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[QLD] Free Hurricane Head Brewing 6pk Lager with Any $10 Beer Purchased (Use Code Online or Claim Barcode for in-Store) @ BWS


Throughout the State of Origin Series, score a bonus 6-pack of Hurricane Head Thirst Breaking Lager 300ml with any $10+ beer purchase at BWS online or in-store.

Use the coupon code online or click the link to get a barcode for use in-store

I got a 6pk of a crafty I wouldn't normally splurge on with this and dollar cost averaged it out - cheap for 12 beers…

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  • Does the beer get added to your cart before hitting confirm?

    • +2

      I added a 6 pack to the cart together with another beer purchase > $10 then used the code at checkout and the Hurricane was priced down to $0

      • Bloody hell what am i doing wrong, everytime i try the thing it will not work. Ah well.

    • Same - Added the Hurricane to the cart along with the other and then boom save $17.50 at checkout with the code!

  • +4

    Thanks OP - added a 6 pack of Wakachangi Lager on special @ $12, good morning OzBargain :)

  • Let's see if there's a CR/SB today/tomorrow

  • Placed $12 order, used code - but when paying by PayPal - rejected by PayPal.

    Paid by $10 Rewards points & $2 discount egift card…
    We're currently experiencing connectivity issues, please try again or contact our customer service team.

    Finally paid $12 by CC - all good🍺

    • Are you using the app or website? I had some issues with the app but was able to order successfully on the website.

    • Ready to collect🍺

  • +3

    A pleasant way to enjoy another sunny day in QLD🌞

    …Lazing in one of the 2 free hammocks picked up yesterday with $10 BCF voucher.
    That was after I'd enjoyed a free cone of Deluxe "Wicked Double Choc Brownie"🍦& ferry ride along the river in the sunshine.

  • +1

    Sweet deal OP - thanks!

  • Ended up going in store, picked u John Boston for $12 and was the first to redeem the freebie.

    • German serving was very excited that they give out free beer here in a Football promotion🍺

  • +2

    In case if you are looking for something cost effective that tastes good (extremely subjective, I know… but they are gooood😉) Kirin Ichiban Bottles they are $17 at BWS vs $19 at Dans

    • +1

      They are good, but 2 Cooper's tallies & this 6pk for $14 is better IMHO ;+)

      • Not a fan of long necks, I dont drink them fast enough for optimum temperature haha but yeah that could do it too 😊

    • Only drunk them years ago in Japan.
      Not sure how this compares.
      Country Of Origin - Australia

      Still have plenty of Japan brewed Asahi Super Dry 500ml cans, bought $35-48/ctn.

      Might go for a good NZ Black Beer
      Monteith's Black Beer 330mL $18 for 6.
      Although $53 for carton @Dan's.

  • Taste reviews plse

    • Rough… but can't complain for a freebie

    • Wouldn't buy again - even free.

  • My subtotal has the hurricane subtracted but total after clicking confirm is still full amount. Will that charge me the full amount still? Edit: Never mind just a temporary glitch

  • +3

    Just a heads up, this doesn't actually require a $10 minimum spend, you can also add cans of beer and get the free 6-pack too with the code.

    Good cheap option is Guinness Draught for $3.

    • Well spotted, also worth noting that a 6 pack of Guinness Draught is $15 when purchased with another 6 pack of beer - which the free Hurricane seems to qualify as.

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