expired JB Hi-Fi Call of Duty MW3 $25


Long time reader, first time poster. Saw a deal on OzBargain for Harvey Norman Western Australia that had Modern Warfare 3 on sale for $25. Just picked up 2 copies from JB Hi-Fi Preston, Victoria (who are now out of stock for the PC version…;) for $25 each. Attached is the receipt. Enjoy!

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    This pleases my neckbeard.



    This is a just price match?

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      A price match from across the other side of the country… Receipt = VIC/Melb people will have a higher chance of a price match.

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      Just a price match? You're a price match.

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      its for PC thats still around $79rrp and selling for $58ish at most places not Xbox/Ps3 that had a $25 price already posted

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    Still not worth it.


    Will JB price match their own stores' receipt from another state(QLD)?

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    ^^Big W Price matched no problems, no questions. Just print the receipt. I used the W.A receipt for this in Plumpton, NSW

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    Very nice price for the game.

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    dandenong jb says to me "sure, we'll price match". then she looks it up on the machine and says "yup, i can see preston sold it for $25." then goes away and checks with the manager. comes backs after 10 minutes and says "nah, i can't do it. that's $40 below cost. but i can do it for $79." pointed out to her that the game was on the shelf behind her with a big white sign that said $49. idiot. there's a reason why staff outnumber customers in that store the few times i go there. jb.. you've done it it again.


      Pretty poor effort. I thought their whole thing was "Lowest Price Guaranteed"…


      ive noticed jb have been a bunch of twats lately with a few other things i cant be bothered explaining. Which is why i haven't shopped there for the past few years


        Competition is disappearing at a rapid pace. Soon they won't need to price match anyone!


          then more and more people will shop online. unfortunately, i still hold some JB's shares. should sell them ASAP:P


    Went down to the Sydney CBD store, the guy goes "ya sure, we'll price match", I show him the receipt & then he goes "no man, we cant do that price. we need a catalouge of that store to pricematch"!!!.

    Wonder why do they bother advertising price match guarantees when they cant even match their own prices across the states?


    If you have a receipt from jb available they have to price match. Otherwise you can threaten to take them to the ACCC

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