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Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate with Coconut Oil 8 Pack $8.99 (Was $39) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $50 Order) @ Shaver Shop/eBay (OOS)


eBay: $10 Off $50 Spend, code MCPAY10V2 other codes AFTERPAY10 & monthly $5 OFF $15 spend eBay plus voucher also works

stock up for years to come, never see this price again for 8 pack

eBay Link + Delivery or Buy 6 for free delivery, need to order $50+ for free delivery so 5 packs & handle below is another option

Schick Hydro 5 Sense™ Hydrate Razor $9.95 delivered eBay Plus

Hydro 5 Groomer $11 @ Chemist Warehouse or $16.99 @ shaver shop ask for price match when [email protected] razors

Hydro 5 Sense™ Hydrate Razor $9.95 C&C @ Shaver Shop

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  • Do these have an explanation date? Coconut oil

    • +1

      No expiry on the pack that I can see

      • +1

        I'll risk it and get 5 packs - that will last me ages. I still have a whole lot of H5 razors when woolies or Cole's had 70% off. Saved me heaps over the years

        • Perfect timing here, I'm down to my last pack from that deal!

          • @Nick7: Has anyone received their order place online and collect from the shop yet ?

    • +1

      They were "explained" at the time of creating the current product packaging, likely 2020

  • +1

    great find, thanks

  • +1

    thanks OP bought 4

  • +1

    Just bought 5 and the actual hydro 5 razor for 54$ delivered + 3.5% cashback. So damn cheap, its a no brainer..

    • +1

      Just did same! Great spot OP. Usually I use Mach 3, but at this price…

  • +2

    Interestingly coconut oil is comedogenic.

    • -2

      Thank god i have amazing skin then,i never suffer acne.

      • +6

        Just wait until you hit puberty.

        • Past puberty son, even in puberty i had clear skin. Guess i'm gifted in many ways

    • Pardon?

      • +2

        Your coconut oil doesn't tell you jokes?

        • No it don't. Bought 5 packs and the handle and got 3.5% cash back delivered . Super deal. No more razors for a few years now.

          • @JACK SKELLINGTON: What’s the difference in the two handles on offer

            • @bwatt72: Not too sure. I just bought the first one that came up they recommended. Buy now think later.

              • @JACK SKELLINGTON: Not used this brand before was thinking of ordering two handles with the 5pk but maybe no need? I take the handle can be had easily in future if needed.

                • @bwatt72: I would say no need. One would be enough. These will fit multiple handles. There is one that has a battery trimmer that will work with these. I believe link is is in description.

    • Yep! Best to avoid if you have sensitive skin

    • +2

      I doubt there will be much of it in there

  • +1

    Got heaps. Should last years

  • +3

    Legend! just bought the eBay store out and then went over to their website and bought another 5 with the Razor.
    Ultimate OB, strike while the bargain exists.

  • Ordered 5

  • Just bought 6 of these to get free delivery. These cartridges, Are they compatible with any other brand's Razor?

    • +1

      I would take a wild guess and say no.

    • We could only add 5 to the cart (mobile of one website)

      • On the cart page, allows max 5, just go to the product page and add to cart, you can see 6 items.

    • Same +4%. Cashback

  • +3

    Thanks! As a bald dude who shaved twice a week, this has saved me a stack of money

    • Preach!

    • +3

      Get a double edge razor and save even bigger stacks. The blades are like 5 bucks for a hundred.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, will give this a try.

    I've always been a Schick Hydro 3 man, but hey, more blades the better, right? Tried the Aldi one recently, was decent but not in love with it.

    $1.75 cashback tracked from Cashrewards very quickly.

  • +1

    nice find, thanks

  • My shaver is Hydro 5 and groomer,

    will these blades fit to it? its not Sense though

    • Yeah it’s fine

  • I have fusion proglide blades , have thick hair and shave daily. Anyone keen on letting me know how long a Hydro 5 blade lasts you?
    I get about 2-3 weeks from Gilette. I imagine its the same?

  • I would buy this but i have like 100 Astra blades :/

    • -1

      Honestly stick to your safety razor. Game changer.

      • As a head shaver I just cut over (literally lol) to using a leaf razor loaded with Astra blades.

      • I used a safety razor growing up and until disposable razors came out. If you like nicking your face go for it but "modern" razors are far better.

  • Hydro 6 being released very soon, which is why they’re clearing these out. Will be a game changer

    • +1

      I bought a few '5' shavers in case they get discontinued and I have too many blades.

    • +4

      I bought enough to last me 5years, probably Hydro 10 by the time i need more lel

  • +3

    Thank you. I got 5, though I dont know why…

  • Just bought 5, but I'm wondering how long does a razor blade usually last? Not sure if I'm meant to change it but I've been using mine for a few months now

    • +3

      Only charge it when it starts feeling blunt, not unusual to get few month’s out of it if you’re only shaving say twice a week

      • +1

        If only it was USB-C

  • +3

    Thanks OP, bought 5 pack and the razor for $54.90 delivered.

  • Are these better that the Schick extreme 3?

  • I still don't understand how they still instock, they sold 200+ units already

    • You’re underestimating ozbargain, over 2000 clicks id say 1000-2000+ sold between the website & eBay, deal has been available for weeks likely they bulk purchased thousands at a big discount or bunch of refunds to come if they have oversold

    • +2

      Don’t worry, there is heaps of stock. The Chinese copies are almost indistinguishable from the originals

  • How do these compare to Gillette mach 3 and the fusion 5.

    • +1

      Obviously with the mach 3 you get a much faster shave, but not necessarily a better final result. The fusion 5, on the other hand, never needs recharging

    • Schick goes blunt rather quickly. Mach3 is easier for me. But everyone's hair is different.

  • +1

    Good. I was getting tired of the poor performance of the dollar shave club razors. Guess you have delayed my straight/ safety razor purchase.

  • +1

    If you've ebay plus, you also get $5 monthly vouchers to apply :)

  • +6

    I hate Ozbargain. Just spent $50 on razor blades and I use like 1 a year.

    • Same. LMFAO.

    • Same and I just received 16x Gillette Mach 3 blades delivered yesterday

    • Better than spending $39 on a pack retail or $8.99 on some inferior rubbish. This is actually a necessity product at a super cheap price. So it's a win because you'd spend money on shaving products one way or the other.

    • same, sheez OZB…i use 2 or 3 blades a year, but spent $50 and 40 blades…guess i'm set for life

  • Ebay just went out of stock

    • +3

      it comes in and out of stock if you keep checking

  • Are these compatible with Hydro 3 handles?

    Edit: Anyway, ordered 5x packs and a Hydro5 razor from their website directly with free shipping.

  • +1

    eBay showing out of stock, but was able to order directly from the website.
    Well done OP - the well groomed men of Australia salute you!

  • Does the $11 groomer kit also come with a blade? I can't see it mentioned

    • yes

      • thanks but now oos everywhere at CW

    • +1

      Yes, and it's not a bad product for the $$$

      • ok I'll get one at SS and get them to price match $11 from CW

  • +1

    Bought 5 plus 1 handle, great deal, thanks!

  • +2

    ebay one keeps getting OOS, but finally able to buy 6x for free delivery!
    Thank OP

    • I encountered the same on eBay, so ended up purchasing from ShaverShop.

  • +1

    Happened to be at Doncaster and saw this post. Picked up last two packs. Couldn’t see myself getting $50 + worth, already two packs will last me a life time 😂

    • +2

      How old r u

      • Most Asian men don't have a lot of facial hair (myself included), nothing to do with age.

        • -1

          Which Asian men you are talking about? Lot of men from South Asian countries have lots of facial hair.

          • @buddysayshi: Yes, Russel Peters has good video on that topic 😂

  • -2
    • +1

      Those are disposable blades, the ones in this deal will last anywhere from few weeks to few months per blade depending how much you shave

      • With so many blades, I assume it would be cumbersome to use vs the Bic disposable ones.

  • -1


    This one comes with 5 refills for $3.99. Basically get 65 refills and 13 handles for the same price. Instead of 1 handle and 41 refills. I mean seriously people, this is not needed if you don't need a 5 blade fancy smancy shaver. Plenty good enough models which are much cheaper.

    • +1

      Buy whatever you prefer

    • +1

      @dreamscene I guess it depends if you know how to take advantage of discounted Cashrewards/SB gift card deals..

      See I recently used these two recent $30 choice gift card promos thanks to TA:

      & by using the MCPAY10V2 code I only ended up paying about $39 out of pocket after cash back for 6 packs on ebay w free delivery. That's 48 refills @ $0.81 ea.

      If I spent $39 on the link you posted I'd also only receive around 48 refills because 39 / 3.99 = 9.77 packs
      9.77 x 5 = 48.85 refills @ $0.79 ea

      I also believe the 5 blades in this deal are higher quality than the 3 you posted.

      So if you know how to play your ozb cards right you could pick these up even cheaper.

      Also.. why the heck & what would you do with all those spare handles? Who needs 13 handles? So much landfill & waste…

      Deal deserves an upvote IMO, thanks OP

  • i am sure the gel in the blades will dry out within a week or 2 even if the blades lasts a month.

    • after opened - yes - from my experience.

  • +1

    Managed to cancel my order made on the Shaver Shop website and buy it cheaper on eBay. It's the OzBargain way.

    • I did the same 😉

      • Was expecting it to be a hassle, but the refund has already been processed to my PayPal.

        • How did you guys cancel the order?

          • @Danger: I used the Support box on the website, and I also sent an email at the same time. Not sure which method got acted on.

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