Which LED driving lights for new ARB Deluxe bull bar?

I like these Osram MX180-CB, CB is Combo, meaning flood nearby and spot for far away. $600 pair :(

Also warm temp is better, like 5000K. Not huge, 7” is fine. I’d pay $300 for quality pair.

Help please!


  • Roadvision DOMINATOR DL2 SERIES is close, but $380 pair. Model RDL4701S. And no flood beam in near field.

    LED bar is off by aesthetics reasons :)

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    Thank you in advance for blinding other road users

    • this is for off-road only. I'll have a switch, not wire it to high beam.

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      Thanks for not having a clue as to the purpose a bullbar and spotties serve. Everybody lives and travels metro only, didn’t you know?

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    looks like normal people are still working

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    Have you checked out lights from Stedi? I think they're pretty good and reasonably priced too.

    • Yes, just forgot to add. LEDTYPE-X-SRT-7INCH $420 solid choice, but looks like spot only, not combo?

      • From the night driving footage on Stedi, it seems to have a nice spread. Osram seems like a rip off considering it's only 3000 lms and light distance is max 300m. In comparison, Stedi's is 12820lms and nearly 900m. Osram calling it combo beam seems a bit like a gimmick to me as well. At least Stedi's state that it has 4 x Spread 28 x Spot Beam.

        • Thanks, I got these, we'll see soon lol

          • @nuker: Good choice, I've got a few lights from them and I'm really happy with their quality and performance.

      • Don’t get too put off by spot vs spread. Spread usually achieves 500+m easily, and better spots over 1.5km. You will find modern non-spot types are more than adequate and actually give you far more useful light.

        In days gone by I had hella rallye 4000’s in spot, combo and spread. Hands down the best and most useful was the spread. Though the spots powered by 100W HID were simply astonishing- measurable output at >3km. We swapped them to the spread beam as they were only particularly useful on long straight roads, like Nyngan-Bourke or the Nullarbor. Travelling with portable suns was immensely beneficial in the desert!

        • Yes, I wanted some spread too, but there seem not many options for round LED lights, they all spots only. I did not find many non-spot types…

          • @nuker: Have you considered standard halogen type (should be MUCH cheaper) and HID convert them? The nature of HID will scatter some light regardless the beam pattern, but will be much easier to find spread lamps. Also 55w is realistically plenty of power from HID.

            • @HelpMeiCantSee: No, did not came to mind, interesting. Isn't HID is slow to start? And comes with IP68 waterproofing?

              • @nuker: Only at first start. If you flick off to pass some cars and on again it’ll be instant. Better quality HID “warms up” quicker. Worst case is like 2 seconds to full brightness, but even so still brighter than standard lights from the instand they’re turned on.. Yes, they’re fully waterproof.

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    Cant go wrong with the kings lights…


    They seem to outshine any other brand I've seen and the build quality is surprisingly OK

    • interesting ones, but COLOUR TEMP: 10434K ?

      • That can’t be right. At 10k it is almost ultraviolet and would be more a bluish/purple colour than anything else.

        • I think they doubled the temp of one light to get a value for a pair :)

      • I think I've got a pair of these (not 100% as they were already on the car when I bought it) but they are super white, so if you were wanting a warmer colour I wouldn't get them.

  • Can’t go wrong with a stedi light bar. I had kings spotties and yeah while they were very bright they had terrible distance - ended up blinding the road directly in front, and ruining distance - so I swapped them out for the bar and have never looked back.

    • do you have it at the bullbar or at the roof height?

      • Nudgebar. Would never put lighting above my roof, the glare off the bonnet is annoying AF.

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    Alright, Stedi it is, got these!

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      I’d be interested to hear your thoughts after you install them.

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    Reminds me of my favourite donut media YouTube series, great bogan level, non technical comparisons of cheap vs expensive car mods; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMKG0z12Pyc

  • What do you really want to use them for? Extra light in the bush, long outback highway driving, just a bit more light on regular highways?

    Unless you are driving after dark on long outback highway travels I wouldn’t be too concerned with a long throw. Spread is good enough for most cases

    I’ve got a cheap 22” light bar on my vehicle. Really makes day out of night within a reasonable distance. Takes away all the hot/cold spots of he old halogen headlights. Sure, it’s not going to be spotting Roos at 2k out, but it’s great in almost all other cases and provides a good wide even spread.

    Go with something you think looks good in the daytime - unless your doing outback after dark travel.

    • I wouldn’t be too concerned with a long throw. Spread is good enough for most cases

      I wanted the other way around, not sure why people still read it this way. I was after more spread in round LED lights.

      • In that case, LED by their nature are not great at long throw. The tiny emitters and small reflectors combine to work really well for spread, not so much for long throw. IMO pretty much anything with a bunch of LEDs in little reflectors will do a fair job. Pick one that looks well built.

        Sure, if you put a cheapie and an exxy one side by side you’ll see a difference, but most of the time you won’t see a difference.

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    I've had the HardKorr BZR X215 on my last ute and rate them

    Now have the Stedi and rate them too.

    Was tempted on the BushRanger too

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