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Call of Duty MW3 PS3/Xbox - $25 in Store @ Harvey Norman, Malaga WA


Ordered Call of Duty MW3 from Gamestation last night for 25 pounds + shipping, but then cancelled it after seeing this in Harvey Norman, Malaga WA. Haven't seen anywhere else for this price for PS3/XBox

I can't see it on their online store and the guy wasn't sure if any other HN had it for this price.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Anyone confirm any stores from other states?

    • Moore Park (NSW) didn't have it available at that price. Checked today.

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    anyone HN in melbourne having the same price?

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    me want! here money. take

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    just grabbed one. thanks OP

  • Not at my local (Richmond VIC). Ran down there as soon as I saw this post as they are only a few doors down. They're still selling it for $57 :(

    GREAT find though!

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    price match between other HNs?

  • I want one. why only WA! Life IS like a box of chocolate

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    Lol ringing other HN stores up I ask em "do you price match with other HN stores" and they go "yeah sure," i tell about em this deal and they make up some lousy excuse about why the cant price match it

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    any one in WA want to make some money and buy it on behalf of other ozbargainers?

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    any receipts or something?

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    I'd presume it's because they have so many in stock and that's why they're doing it at such an awesome price

  • WOW!

  • i just was at Harvey Norman in Osborne Park and didn't see this anywhere.
    maybee its just Malaga

  • Penrith Harvey Norman has them for $75 or whatever in the 50% off bin ($37ish?) because they aren't doing games anymore. Not as gooD as this but still. They also have Skyrim (only a few copies) Lots of MW3 and Assassins Creed (cant remember which one Revelations comes to mind but could be wrong).

  • I just purchased 2 copies from HN in Hobart by showing them this link. Shelf price is $57 but they sold them to me for $25. Thanks for this!!

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      show the us receipt otherwise anyone can talk.

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      Liar, I work there. Nobody has come in and bought MW tonight.

      • Highly doubt that, no offence

  • movin' out the old before brown ops 2 comes out

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    Someone upload a receipt please.

  • Tried this at Harvey Norman Dandenong… No chance of it happening… Showed the guy the page on the iphone and still said no. If one of the local competitors had it then yes, but as it was from Perth no go..

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    What is the price on PS3? Left corner.

    • 2 Dorra!

  • Can someone post a receipt please!

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    Price matched in Harvey Norman O'Connor. Receipt https://www.dropbox.com/s/uc0xmnkeoecbci6/COD.pdf

    • Ms Cooper is going to get vist from me very soon!

      • Yup got my copy in O'Connor as well. Many copies remaining. Took a while tho. Staff rather busy with the sale going on. Thanks!

  • I called today (Saturday morning) and they still have stock.

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    Price matched Big W, Plumpton NSW.

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    This is true. Went to HN malaga bought mw3 for $25 + assassins creed for $20 + free wii metroid prime collection + $1 camera pouch. Worth the drive from west perth :)

    Still heaps of mw3 and play tv from the other post

    BTW HN osborne park has Rage for $10 xbox360 or ps3. Bought one and halo 3 odst is $20.

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      Guess its a store thing. Rage was selling for $35 in malaga vs $10 in osborne park.

      • Someone told me that in store today! Rage PS3 was only $10 at Malaga too, I asked and they said it'll scan at that price.

        So today I got Rage, COD:MW 3, LBP 2, and Killzone 3 for ~$60 all up. What a massive haul, I'm over the moon.

        • Man thats a shame. I saw Rage at Malaga, but it still had a $60 sticker on it. New I should have got it scanned.

  • I picked up 2x Call of Duty MW3 for 22.50 each, 1x Battlefield 3 for 22.50, Xbox 360 today. NSW Harvey Norman store.

    • I picked it up from Bondi store, they had atleast 15 copies of mw3, < 5 bf3.

  • which NSW harvey norman store?

    Anyone check Chatswood yet?

    • definitely not the one in martin place. i know now why people dont like HN and JB.

    • Bondi.

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