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US$3 off US$30, US$6 off US$50, US$9 off US$80, US$14 off US$140, US$24 off US$200 Spend on Selected Items @ AliExpress


Here are the latest AliExpress coupons for the month of June on selected items only. Unfortunately this time they're not quite as good as last time. There's a Tech Day Sale commencing at 5pm AEST today that'll have a lot of tech related products on sale with these codes working on some of them.

The only way of seeing if a product is eligible is by trying to apply the coupon at checkout. If it works you know the product is a "Selected Item" and if it fails then you know it's not.

Currency in USD. Coupons are 1 per order, minimum spend excludes GST and shipping.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$3 $30 6JUNE3
$6 $50 6JUNE6
$9 $80 6JUNE9
$14 $140 6JUNE14
$24 $200 6JUNE24

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

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    You don't mind sharing how you find the codes each month?

    • +3

      I get them from AliExpress 😉

  • +2

    Let me guess next month codes.😉

    Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
    $3 $30 7JULY3
    $6 $50 7JULY6
    $9 $80 7JULY9
    $14 $140 7JULY14
    $24 $200 7JULY24

    • Or they could be 7JULY4 and so on…

  • +5

    I can't get code to work on any product

    • I successfully applied it on a few things. Definitely seems more restricted this time around.

      Next proper sitewide coupon codes should be in August.

  • +3

    There should be better codes in a couple of weeks when the Summer Sale begins

    • +1

      Yeah but with delivery times you buy your Summer stuff in the Winter and the Winter stuff in the Summer.

      • lol true

  • what are some products you have purchased more than once from Aliexpress?

  • Anything for Lenovo P11 pro? Thx in advance

  • +1

    I didn't have much luck with these coupons… total order value of USD$200 amongst 15 items and not even the $3 off $30 coupon could be applied.

    • +1

      Yesterday I put together a USD$80 cart, but none of the coupons ($30, 50 or 80) worked. I've put the purchases on hold, for now. Dunno whether all coupons were used, not allowed for my items, duds or whatever. I'd like a bit more transparency on these

  • "To safeguard the security of your account we're currently unable to process this request." when trying to enter a coupon :^(

    • I have tried a second account, clearing cookies and using the IOS app. No bueno

      • I was getting that all day yesterday, but I've just made a successful purchase today (Tuesday) using 6JUNE3 (same item and code as generated the error yesterday)

        • +1

          Same, the problem fixed itself this morning.

          Bought some IEMs discounted -20%. Stacked a $2.57 store coupon, $8.69 from code 6JUNE6, and used cashrewards for 5% cashback. I have never felt more alive!!

          • @LASTAQUVO155: IEMs? In Ear Monitor?

            • @BigBirdy: Yep, specifically the TINHIFI T3 Plus. My research tells me it is a safe, excellent option for a ~$100 budget. I have used another model from TINHIFI (the T2. ~$60AUD), which had superb sound and excellent build quality.

              I paid $84.92 with discounts - $4.04 cashback = $80.88 total.
              MSRP is $115AUD. If only I could show my younger self my current ozbargain-ing skills, I would be so proud of the man i have become :`)

  • +1

    How do I use the coupons? I'm trying to purchase this and the thumbnail seems to suggest the 6JUNE24 would work, but when I try to apply it, it says "We don't recognize this promo code. Have another try."

    • +1

      Means AliExpress didn't include the item so the seller probably doesn't even realise it's not sitewide.

  • Just tried all of them for the x4 gt, none working atm sadly.
    Also the CCPOCO coupons were gone within 1 minute as well.

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