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[Refurb, Pre Order] DJI Mavic Mini with 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries $349 + Shipping @ Dick Smith / Kogan


Not the best drone now specially with mini3 raising the standards.
But very good price for entry level/ first drone
Can flip it on marketplace with almost same price if you didn't like it.
Anyhow, it is still a good one! takes good pictures, fun to fly, just take care when its windy.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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      why? DJI refurbished is usually very high quality repairs, or could have originally been a minor issue like damaged box. I got an ozmo mobile gimball for 1/3 the retail price from amazon DJI refurbished and it was legit brand new with just a new box.

      • Preordering in general is a crock, but creating a preorder for a refurb item? That's complete nonsense.

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          just means they lack stock currently 🤷‍♂️. would trust kogan to actually ship you something

          • @Leho: Except Kogan preorders are notoriously dodgy, so yeah, no. Neg me all you want, but a preorder of a preowned item is bullshit and Kogan knows it.

        • I don't really get your thinking here. Preordering a video game that has unlimited stock is pointless. Pre-ordering what is obviously a very limited stock of refurbs makes total sense to me.

          As Leho said, there is a myriad of reasons that an item could be deemed refurbed and plenty of them would not class the item as "second hand".

      • or Ruslan is out in his backyard turning on dodgy Kogan wifi extenders and waiting for drones to fall out of the sky so he can resell :)

        (and Dick Smith is standing behind him yelling at clouds :) )

      • I might trust DJI, not sure I trust Kogan.

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    If I’ve learnt anything from Ozbargain it’s to never trust Kogan with pre-orders…. or just Kogan in general.

    • ^^ this

  • Apart from the preorder, is the DJI Mavic Mini itself any good for photos/videos? Can it be controlled like an FPV?

    I tried to get into FPV in the past with 15 hours on Liftoff and DRL using a Radiomaster tx16s, but in the end sold the controller as custom drone components are too expensive :(

  • I bet you can't buy the DJI warranty thing for 2 years insurance either can you?

    • +1

      Not sure, but I wouldn't do that at this price anyhow.
      Definitly Worth it for mini3

      • Actually good point.

        You know what I can't find, is the Fly More Combo Kit (no drone inclded) anywhere.

  • Still waiting for that sick deal at a reasonable price. Surprised it's taking this long.

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