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[PS4, PS5, PS Plus] July 2022 PS Plus Games - Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about Time, Arcadegeddon, Man of Medan @ PlayStation


Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time and Arcadegeddon will be the PS5 games for July 2022.

Full credit to Billbil-kun

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  • +15

    Good month, games I haven't played before.

  • +4

    Actually not too bad. Though they would give us really bad titles buts actually ok

  • +7

    Solid lineup. At least they haven’t trashed essential Ps plus yet. Hopefully it doesn’t go the way of games with gold as soon as game pass became more of a thing.

    • +3

      Thanks for that insightful comment.

  • +3

    I think Arcadegeddon is made by (or has ties to) Raphael Sadiiq, of Tony Toni Tone fame. Im excited for it..!

  • Pretty decent month, Crash 4 is a really good continuation of the Crash series. Unfortunately, Man of Medan was pretty disappointing as it performed pretty poorly on a base PS4 (texture pop-in, frame rate dips, freezes etc.), it had an interesting premise that was handled poorly and is easily the weakest of Supermassive's 'interactive drama' games. I would still recommend to give it a go since it's included with the sub.

    • +8

      I thought man of Medan was fantastic, atmospheric and very memorable.

      • +1

        Same. To me all 3 are really good.

    • -1

      I still had the pop in and such on PS5. The premise and characters are pretty cringe as well. Little Hope was slightly better and the technical issues were improved.

  • +8

    Ridiculous how they are making it hard to find the essential ps plus games in the store.

    • +5

      It already was a bit of a pain but yeah now I need to click through like 4 different menus and basically go on a treasure hunt for them.

    • +3

      Are you on PS4? Because its pretty straight forward on PS5.

    • +3

      Click on the ps+ tile, and they are right there…

      • +2

        No. It is deliberately obfuscated. Takes several clicks and lots of scrolling. Then one of the games "Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker" does not even have a link to click, you have to search in-store manually.
        They are deliberately burying them under the higher-tier game catalogue.

    • It's one tap away in the App. You can either select the big Playstation Plus promo or select the + symbol next to Playstation Store at the top. I used to scroll right and hit Subscriptions, but the essential games are no longer in that link. You have to hit the Playstation Plus promo.

      • +1

        That's great for app users.

  • Wonder what rubbish shovelware Microsoft will give us this month. At least PS Plus is still decent, for now…

    • +2

      Eh I'd trade these monthly games for day 1 first party titles in game pass over some old games that you can buy cheap like Gold and PS+ games.

      • -3

        Doesn't change Xbox Live "Gold" free games are pretty sad nowadays.

        Forza Horizon 5 isn't really "free" for me. I wanted the quality of life improvement so I bought the premium pack. Best to buy that early to get the benefits early (to save a fair amount of time). The early glitches required me to replay certain portions of the games and I was lucky what I lost was the house that's included in the VIP pack. Had I actually spent my in game credits and purchased a house (then losing it due to the glitches earlier on), I wouldn't be happy.

        FH3 never entered GamePass, FH4 will eventually leave GamePass. I am a fan of FH series so I still have to fork out money to buy them. It doesn't feel good that Microsoft milk me for every FH game and ultimate add-on.

        FH5 hot wheels expansion pack coming up. I paid so I will get to play it. If you don't paid, will you get to play it when that's released? Doesn't really feel "Ultimate" does it?

      • -1

        Yeah those 'quality' day 1 games.

        All shit except for Forza.

    • You're not a fan of the critically acclaimed Joe Danger 2: Buy The Movie?


  • +2

    Still waiting for Uncharted lost legacy to pop.

  • +3

    Man of Medan is a great coop story!

  • +1

    Nice, can sell the physical copy now.

  • +4

    Man of Medan been on my list for a while. I've been waiting for the Dark Pictures triple-set to get cheap enough. I guess this will tide me over for now!

    • This one pretty much shows you what they're all like.

      3-4 hour co-op short rides that aren't bad, but on the same note, aren't really worth a full price game.

      Has to be played co-op though or it would lose its neatness.

      • I enjoyed Until Dawn… I assume these are along the same lines as that?

        • +2

          It's no where near as high production as Until Dawn.

          But yeah, pretty much a mini tale version of Until Dawn that's co-op.

          • @Ruddaga: i assume they chose this title as it’s part of a trilogy while also a subtle way to promote The Quarry

            • +1

              @b0rnwithabeard: It's part of an anthology. The games aren't actually connected in any way other than the narrator (who is probably the best thing about the games).

              • @Ruddaga: i mean as in they’re all made by the same developer, Supermassive Games

  • +1

    Sweet, I've wanted to play Crash and Medan for ages. Thanks Sony

  • -2

    Man of Medan was absolutely awful. One of the corniest and worst intro's into a game I've ever played. I've heard the others in the series are better but this was terrible.

    Is CB4 and Arcadegeddon PS5 only this month?

    • It’s comments like yours that make me wonder if I even played the same game, I thought it was fantastic and dripping with atmosphere and foreboding.

  • Waiting for next PS Plus discount

  • It is beyond ridiculous that Sony have made it so hard for Plus users to get the games they have paid for. I will not be extending my plus subscription anytime soon!

  • Why is it only downloading the man of Medan trial???? It’s so annoying it won’t let me play base game

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