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WUBEN C3 Rechargeable USB-C Flashlight US$17 (~A$24.71) Delivered @ Hekka


A repeat of this popular deal.

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Bright Plus Long Throw: Delivers a maximum of 1200 lumens cast a long throw of 179 meters, C3 offers you the biggest support in the dark.
Outperformed German LED: Utilizes 1*OSRAM P9 LEDA, C3 features reverse battery installation protected circuit to ensure you have quality light and safety.
Multiple Modes for various: Feature High, Med, Low, Eco, SOS & Strobe modes to cope with different needs.
Lightweight & Compact: Tiny and lightweight, with a length much short than a Smartphone( 121.5mm * 25.4mm)plus weighs only 123g, C3 is easy in your pocket or shoulder bag for everyday use.
Premium Material & Waterproof: Built with an aircraft-grade alumina alloy and has been treated with an oxidation process, C3 survives underwater within 2 meters for 1 hour.

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  • +12

    Purchased one in last deal, took one month to arrive, and the torch DIED on me after 3 months which I only been using handful of times. Contacted Hekka and Paypal, they refused to honour any warranty, $25 wasted. Buyer buy on your own risk.

    • Thanks.

      What did Hekka say?

      And what was PayPal's reasoning for not covering this?

      • +2

        They asked me to send pictures, then they ghosted me, after serveral "reminder" to them, they offered few USD refund.
        If the purchase was made in Australia, I am sure it is covered under consumer act, the torch was barely used and it DIED after 3 months, very disappointed.
        If you check last deal, there are several people who reported the torch has DIED after short period of time.

    • +5

      Same here. it died after 2 weeks. They just asked me to send a video. Will see how it goes.

      • +2

        I should add that was just the battery to fail, it shows fully charge with its on charger and litokala but output is only 0.54 volt, not even enough to turn it on.
        Anyone with the same problem?

        • You tripped the circuit protection, it should reset the protection when you try and charge it. It could have drained when not in use and hit the 3v mark triggering the protection.

        • same here, it shows fully charged and can not be charged anymore, but it will NOT turn on, I am unsure if it is the battery or the torch as I dont have equipment or spare to test each of them. But it two words: "It DIED"

    • +1

      Thanks for the warning. Should buy from Amazon when it is on a good discounted price in the future.

    • +4

      Hey, similar happened to me. I contacted them about a month or so ago, sent a video, and today they offered to send another one, which I accepted.
      If I knew they broke so often I might have asked for a refund, but I guess that wouldn't have gone anywhere either….

      It is super frustrating dealing with them though. They take about a week to reply every damn time, with some short response that barely moves things anywhere, like "did you try charging for a few hours?" after I sent the video they requested, and only after I prompted them for a response a week later. Like, yea thanks for the obvious suggestion genius, glad you took 4 seconds out of your week to send me an instant message instead of just wrapping this up.

      It's maddening and I'm sure I'll be putting in a PayPal claim after a couple of weeks of silence anyway

      Their support sucks big stinky balls

    • Maybe try credit card charge back?

  • Great torch. Will buy another when it hits $30 or less on amazon.

  • +4

    I placed an order with them last time and cancelled after few mins because their website looked dodgy. Contacted their support and was told they cancelled my order and refunded the money. Waited for few days but didn’t get the money so I raised a case with PayPal to get my money back. I’d steer clear from them. I think they should be banned here.

  • +1

    Had one for about a year, fantastic torch. Got mine from Amazon so didn't have any shipping issues

  • +2

    Mine from last deal arrived dead. Asked for refund they offered partial refund. Escalated with paypal, got full refund.

  • +1

    Sounds like the QC isn't that good with these lights with the failure rates.

    • Hmm maybe I should just stick to my old but trusty Fenix and ThruNite torches running on AA batteries.

  • I've purchased three items from these guys. All showed up in around 2 weeks and all still working. Guess I've been lucky.

  • Mines still working and unfortunately it's the crap side when it comes to Chinese resellers and warranty. It's a risk I've been comfortable with taking though, cos failure rate is pretty low overall considering.

  • Checked the previous post was so popular and pulled the trigger. Only then I read a lot of negative experience lol. Ah well, i'll see.

  • All the people with dead torches, just curious if it's the battery or the torch itself?

    • It shows fully charged and can not be charged anymore, but it will NOT turn on.

      I am unsure if it is the battery or the torch as I dont have equipment or spare to test each of them. But it two words: "It DIED"

  • +1

    Man, was waiting for this deal to come back with how popular it was last time. Seems it's a dud.

    • -1

      Mine was fine. Caveat emptor. It’s less than $25 ffs, this isn’t a $5000k+ projector or something, it’s a pocket torch.

      • +6

        That does not mean you can just simply spend $25 on items if they turn out to be junk landfill. This is OzBargain at the end of the day, we want value for our money.

  • +1

    Thanks OP grabbed one, already have one and works great.

  • Bought in the first deal and torch has been used a few times. What I've found is that there may be a dodgy connection inside the torch as the LEDs flicker momentarily or delay sometimes when turned on. Can't recommend at this point.

    My main gripe with Hekka is that I'm now subscribed to their email list and can't unsubscribe no matter how many times I try!!

  • I have two of these torches and they've both been super handy. very good for around the home and in the car. can also be set to various brightness.. don't really care for the flashing modes (just annoying). haven't really had a problem with them (beyond my kids losing the strap for one of them)

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