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The Ultimate Home eGift Card 12% off + Surcharge @ Member Advantage (Membership Required)


I am not sure how long it has been like this for and how long it will last but Home gift cards are 12% off for those with Member Advantage. Note that they do charge 1% CC surcharge.

Retailers include JB HiFi, House, House Bed & Bath, MyHouse, PetCircle.com.au, Pet House, RobinsKitchen, The Good Guys, Amart Furniture, Baccarat, dusk

Member advantage is available through a range of organisations, unions, employers etc

Mod Update 29/07: Based on the screenshot that OP has provided, these appear to be Ultimate Home and not the TCN Home Gift Cards.

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  • Free to access if you are a member of one of the unions or professional organisations listed under the link.
    Lots of discounts available.
    I use them a lot.

    • Where is the list?

      • There isn't really one. They only show a few organisations

  • Wish I can access to them

  • @fatgypo
    I have access to this and can’t find this card at all?
    Can you please share image from the actual portal?

  • The credit card fee is 1.5% for me (and 3% for amex), I really miss the old portal

  • Screw these guys?! What good is this?

    I got a heap of these cards nearly a year ago, I finally waited for a discount on something and I see TGG won't accept more than 2 cards online? So I have like 10x $50 cards I slowly collected and they're worthless to me.

    How do I convert these to "one big" $500 gift card or something? I'm trying to buy an $850 drone and I can't do it.
    Lost 15% cashback on CashRewards, I'm really not happy.

    • +2

      The workaround is to go to a physical TGG store and purchase a TGG gift card using the TCN gift cards. Someone used 20 TCN gift cards late last year to purchase a TGG gift card.

      The assumptions obviously are:

      • TGG staff will let you do this. Officially speaking, TGG does not allow you to use Ultimate or TCN gift cards to purchase TGG gift cards in their stores, but it is up to staff to enforce this restriction (and as illustrated by the comment above, it is not always enforced).

      • You live near a TGG store. TGG doesn’t exactly have a large store network across Australia, so this route may not be viable if you are 100+km from the nearest TGG store.

      • You haven’t converted your TCN gift cards into TGG gift cards already. If you have already converted your TCN gift cards into TGG gift cards, you’ll be completely reliant on a goodwill gesture from TGG head office to bail you out. I don’t think there is any way you can get a physical TGG store to let you consolidate multiple TGG gift cards into one or two, especially since the last dot point of the TGG gift card terms and conditions is:

      A Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another Gift Card or eGift Card.

      Obviously this advice won’t help you for the current 15% CR cashback campaign, but considering there seems to be a boosted CR/SB cashback campaign for TGG every month or so, there probably is a next time…

      • +1

        That's about what I thought, so tanks for your help.

        I'll try charming them at a store. Man it's bent me over.
        I should've kept them TCN and waited for a JB Hifi Deal

        No going back to TCN, I'm sure.

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