X-BULL Recovery Tracks Boards 10T Sand Mud Snow Trucks Grass 4WD Gen2.0 1 Pair $59 Delivered @ eastbayauto eBay



X-BULL Deals✔ Season Sale✔

Reinforced strong nylon✔ Higher Cost Performance✔ More Convenient to Carry✔10 ton load capacity on flat ground✔

Our X-BULL Recovery tracks Gen2.0 can be used for all seasons, UV-Resistant,anti-tarnishing, Four enhanced comfortable built-in handles for extra portability.
It is enough for tires to move out, and easy to fit into tires tread grooves.
Gentle slope design on each ramp allows easy insertion under tires.
It was made of engineering grade reinforced Nylon, unbreakable, super tough and solid,and easy to clean and storage.

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    Apply SNSPART code for $5 off. Expires 16/7.

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    these are reasonably durable, I've had them for over 4yrs now and they've had some good use and a bit worn but still works when I need them to. They are obviously not maxtreks but at this price, you can't expect them to be either.

    • I find these more durable in some ways then Maxtrax, they have a harder plastic compound so are less prone to burning the lugs off with wheel spin. They are excellent for the money.

  • every car needs one with all this rain…….

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    NOT a deal more like advertising/spam! This is around the standard price for a long time and minus the ebay $5 off coupon mentioned above is the exact same price as other sellers.

    I have bought these from another seller in the past for nearly half this price ($40 a set delivered) when they were clearing the 'old' 2.0 stock.

    Side note: They are very useful and well worth the money at $60, I just dont think this is a deal particularly when other sellers have the same price

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