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[eBay Plus] LEGO McLaren Formula 1 42141 $186, Bird of Paradise 10289 $89, Majestic Tiger 31129 $42 Delivered @ Big W eBay


Good price on these sets. Must use credit card as payment to redeem the coupon code.

Free shipping only with eBay Plus.

LEGO Creator Expert Icons Bird of Paradise - 10289 $89

LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger 31129 $42

Original Coupon Deal

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    It keeps getting cheaper! I jumped at $208

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      If they miraculously turn the car around, I reckon this set will do the same in price lol

  • Have to pay by Credit Card to use that voucher that takes it down from $196 to $186.

    Most won't care about that but I think I'll just wait for a code that works with PayPal/ApplePay. After having my CC card details stolen twice in 4 months, I'm just not giving it out anymore.

    Good deal though. Thanks for posting.

    • Wow, where have you been using it - only online?

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        Yes, because in person, I only use ApplePay. The physical card never comes out of my wallet.

        So either some online store has been hacked and not told me.
        Or I've made a donation to some dodgy site (I'm thinking Facebook redirect somewhere.)
        Or it's been obtained by brute force guesses.
        Or my work PC is compromised. 😬
        Never had this with my ANZ Visa but twice with my ColesMC after getting it in Nov.

        So I've resorted to using PayPal as much as possible. And only entering my real card numbers into site using my iPhone not my work PC.

        I really want a virtual card service like Revolut but I also want points for spending so I'm torn.

        The pain point is just waiting for the new physical card and giving the new number to everyone.

  • I tried paying by credit card but it says "This code can't be applied to your order."

    I haven't used this code this promotion. Strange.

    • Worked for me. Paid with credit card about 30 minutes ago.

    • Worked for me, paid by ebay gc

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    Thanks OP, also $169 for LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza 21058


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    This could be the lowest price ever, considering that Lego is raising their prices in September.

    This set is reported to have its RRP rising by 11% (in the EU). If consistent in AU, that would take the RRP from 280 to 310.

    Even with heavy discounts. I doubt you will see this below 186 after the price rise.

    EDIT: Also, I'm getting charged 7.90 delivery to metro Melbourne, but title indicates 186 delivered, does the title require updating, or am I doing something wrong?

    • It may require ebay plus for free shipping, I have updated the listing, thanks

    • Fair point on the price rise. You convinced me now is the time. Cheers.

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    Thanks, I grabbed The Batman Batmobile set 42127 for $99 (need eBay+ to get free shipping). Cheapest I’ve seen it!

    • That's good! I paid $109 yesterday from Amazon. Which is ok I guess.

  • Just ordered mine and got $10 off. $193 delivered to Sydney - Ripper!

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    For those who want to use paypal or dont have Ebay plus, the Big W website has it for $196 delivered.


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    Mine arrived today, in a box that says "Do not shelve before 1 March 2022" and sure enough it is the launch Pirelli version, rather than the newer ones without the sponsor decals.

    • New ones dont have sponsor decals? Ick. Just finished building it, took agggges though at 1400 peices….

  • Damn I got it for$205 they other week.. what was jip.

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