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Pizza Hut: 50% Cashback (Capped at $15) @ Cheddar App


Cheat meal on your mind? #weekendmode
Treat yourself with 50% cashback (capped at $15) on Pizza Hut for a limited time only.

Use Cheddar iPhone and Android apps.

Cashback will be eligible on use of
all Pizza Hut promo codes.
Cashback will be eligible on pickup
and delivery orders. However,
orders must be completed and paid
online at checkout (not in-store).
Cashback will be ineligible on cash
Cashback will ineligible if used in
conjunction with other 3rd party
promotional offers & codes, or if
orders are cancelled or changed.
Cashback will be ineligible on
Sunday & Public Holiday surcharge
Cashback will be ineligible on
purchases made via the Pizza Hut
orders are cancelled or changed.
Cashback will be ineligible on
Sunday & Public Holiday surcharge
Cashback will be ineligible on
purchases made via the Pizza Hut
-Only valid orders from Pizza Hut
will be eligible for cashback.
-Cashback may take up to 10 days
to track
-You must return and click through
Cheddar every time you make a new

Tracks in 10 days.

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  • +4

    App does not work.

  • +3

    Don't even bother with Chedder

  • +1

    if it works

  • +3

    no support either

    • -1

      Hi @shap08
      Our team are available at [email protected] to assist with any cashback tracking queries, thanks!

  • +5

    Have had only minor problems on Cheddar. Support has resolved any issues and in the short amount of time i have been using Cheddar, have already exceeded cashback from Shopback which ive been using for a few years.

    Cheddar is new so there maybe some problems which are being sorted out.

    • +3

      The browser does not open in their app. Contacted their CS team and they said there is nothing that can be done. There is no point signing up if you cannot use it. They did not even honour the $50 signup bonus

      • Had the same browser thing with me. Support don't care

      • I did not receive the signup bonus so emailed their CS team on Sunday with a screenshot of the purchase. Received a response on the day and the money was in my account on Monday.

    • +4

      When you’ve got the backing of one of the big 4 banks you don’t get the leniency to start slow and buggy under the excuse “we’re new” - should of all been resolved with testing pre-release.

      MyMaccas is a good example - took a couple years for them to turn around the reputation of their first app, Subway is another who have never really recovered from lazy initial release mistakes.

      • If you want real app incompetence try QFF .. 🥵 .. !!

  • +3

    Be ready to have your cashback transaction disappeared from the app before the approval date. It happened to me and some other people.
    This app is not creating any deals, it's a fraud, and should be banned from ozbargain.

  • +1

    Amidst the negative comments here, I'll add that my first purchase using Cheddar didn't track even though the internal browser was used.
    However, support were helpful and I was later able to cash out the $50 signup bonus and the cashback from first purchase.

    That said, I'd be hesitant to use them again at this stage.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes to get it approved?

    • Hi @foxes28,
      Your purchase can take up to 30 days to be approved by Pizza Hut. Our cashback timelines differ by brand, and are available on corresponding deal pages.

      • +1

        Thanks rep! If you could pass on a feedback to the team.. I purchased something from Big W using Cheddar and support says it could take up to 150 days to get approved. 5 months is a tad long isn't it?

        • Thanks for your feedback @foxes28, I'll be sure to pass this onto team as we're continually working with our partners to improve the Cheddar experience.

        • +1

          The missus bought something from Big W via Cashrewards last week, and it is a similar timeframe.

  • +1

    Is this worth the risk of not tracking for only 50%….

  • +1

    I've used Cheddar for three transactions - all tracked. The sign-up bonus was confirmed in the usual timeframe for that retailer, and paid by Cheddar.

    They're not my first choice, but if a deal is good enough, I'm willing to try again. This one isn't enticing enough though.

    • Same thing here.

    • Same same

  • Not bad. Fingers crossed it tracks.

  • Tracked all 4 times apart from 1 for me including the $50 sign up but hello fresh didn’t track somehow

    • -1

      Sorry to hear you had trouble with your Hello Fresh order tracking @bargain-hunt. Have you reached out to our team at [email protected] for assistance?

  • Hi Rep,
    Do you still have bonus $50 cashback on signup?
    Went to previous deal and found this link - https://getcheddar.app.link/web50sup
    Thought i would check before claiming it.

    • Na just tried it doesn’t work anymore

    • The $50 sign up was for a limited time and expired.

      • Did you ever even give out the $50 signup bonus? I signed up from the link, waited and waited and never even received mine.

        • Yes they did, and if you did not receive should contact support to resolve, but it maybe too late now.

  • Placed an order and it tracked almost instantly. Thanks Cheddar.

    • Same happened to me, but in less than a month the tracked transaction disappeared and they never fixed this. Don't rush to thank.

      • +1

        Ok, thanks, will see how it goes, and then will have to unthank them if that is the case.

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