Samsung vs LG 10kg+ Washing Machine?

Hi all, I have narrowed it down to these two brands for a new 10kg+ washing machine. Just wondering which one would you recommend? Love to hear from some industry insiders.

Would appreciate a head up on any deal available now too in WA. Thanks!


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    LG IMO

    10kg $888
    12kg $1297

    • Negotiated this same 12kg machine from Good Guys for $1099 recently. So far seems good, quiet. Beware the max capacity is limited to few wash cycles, in reality it is a 6kg machine, I’m not sure if lower weight rated machines lose capacity on many cycles. For us the larger drum size was desired

      • Hi mate, any chance you could share the receipt with me? In WA? Thanks!

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    NOT Samsung

    How you included this brand in your "narrowing down" is beyond me…..

    Bosch (the German built ones) or LG

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    Have a Samsung front loader. About 6months old and after each wash now there’s a few drops of water under the door. Pretty dodgy.

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    No way would I get Samsung products again. LG over Samsung any day.

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    Add to the above. Avoid Samsung appliances like the plague.

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    +1 for avoiding Samsung. Easily the worst after-sales service I have ever encountered and am still awaiting refund on two items I returned last year (yes, 2021).

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    10+ kg is a misnomer, it only applicable to light soiled cotton and it will be really hard to stuff 10kg of cotton into a machine. I have 8kg AEG and can barely fit one set of bedsheets there, which is like less than 2 kilos. I can't even imagine what I need to do to fit even one more set, let alone 3. All other programs in these machines are still, on some unknown reason, limited to 4-5kg, same as in 6kg machines.

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    Completely anecdotal.. but we had a Samsung washing machine die after 3 years which we then replaced with a Bosch. The Bosch is still going strong after 7 years.

    Haven't really heard great things from family/friends with Samsung home appliances. Their phones are great but their appliances can be a bit hit/miss.

  • Imagine choosing a Samsung.

    If you've narrowed it down to those two choices OP (i.e. no Bosch, somehow) then go for the LG.

  • FYI, i do like Bosch, but I'd want German made series 8,and they cost a lot more than LG and Samsung. Anyone could find me a good deal on Bosch series 8, I'll jump on it.

      • That's the thing though. They don't make anything 10kg+. Guess the question is does the extra 1kg made any real difference?

        • That's the $600 question.

          Personally, get the best brand you can, within your budget, with the largest capacity.

          If my budget was about 1k, I'd get the one I linked.

        • What you just did is overlooked manufacturer that is relatively honest about their product in favor of manufacturer whose marketing department is outright lying to you. Check the manual and see for yourself what those 10+ kg from LG are in reality.

  • Also, Samsung does up to 12kg, which no one else does? or is there any significant size differences between 10 and 12kg?

    • Despite all the comments about not buying a Samsung, here you go again.

      If you want a Samsung, buy one, we'll wait for your next thread in a years time, about your experience….

      • Ok, you talked me out.

  • I really like my Beko 10KG front loader and would recommend it. I've had it for 5 years and never had any issues. I read reviews of the unit dying quickly but there are parts you need to remove before use which I believe people who don't read the instructions don't remove.

  • I ended up choosing LG 14kg. Managed to talk the price down sub $1300 which I thought is a good deal.

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