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So I'm posting these as I've been trying to find a decent price on headphones that support Snapdragon Sound. I'm sick of the 8khz sample rate used in the microphone of almost all Bluetooth headphones. These are based on the latest Qualcomm TWS chipset so I'm looking forward to seeing how well they perform.

Happy to hear comments about better-value headsets with the latest generation chipsets in them.

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  • I spent hundreds on cheap buds not wanting to spend big on a single pair. I spent far too much searching for good ones. I ended up just getting AirPods. They have been reliably the best for meetings and calls. I wish I bought them first to be honest. Hopefully you will like these and they will suit you but it’s a gamble.

  • Snapdragon Sound? Wow pretty good for the price but I think it requires SD888 and above

    I know Edifier Neobuds S are snapdragon sound certified and the Xiaomi high ends are but wasn't aware this one was

    • Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on the Aptx site. I looked at the Edifiers bit was turned off by the price. Obviously, a matching phone is a must so that's my next stop. Bye bye Samsung.

      • Very true. I already have Edifier Neobuds Pro with LDAC LHDC etc and a Poco F3 so don't really need another HiRes Audio but yeah hey doesn't hurt haha

  • Same too, after purchasing heaps of mid priced $30-120ish TW earbuds and the sound quality on all of them ending up being terrible, I don't even think the drivers in these buds are even good enough quality to highlight the differences between an a random track on spotify vs a lossless track. Like above only SD888 can output to highest bitrate and khz of snapdragon sound which is an adaptive codec.

    If you're looking for earbuds that have better mic quality, you should also try looking into the aptx adaptive range since all snapdragon sound really is when you get to the bottom of it is a plugin for aptx adaptive. Even though it's pricier, I'm using an ATH-CKS50TW with my phone and pc with a dongle and sound and mic quality are really good, even use it to play PC VR games through airlink on quest with with no lag or delay in sound vs what's happening on screen.

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