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Bluetooth Earphones $10 @ 7-Eleven (App Required)


Not sure about the quality of the headphone (looks earphone to me)

Saw the offer on 7-Eleven app, may be targeted.

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    I checked these out in store.
    Worth noting:

    At the back of the box it says it has 4 hours of play time. That's not a lot for advertised play time, taking into account that batteries also degrade over time.
    Micro-usb charging (not usb-c)
    Normally sells for $20
    Deal is not targeted - you just need to scan the 7-11 barcode to get the discounted price.

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      Thought you said worth nothing.

      • I would encourage avoiding buying anything with micro-USB in 2022

        • whys that

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            @capslock janitor: because of compatibility with chargers - the world will have plenty of USB-C around, why buy something that'll need its own dedicated cable when you'll be morel likely to have access to the superior USB-C?

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    I wouldn't put anything that is not a trusted brand in my ear/close to brain that has batteries.

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    I bought a pair of these when I was tipsy and getting PT home. They're obviously not going to compare to a name brand, but I'm actually quite impressed with them for the price. The sound quality isn't spectacular, but isn't all that bad either. Far, far better than I was expecting for $20 convenience store tech.

    It says 4 hours play time but I get closer to 6-8 hours.

    I use them as my "I don't really care about these" earphones - nights out, beach etc.

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