just bought the 75 inch c727. Very cheap for how big it is. And decent compromise.

      U8g is brighter, 1000 nits peak vs 450 nits. And colours seemed to pop more.

      • Ah right. Thanks for that! Might go with U8g then. Need a similar price drop in VIC.

      • You're using data from the US version:

        Compared to the US version, the one in Australia:

        does not have HDMI 2.1 like the US model does
        does not have 1500 nits of peak brightness like the US model does
        does not have Android TV like the US model does (no Disney +)
        can not do VRR @ 120 FPS like the US model can.

    • I nearly went for tcl c727 too but its very slow to operate. I am really happy with the u7g.

      • I picked up a Chromecast with Google TV with the TV. So that won't be an issue.

        Full array backlight and qled the big reasons for the c727

  • Received one of these yesterday from a warranty claim of my p8. Took almost 8 weeks in the end and by the end I wanted cash. Little nervous with the hate as I really liked the p8. Yet to turn it on but is the consensus the u7 was the better choice?

  • In Australia this is an IPS display right, it's not the same US display

  • Bought one at $967.50 at jb hifi ($1075 - 10% gift card)

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    Costco Ringwood has one left if anyone's interested

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