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[VIC] Free Ramen for First 25 Customers in Each of 2 Time Slots, 50% off Food Bill @ Hakata Gensuke (Carnegie)


🚨Attention Carnegie folks🚨
Join us for our store opening celebration on 8 - 9 July, where we'll give out a FREE bowl of ramen to the first 25 customers based on the timings below:
🍜 Lunch: 12 PM - 2.30 PM (or until sold out)
🍜 Dinner: 5 PM - 9.30 PM (or until sold out)
That’s not all… We’ll also be offering a 50% discount on all items in-store!🤩
See you all there!✨
*The management reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or end the event at any time given time without prior notice.

Edit - I am currently checking if the first 25 extends to the second day as well.
Edit 2 - Yes the promo runs for both days.

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    OzB ramen meet and greet?

    • +1

      How do you order from Daiwa? You need an account with them, and there's no registration available?

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    I think their ramen tastes pretty ok. Don’t know why all the negative comments?

    And no it does not tastes like instant noodles. No affiliation with Hataka Gensuke at all but saying that is like insulting to the workers there.

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      uncultured swines that don't know how difficult it is to make ramen, or any broth-based noodles at home.

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        True. Making decent ramen is hard and definitely genuine tasting ramen is even harder to make.

        • +2

          Absolutely. I find HG sub mid (shinjuko is my standard candle for decent ramen) but it's a far cry from instant. HG ramen for free? Great, value wise.

          I can "make" some "ramen" at home that I prefer over HG, but I'd be smitten if I had the skills for it to pass as "real". The prep time alone needed to make authentic ramen is insane.

  • Passed after seeing the line. Even for 50%

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