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50% off All Zero-X Drones + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi was looking for a drone and was shopping for DJI mini and came across this Zero X and now i am thinking may be would this still do the job at 50% lesser price to DJI.

Any reviews or experience handling/buying these machines?

Thank you.

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    Really lacking in the image stabilisation and image quality aspects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNX4eHzkf48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD6Aqzc2-zk. might be good to learn on but doesn't look like usable footage to me.

    • Sheesh that's awful!

      • Pretty much. If you're looking for baby's first drone for yourself, or something for the kids to play with, or something just to fly rather than have take decent footage, the Zero-X drones do just fine for the price. But if you're looking for a camera drone to use as, you know, a camera drone, you're better off going DJI

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    There's probably a reason they are 50% off, and have average / worse ratings.

  • Hmm seems like cheaper version of drone but would be a good start for someone like me who never owned one and very new to flying drone, rather than buying DJI and what if i crash or break it while learning instead learn on this and then upgrade to dji.

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      the DJI Mini Mini 1 or SE should be pretty dang cheap now, and with DJI Care its pretty inexpensive to replace if lost or damaged.

      Edit: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/703588 refurb for $349

    • It's a drone, not an aircraft, so flying it doesn't exactly require the greatest skill. I'd go to forums / whirlpool if you want to discuss the merits or otherwise of these.

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    These Zero X drones are generally rated pretty poorly.

    I was in the position to purchase one, and remember after looking around I found it genuinely wasn't worth the money.

    Can't remember what the reasoning was, but have a good read before you buy one.

    • I brought from previous low price of target maverick only issue I find is very low battery life if you all functions and its goes with wind power does not stay in place but for fun its ok on half price but I will not expect more from this drone

    • Can't remember what the reasoning was

      Ratings are shit?

      • Nah I mean what about the actual drones sucked.

        • From the few youtube videos I've watched on these, the image stabilisation looks terrible. No idea about battery life or anything, but that's enough to put me off.

  • Do people buy these to spy on their neighbours? 😅

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    I bought one a while ago, biggest waste of money. Save your money and put it into something better.

  • Great price to entertain kids in fresh air

  • Just dont. Stick with dji. Full stop

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    I bought one as my first drone. They’re junk.

  • these look like crap, probably excellent for kids to destroy instead of a dji.

  • I’m new to drones and bought a DJI. They’re actually super easy to fly but do make sure you fly outside! Out there even my kids could fly it easily.
    Yes it’s a lot of money but spend the $800ish for the mini2 and fly more bundle and enjoy about an hour of fly time! (Utilising 3 batteries total)

  • As others have said, these are a really good toy, but a really crappy drone. I have the Pulse, and it's so underpowered I can literally only fly it in dead still conditions - the slightest breeze and it begins to drift away. Camera quality is worse than a really cheap phone, especially when you're busy trying to keep it stationary.

    But just for the kids to fly something you can afford to lose / get damaged, or to use the drone for inspecting your gutters or something, it's something that'll do the job pretty well for the price (as long as there's no wind lol). Having used mine a total of about 5 times, I realised very quickly that I really want a proper drone - something like the DJI Mini.

  • You get what you pay for.

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