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Earn 20x Everyday Rewards Points on Google Play, TCN Him, TCN Her, Good Food or TCN Cinema Gift Card @ Woolworths


Earn 20x Everyday Rewards Points on Google Play, TCN Him, TCN Her, Good Food or TCN Cinema Gift Card

Offer available from 29/6/22 to 5/7/22 on all denominations of gift cards listed, in Woolworths Supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo only, while stocks last. Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths and Woolworths MetroGo. Standard points will not be earned on the amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer. Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from the date of purchase. Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions. Limit of 10 cards per transaction and one transaction per day per Rewards Member.

Gift Card Participating Retailers
TCN Him Academy Brand, adidas, Aquila, ASOS, BooHooMAN, Booktopia, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Champion, Cotton On, Culture Kings, Diesel, Drummond Golf, Edge Clothing, Factorie, Foot Locker, Glue Store, H&M, Hallenstein Brothers, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, Jay Jays, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Just Jeans, Neverland, Nike, Pivot, Platypus, Scotch & Soda, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Universal Store, Van Heusen, Xbox
TCN Her adidas, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Aveda, BooHoo, Booktopia, Calvin Klein, Champion, Cotton On, Culture Kings, Dotti, Estee Lauder, Forever New, Glassons, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, Jacqui E, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Just Jeans, Kookai, MAC, Nike, Oz Hair & Beauty, Peter Alexander, Platypus, Portmans, Princess Polly, Rubi, Scotch & Soda, Seafolly, SHEIN, Showpo., Sportsgirl, Stylerunner, Supré, SurfStitch, Temple & Webster, The Oodie, Tiger Mist, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Bianco, Universal Store, VRG GRL, White Fox Boutique
The Good Food Gift Card Use this gift card at participating restaurants around Australia.
The Cinema Card Use this gift card at cinemas that accept eftpos around Australia. (Gift card subject to individual merchant acceptance.)

Any questions, check out the FAQs - Credits to WookieMonster

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  • Does this translate to 10% savings?

    • Yes Sir, you are correct

    • +7

      Less, since you are paying $100 for a theoretical $110. So even at most, this is only 9.1% savings. But then you need to factor in that you can get ww gift cards at up to 5%.

      • -2

        I don’t follow your comment. How is it only 9.1% or less?

        Let’s say I buy $1000 worth of gift cards. I get 20,000 points.
        2,000 points = $10
        20,000/2,000= 10. $10 x 10 = $100

        $100/$1000= 10% discount

        • +10

          If you spend $90 to get $100 worth of gift cards, then that is 10% off.

          Here, you need to spend $100 to get $100 worth of gift cards + $10 bonus, so you spent a total of $100 to get $110 in value = 9.1% off.

          • @ATangk: Is that because you’re counting the discount as points and not money itself?

          • +1

            @ATangk: In other word, you get 10% extra / back?

            • +4

              @huntabargain: You get 10% back, but that is not the same as a 10% discount. As I’ve said before:

              10% discount = $90 spend / $100 value = 10% off.

              10% bonus = $100 spend / $110 value = 9.1% off.

              Factor in ww gift cards from multiple sources and you’re only getting roughly 5% off.

              • @ATangk: The difference is the 'extra' $10 value is spendable as $10 actual dollars.

                If you were paying $100 for a gift card, the teller rang it up, and then afterwards said 'Oh, we've got a promotion going where you get $10 back' and handed you $10 back from the till, would you still use the same maths?

                If the promotion was pay $100 and get a $110 gift card then I'd agree with you, but as you're given $10 back I'm inclined to side with @huntabargain.

                • +1

                  @eroticdiagram: If I got $10 back, then that’s a 10% cashback which is equivalent to a 10% discount.

                  But you’re not given $10 back, you’re stipulated to spend that money at WW. Hence it’s $100 spend for $110 credit.

                  • @ATangk: Fair distinction.

                    I think because I know I'm going to spend more than $10 at Woolworths in the future my instinct was to just define it as $10 coming back to me.

                    • @eroticdiagram: It doesn’t change how my maths works, equating it to 9.1% off. Less if you regularly use woolworths e-gift cards.

                • +2

                  @eroticdiagram: but it's not $10 back, it's $10 woolworths money. you can't pay your rent with that $10.

                  • -3

                    @ObnoxiousaAndRude: I buy milk, bread, eggs and groceries from Woolies all the time, so it is $10

                    • @huntabargain: so it's the same as if they'd handed you milk, bread or eggs.

                      you get $110 of milk, bread or eggs for $100.

                      not $100 of milk, bread or eggs for $90.

                      • -2

                        @ObnoxiousaAndRude: Don't agree, as you don't pay $100 to get gift card worth $110.
                        You pay $100 to get $100 gift card and they give you instantons $10 credit to use to buy any groceries items form WW.

                        • @huntabargain: the next day, your bank balance has been reduced by $100. you've spent $100. you have $110 of stuff.

                        • @huntabargain: can't argue the case, then negg me!

                          • +1


                            @huntabargain: can't argue the case, then negg me!

                            I appreciate how you replied to yourself with that comment.

                            Tell me, if you got 10% off your gift card. Would you have spent $90 in total?

                            Now, you go buy this deal, you've spent $100 in total.

                            No 'groceries blah blah blah'.

                            • -1

                              @ATangk: All good mate, I know / understand where your math coming from, but in my case since I buy regular from WW then I would have save myself $10 on my next shopping for every $100 gift card.
                              On another note, I was considering item from BBQ Galore and this gift cards does not include this store, so not good to buy anyway, will wait for another deal.

              • -3

                @ATangk: If you spend $100 you get $100 gift card and instant $10 credit from WW.
                This $10 will be used to buy groceries next time you shop at Woolies. ie you saved $10 from your next purchase of everyday items groceries. So in effect it costed you $90 to buy $100 gift card. You don't get $110 gift card value. So according to your statement should be classified as 10% discount = $90 spend / $100 value = 10% off. ?

                • +3

                  @huntabargain: let's say you get $10 credit for a $10 spend. that's $20 worth of goods for a $10 spend, so 50% off. not infinity % off.

                • +1

                  @huntabargain: You can lie to yourself however you want. At the end of the day, your maths is still wrong.

                • +1

                  @huntabargain: Its 1000% discount for me, since I was going to spend at JB hifi anyway. Therefore I'm essentially getting free $10 woolworths dollars with no spending.

                  (If you count the $10 groceries as not spending cause you were going to spend $10 either way, then I can count the $100 Jb as not spending as well.)

        • +3

          discount means you pay less, $900 for $1000 worth of gc equals to 10% savings
          bonus means you get more value, hence his math is correct, you pay $1000 which is 91% of $1100, the saving is now only 9%

        • +1

          It's math.

          • +2

            @John Kimble: keeps snacking on the popcorn

            These endless discussions that occur evert time there's a Woolworths point offer on giftcards is entertaining.

            I'm on the mathematically superior side of the fence - 9.1% discount

            • @momptdeals: Haha, yes, every single time.

              It can be even more complicated if you convert 2000 Everyday Rewards into 1000 Qantas Points (one of the most conventional OZBargain currencies I believe).

              Then, the equation will go like this,

              • Spend: $100 money
              • Get: a $100 Gift Card
              • Bonus: 1000 Qantas Points, which is $18 worth according to PointHacks
              • Discount rate: either 18% ($82 for $100) or 15% ($100 for $118)


              • +1

                @BoBo-the Angsty PhD:

                Bonus: 1000 Qantas Points, which is $18 worth according to PointHacks

                That valuation is overinflated, it assumes you'd be willing to pay RRP for the ticket

                Biggest red flag is, Qantas is valued at the same rate as Singapore Airlines

      • -4

        You have outsmarted yourself, you haven't factored in that you get earn bonus points on what you spend with everyday rewards dollars, so it IS 10% in the end. $1000 > $100 > $10 = $110 bonus from $1000.

        • speaking of outsmarting normal spend at woolworths doesn’t get you 20x points

  • +1

    Are they doing this to prevent us from going to Officeworks to ask for price beat?

    • Well the price of card is same, it's just you get bonus points to spend later on. Not sure if Officeworks will entertain that

      • +4

        That's his point

  • Can you buy gift cards through self checkout? Or pay for them with gift cards?

    • no

    • +1

      Can you buy gift cards through self checkout?

      Yes. It may require the attendant to come over though.

    • +6

      Can you buy gift cards through self checkout?

      Yes, as long as:

      • You’re not trying to purchase $1,000 or more in gift cards in one transaction. (Once you reach $1,000 in one transaction, the self checkout attendant probably doesn’t have sufficient privileges to approve the transaction, so they’ll need to get a supervisor or even duty/store manager to approve the transaction. However, I’ve found in my experience that one staff member at my local store doesn’t even have sufficient privileges to approve a $500 gift card purchase!)

      • Staff actually let you do this. Some staff will enforce a lower gift card purchase limit for whatever reason (e.g. scams, fraud, worried about someone buying up the entire store’s stock), so who knows what your local store is like!

      Or pay for them with gift cards?

      It depends on what you mean by gift cards.

      • If you’re referring to gift cards issued by Woolworths Group (e.g. Woolworths Supermarkets gift card, WISH gift card), no. You’ll get an Item Not Allowed error on the EFTPOS terminal as soon as you attempt payment, and the checkout attendant will need to clear the error you’ve triggered (and probably give you a bonus lecture on how you cannot use gift cards to pay for gift cards!).

      • If you’re referring prepaid gift cards (e.g. The Perfect EFTPOS gift cards, Coles Mastercard gift cards, Vanilla Visa gift cards), most likely. The checkout should let you do this (as long as you say or select Card or Card (Split Payment) on the checkout screen), but you may run into the odd staff member or two who will intervene if they notice what you’re doing and tell you that you cannot use prepaid gift cards to purchase gift cards at Woolworths.

      • +1

        That cleared up everything. Thanks

      • +4

        To add my experience. Woolworths staff came up to me to tell me not to buy gift cards at the self checkout. It was mostly because, as they put it, if one card doesn’t activate, it makes it very difficult to find out which card it is. (Not that I’m buying that).

        Coles has no issue with >$1000 as experienced with the coles Mastercards, but have a warning once you try add more than 3 gift cards at checkout. Woolworths didn’t have this warning with 10 cards.

        • +1

          as they put it, if one card doesn’t activate, it makes it very difficult to find out which card it is. (Not that I’m buying that).

          I’m not sure if I buy that explanation either.

          To be fair, I’ve never had a gift card fail to activate when I’ve purchased two or more gift cards in that transaction, so I’m not sure what is printed out by the checkout when activation fails.

          Coles has no issue with >$1000 as experienced with the coles Mastercards, but have a warning once you try add more than 3 gift cards at checkout. Woolworths didn’t have this warning with 10 cards.

          The only “issue” is if you attempt to purchase $1,000 or more in gift cards in one transaction at Coles, a supervisor or store manager will need to come over and authorise the transaction. The only time I tried to spend $1,000 on gift cards in one transaction, I was left waiting for three minutes at the (standard) checkout, because the supervisor on duty was dealing with another customer. Not a fun time for me, the checkout operator or the three people in line behind me lol

          I’m glad Coles seems to take gift card warnings much more seriously than Woolworths or other supermarkets… although my experience in the recent Coles Mastercard gift card deal is that the vast majority of staff still don’t bother asking “are you aware of gift card scams?” or “Are these gift cards for you?” or “What are spending these gift cards on?”, especially when I try to spend ~$900 in one transaction on gift cards.

          • +3


            I’m not sure if I buy that explanation either

            It's actually very easy to find out the incorrect card.

            In the past, woolies self serve machines would freeze up for 5 mins before timing out and printing out a second slip saying "please reimburse customer" and also stating card XYZ failed to activate. (Just check the barcode numbers)

            You'd then go to the service counter where the staff will attempt to refund and buy the card in the same transaction, effectively forcing it to attempt to activate another time.

            What I did experience though, was one glitchy self serve machine that said gift cards activated, however were not (eBay gift cards).

            How I confirmed this was with the help of eBay customer service, that they claimed the eBay gift cards in question have never been loaded, yet I had the activation slips.

            After contacting Woolies via Facebook, a resolution was reached and I was issued new eBay gift cards

            This was a few years ago though, things may have changed.


            Manned checkouts glitch less and if you have any issues - the blame is not on you (compared to self checkout)

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: Last year coles had those printed ‘scam alert’ slips they gave everyone who bought a gift card. This year I was asked maybe 50% of the time, definitely less than in the past.

            • @ATangk: Yes me too. They used to be extremely zealous about this and now much less. Something has changed.

  • -1

    How long to receive gift card once purchased?

    • Instantly

      • Nice. I’m assuming it’s no issue using TCN gift cards on JBs website?

        • -1

          Why do you need to assume, when you can read?

          • @John Kimble: Sorry should’ve clarified I meant their price match system. Couldn’t find any info on that

        • +2

          Did you read the FAQ?

          If so, you would have seen that you cannot directly redeem any physical TCN gift cards online at any participating retailer, because they’re EFTPOS gift cards (and EFTPOS cannot be used for online transactions).

          The workaround is to exchange your TCN gift card for a digital merchant-specific gift card (e.g. JB Hi-Fi digital gift card) through the TCN website. JB Hi-Fi is currently listed as being on the exchange, but they have previously disappeared from the exchange facility for about a month late last year, which meant that JB Hi-Fi only accepted those gift cards in their stores. I don’t think it will happen again anytime soon, but it is something to be mindful of.

          If you want to know how to exchange a TCN gift card for a JB Hi-Fi gift card, that’s covered in the FAQ too.

          EDIT: In terms of price matching:

          • In-store: you can price match and still use TCN (or Ultimate or JB Hi-Fi) gift cards as a payment method.

          • Online: you’ll be sent a special link via text with the price of the item adjusted for you. You can redeem as many JB Hi-Fi gift cards as you want in this special checkout.

          • @WookieMonster: Can TCN cards be added to Apple Pay like the ultimate gift cards?

            • @zzzman: Physical TCN gift cards cannot be directly to Apple/Google/Samsung Pay.

              You cannot exchange the physical versions of the TCN gift cards with a specific list of participating retailers (e.g. HER, HIM, HOME) for the digital version of the TCN gift card.

              You can exchange the physical version of the category-restricted TCN gift cards (e.g. Cinema, Restaurant) for the digital version via TCN. (You can read more about it here.)

              • +1

                @WookieMonster: Cheers for the reply.

                I can convert a TCN HIM card to a Jb gift voucher online.

                Does JB accept their own gift vouchers to buy Apple gift cards?

                • +2

                  @zzzman: tl;dr it ultimately boils down to whether staff actually let you do this.

                  Clause 13 of the JB Hi-Fi gift card terms and conditions is:

                  Gift Cards are not redeemable for other Gift Cards.

                  Clause 1 of the same gift card terms and conditions states:

                  JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards (Gift Cards)

                  Therefore, I believe the correct interpretation of these two clauses are:

                  • You cannot use JB Hi-Fi gift cards to purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards. The reason someone may want to do this would be to convert 10x $50 JB Hi-Fi gift cards into 1x $500 JB Hi-Fi gift card.

                  • You can use JB Hi-Fi gift cards to purchase other gift cards sold at JB Hi-Fi (e.g. Apple gift cards, Nintendo eShop gift cards, Steam gift cards).

                  I also think there is nothing in JB Hi-Fi’s checkout system to stop you from using JB Hi-Fi gift cards to pay for non-JB Hi-Fi gift cards (e.g. Apple gift cards, Steam gift cards, Stan gift cards). However, I believe JB Hi-Fi has actually blocked staff from being able to use JB Hi-Fi gift cards to pay for a JB Hi-Fi gift card.

                  Having said all of that, the issue is that some staff will misinterpret clause 13 and think it’s saying:

                  Gift Cards are not redeemable for other gift cards.

                  You commonly hear the mantra “you cannot use gift cards to pay for gift cards”, so you may run into a staff member who will insist you absolutely cannot use JB Hi-Fi gift cards to pay for any kind of gift cards. If staff try to stop you from doing that, it may contravene JB Hi-Fi gift card terms and conditions (and JB Hi-Fi has a history of contravening their own gift card terms and conditions…).

                  Considering you can only purchase Apple gift cards at a physical JB Hi-Fi store, I would simply prefer to use a TCN or Ultimate gift card to pay for an Apple gift card, because I don’t want to run the risk of having a misinformed JB Hi-Fi staff member insist I cannot use a JB Hi-Fi gift card to pay for an Apple gift card (and then be saddled with a JB Hi-Fi gift card I will not have any intention of using anytime soon.

                  • I swiped a physical Ultimate gift card at JB Hi-Fi a few weeks ago when purchasing an Apple gift card, and the staff member didn’t even batter an eye-lid when I swiped on the EFTPOS terminal instead of inserting or tapping.

                  • Having said that, I did have a JB Hi-Fi staff member last year ask me to show the card I was going to use before I used it to purchase a $100 Apple gift card…

                  • +1

                    @WookieMonster: Thanks for the detailed reply mate appreciate it.

                    I think the risk is a bit high (and too many steps involved) to buy TCN cards, convert to JB gift cards, then attempt to buy Apple gift cards for it.

  • can I exchange for eBay gift cards?

    • +1


      eBay is (currently) only featured on the following TCN gift cards:

      • GIFT
      • ONLINE (except for the ONLINE card sold through the AGL gift card portal).
  • Is there a way to somehow convert this to TGG gift cards? Like how people buy apple gift cards from JB store with TCN cards.

    • I have not seen TGG gift cards sold at any of the participating retailers listed in the table in OP’s description (not even JB Hi-Fi).

      Other than that, I don’t know how you could convert a TCN HIM or HER gift card into something you can redeem at TGG… unless you do the old trick of purchasing something from JB Hi-Fi, return it and then hope the checkout person does not ask to see the last four digits of the card you used to complete the purchase. In my books, that’s far too much hassle!

    • +1

      Should have gotten the ultimate home gift cards from 2 weeks ago.

  • What is the maximum denomination of TCN HIM gift cards? $200? Are there variable ones $20-$500 so I can buy a few $500?

    • +1

      At Woolworths, the maximum denomination sold for both TCN HIM and TCN HER gift cards is $100.

      There's no variable value TCN gift cards sold at Woolworths (or anywhere else, AFAIK).

  • Just a quick question, can the cinema gift card be used if I buy the ticket online for Village Cinema or Hoyts?

    • +1

      Generally these cards are EFTPOS cards which need to be swiped at a card terminal (and thus has no ability to check out online). Check the FAQ by wookie incase there is a way to convert these to online cards.

    • Maybe?

      You cannot directly use the Cinema gift card in this deal on any websites, as it is an EFTPOS card (which means it can only be used for in-person transactions where you physically swipe the card on an EFTPOS terminal).

      However, category-restricted physical TCN gift cards (including the Cinema card) can be exchanged for the digital version (which operate on the Mastercard network and can be stored on Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay). You can exchange it by going to the TCN webpage for the Cinema card and scroll down to the Book Online section and then follow the instructions. Having said that, I think you'll only be able to use it online at cinemas that actually accept Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay on their websites; I'm not sure whether TCN gives you the card number, expiry date and CVC2 to allow you to use the gift card online outside of a mobile wallet…

      • +3

        TCN does give card number, expiry date and CVC2 on the app. It's a crap app though as you can't delete used cards and so end up with tens of used cards.

    • I am looking for a discounted TCN The Pamper Card.

  • Something something tax time something ATO debts

  • Does anyone know where to get discounted Joyce Mayne gift cards?

  • I bought $500 worth of cards and i only got 5000 points instead of 10000 points? Anyone get this ?

    • Maybe a Metro store?

  • +1

    No not a metro store. It’s a normal store. It is advertised at their store as 20 x points. I did ask them why it’s 5000 points instead of 10000 points they said not sure ,

    • +1

      Follow up. Maybe email with copy of the sign/catalogue and your receipt.

      • +1

        I rang them and they said definitely will get the points, apparently there is a glitch and some people are getting 10 x points instead of 20 x points. They said wait until 13 July and if the other 5000 points are not given give them a call but they are very aware of this happening to some people.

  • Bought two TCN Her cards and used them to buy Apple GCs at JB Hi-Fi without any problems. Strangely though I haven’t received any points yet despite verifying that my Everyday Rewards card was accepted. Never had this happen before with the many many times I’ve done this so I’ll have to submit a claim if they don’t come through in the next couple of days.

    • +2

      Does the paper purchase receipt (not the activation receipt) show your partially-redacted Everyday Rewards card number?

      Does the transaction (and/or e-receipt) appear in your transaction history?

      The reason I ask these questions is that there appears to be a rare bug where the checkout will not associate your Everyday Rewards card with the transaction, even if you scan the Everyday Rewards card before finalising payment for the transaction. This happened to a relative of mine earlier this year when I went shopping with them at BIG W. Everyday Rewards basically blamed my relative for not scanning their Everyday Rewards card, even though I was there for the transaction and saw (and heard) the checkout say "your Everyday Rewards card has been added".

      • +1

        Nothing in my transaction history and nothing on the receipt. It’s curious though because it clearly accepted my card. I guess I’ll be submitting a claim for the points now.

  • Is there maximum number of cards I can use in JB Hi-fi in-store?

  • Anyone know a contact customer service email for woolworths rewards ? Takes so long on the phone when I call them. The wait times is ridiculous .

    • New tip: do not shop for it on the 1st day (if the sale is not extremely great).

      My bonus pts were correctedly loaded.

    • +1
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