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Win 1 of 50 $500 Coles Gift Cards Every Weeknight for 2 Weeks by Watching 7NEWS at 6:00PM from Seven Network [Codewords]



Closing Date 08/07/2022
Multi-draw Yes


Description 500 x $500 Coles Groceries Digital Gift Card (In-store Use Only)
No. of Prizes 500
Total Prize Pool $250,000.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

To enter, be watching 7NEWS at 6.00pm from 27/06 to get the codeword, and scan the QR code to fill in your details or enter here:

There will be Five Hundred (500) Major Prize Winners in total. Fifty (50) Major Prize Winners will be
drawn per registration period, Ten (10) Major Prize Winners per state group (NSW/ACT, SA, QLD, VIC
and WA).

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  • +2

    Thanks for sharing!

    Can you win multiple times? Or if you win once you can't win anymore?

    • +2

      Per the terms and conditions:

      Entrants may enter the Competition as many times as they like, however each winner is eligible to win one (1) Major Prize for the entire Competition Period (excluding any SA entrants who are eligible to win more than once).

  • +33

    Code word Monday 27th is Bakery

    • +7

      Thanks for the codeword MummaBaker89! Good luck!

  • +21

    Code word for Tuesday 28th is Breakfast

  • +13

    Codeword for Tuesday June 28:


  • +3

    Wow they forgot to put tonight's codeword on screen in country Vic, so thank you.

    • +4

      You're very welcome i hope you win!!

      • +3

        Fingers crossed, you too.

    • Im metro Vic. Didn't see it either. Rewound just in case. Nope

  • +1

    Thanks to mclarge and MummaBaker89

  • +26

    I was the winner of the gift card. Thank you op and everyone for the codes.

    • +1


    • +1

      Wow congrats! 👌 Did you get an email from 7news?

    • +1

      Congratulations! Did you win Monday or Tuesday? Did you get a call/email? When do you get your gift card?

      • +4

        I am not sure. Just says my name will be announce in tonight's news. I got an email asking me to confirm my details. They have not send the gift card.

        Edit: got the GC too. Thank you everyone.

        • +1


        • +2

          Congrats! Hope we all can share your luck XD

    • +1


  • +25

    Code word for Wednesday 29th is Dairy

  • +14

    Wednesday June 29 codeword:


  • +23

    Code word for Thursday 30th is Kitchen

  • +17

    Thursday June 30 codeword:


  • +3

    ^ Legends. Thank you.

  • +10

    Friday July 1 codeword:


    • +5

      Cheers, i had a sick baby to worry about so i missed it tonight!

  • +17

    Tonights codeword is RECIPE just saw it on TV.

    Entry form - https://m.shortstack.page/dJplGT?embed=1&v_offset=0&autoscro...

  • Confused. Am I required to watch the news on Sat and Sun or is it just weeknights for the codeword?

    • +5

      "7NEWS and Coles are helping reduce the cost of living by giving you a chance to win $500 Coles gift cards every weeknight for two weeks."

      • +1

        Thanks for that! Caring for a sick relative so I didn't want to miss it tonight just in case!

  • +1

    Anyone get the code word I rewatched the news and still didn't see it.

    • +1

      "7NEWS and Coles are helping reduce the cost of living by giving you a chance to win $500 Coles gift cards every weeknight for two weeks."

  • +3

    Buggar! Watched the wrong news by mistake - 9News!
    Anyone got the code word for the 4th please?

  • +9

    Monday July 4 codeword:


  • +29

    Codeword for Monday July 4th is Value

  • +13

    Tuesday July 5 codeword:


  • +22

    Codeword for Tuesday 5/7 is DESSERT. Good luck everyone

  • +15

    Wednesday July 6 codeword:


    • +2

      Thank you.

  • Will they send you an email if you are a winner or will you have to watch the next days news?

    • The Major Prize Winners will be selected at random by Ansible Pty Ltd and contacted directly by a
      member of the Ansible Pty Ltd team via email and phone call within two (2) business days of the
      relevant draw. The Major Prize Winners’ names and suburbs will be published on the 7NEWS website
      within five (5) business days of the relevant prize draw and during the 7NEWS broadcast on the date
      stipulated in clause 3.4.

      • And if you read earlier comments the OzB winners have said they were contacted by email from Ansible:)

  • When’s the latest you can put your entry in?
    I’ve been submitting before midnight each night but not sure if my entry has been counted?

    • +1

      I've been doing it at all sorts of times as well, but just had a quick look at the T&Cs and seems like it has to be entered by 11.59 AEST the same night….

  • +19

    Thursday July 7 codeword:


    • +2

      thank you and good luck to all

  • +1

    Shame I’ve recently started working for a Coles related business. Every Coles related competition, 100% very much ineligible for 😑

    • +5

      Not to worry @InTheThickOfIt, you can help others around you. The help you do today, will surely comeback some other day in some form.

      • Those are some beautifully wise words 🤍

  • +19

    Friday July 8 codeword (last one):


    • +5

      Thanks for your kind sharing over the last two weeks.

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