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[Android] Neutron Music Player $6.49 (Was $11.99) @ Google Play


One of the best audiophile players for android.
It's also great for power users for all of it's great features.

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  • Free Eval version available to try - time limited.

    • Yes you should definitely try before you buy

      • After 1hr free version stopped working.

        • That's because you need to buy it

          • @HaydosK: 1hr?? No, there's a fault, as commented in Play.

            In "trial ended" screen - stated should operate for at least 5days, if not - clear cache etc. Didn't help.

            • @Rather be Travelling: Oh sorry I didn't know.
              I didn't have any issues before when I had the trial

              • @HaydosK: Was just warning others, in case they struck that problem.
                Never considered hi-def music from a phone - before your Deal. So thanks.

  • Better than power amp?

    • +1

      Way better. Poweramp hasn't been worth paying for in over 5 years.

      • +3

        At least Poweramp actually looks functional. The UI in the Screenshots here look like they're from 2012.

        • Yeah, I won't lie, I find the UI in neutron frustrating. That's why I use AIMP. You can actually control your playlists properly in that, plus it's free. I only use Neutron for the high quality stuff.

          Poweramp is the bottom of the food chain though - can't pay mods, no high def / DAC passthrough, poor playlist control… And it's not even free lol.

    • -1

      Poweramp is for a different use - just to play music etc on phone. Can't pass through hi-def, which this does

      As I don't have the equipment to handle hi-def music from phone, I'll stick with Poweramp for my more basic needs.
      Many may already have Poweramp or similar. Bought as cheap as 10c in Deals.

      • Thanks for your insight. I too don't have the equipment either.

        • Was wondering what people were using DAC Amps for - frequently advertised in Deals. Now I think I understand. Interesting.

  • I was waiting for USB Audio Player Pro to go on sale wanting its ability to bypass the phone's internal DAC and Neutron does the same, then I think my wait is over.

    • They both bypass the android audio if you use an external DAC or If you have a Good one inside your phone with a headphone jack

  • I have tried a couple of different "audiophile players" on Android TV… Unfortunately, most of them are not suited for TV… The best looking and working on Android TV was USB Audio PRO but even that was not optimised, so was a struggle to use.

    • They have a tv version on there website I think.
      if not you can contact the dev he's fast to respond.

      • They do not. And the user interface looks very vintage and clunky,

  • +1

    Serious question: what use is audiophile software for an android? Are you using digital out to a decent amp?

    • +1

      Yes some people use it with a full hifi setup and some use dongle dac/amps

      • Thanks. Thinking about it, an android touch screen is a great way to navigate your music.

        • Yes you can use it for internet radio and also use a Nas to store your local files.

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