Help Pick New Robot Vacuum- Roomba i7+ Died

I've got a $1500 credit at Joyce Mayner. My iroomba i7+ died after 15 months.

Store suggested the new version iroomba j7+ currently $1699

Someone on another thread posted that they have a new membership system. Looks like you might have to pay to access more features now

Otherwise I'm looking at the Dreame Z10 Pro for $999

Or the Deebot T9+ for $1199- their website link isn't work. Maybe they're not selling it anymore.

I have a fully tiled two bedroom place. No pets.

Open to other suggestions. I did look at Robotvacuum wars on YouTube yesterday. It's much of a muchness. My iroomba started erroring- something stuck in the brushes, I can't find my home base, I'm stuck. All not true. I like the bin option as not to worry about emptying it all the time. I set it to vacuum when I was at work. Roomba was heading to the bedroom via the kitchen or the toilet. Got lost a lot. I couldn't watch it work. It was a headache


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    Get the S7 Max V for $1599 before 30/06/2022.

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      what a bargain.


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      Just got a call back from Joyce. Said they would do the Roborock S7+ for $1499 plus $223 for product care = $1722. Pretty happy with the deal

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    Look at the reddit forums, the only robotic vacuum that constantly has problems is the Roomba iRobot range. Don't touch them with a 10 foot pole!

    I have the Ecovacs Deebot T9+ and can recommend it.

    I also have a tiled/hardwood home and it works perfectly, never had an issue.

    If you want something (more expensive) with even better mopping, and probably the BEST mopping available, get the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni.

    Ecovacs also have support/sales in Australia.

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    I must be old, because it appauls me that people are spending $1500+ on a robot vac…..

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      Some of the spelling on OzBargain is appalling also

      • I'll pay that……

  • Fix it

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    Am I the only OzBargainer still running the original Xiaomi Robovac from the one of the most controversial deals ever posted?
    Like others, I had to wait to get delivery. I have also fitted a new battery & normal service parts, but the damn thing keeps on going.
    Delivered 2017. Used every day. Cost $399

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    My Roborock from this deal is still working well after 3 years.

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