$10 Telstra SIM normally $30 sale at Woollies refund?

For past few days iv been trying to buy the Telstra $30 sim which is on special for $10, they are out of stock at the last 5 places I went to. I'm fed up when the,saying they haven't got any or are clueless.. So I was considering that to buy them at normal price, since that is when most are in stock, then on sale I will refund them and repurchase it on the spot, should that be fine?

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    Just ask for a raincheck. That's what I do when specials aren't in stock. You have 30 days to buy the item at that price.

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      So THAT'S what a raincheck is! Does anyone know if officeworks take rainchecks?

      • IKR! I never knew what a raincheck was either! :o

  • But usually they don't take rain check for sales item? Was rejected for a couple of times at both Woolies and Coles.

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      Definitely do at my locals (Coles & Woolworths). I show them the catalog, they write down the price. I believe you can then use the raincheck at any other store.

      • Spot on Neil, that's how it works at my locals too! :)

        They do occasionally have super-duper clearance items that stipulate 'no rainchecks', but those are pretty rare at the major supermarkets IME! ;)

  • Thanx, I just went into my kograh woollies and ask for rain check, and one of the girls went and called a superviser and told me you can't do rain checks for sims??!! Was I just unlucky? Or everywhere differnt? Cause I called and ask for rain check in bcc, but couldn't make it out there, kograh alot closer to me. Told them CBS would do it, said to they not meant to.

    • Hmm. I'd try another one or even go there at a different time.

      Woolworth's doesn't have their rain check policy listed anywhere so it's hard to verify that it won't work on sims. There is a note on the catalogue that the deal is only available while stocks last so maybe that implies it's no rain check? I'd push them in honouring their deal.

      EDIT: Woolworths supervisors have the discression to not give rain checks for whatever reason they see fit.

      and here

    • I tried to get coles to do raincheck on the same deal last year and was told they don't do rainchecks on sims/ mobile phones.

  • Cheers for the info mate! Yeah I guess it's the fact of laziness… Those conditions just really don't justify anything, I mean I should have pushed them a little more, they didn't even tell me why.

  • Coles and woollies do rain checks for sims and phones.

    This is a policy.

    If someone refuses, report them in writing via a feedback form to HQ.

    • Mate You have a link for that? Would be good so I could show it to them without starting an argument, was thinking can't be bothered anymore and just pay full price and then return it on sale date, and repurchase, hope that works lol

    • Best to check the catalogue - I'm pretty sure I've read in them that rainchecks are not available on these.

  • If it is a standard stocked item (which it is) and the advert does not say "no rainchecks" (which it doesn't) then you can get a raincheck.

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