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[XB1, XSX] Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Deluxe Edition $39 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


The Cosmic Deluxe Edition includes:
- Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
- SteelBook® Case
- Sun-Lord Outfit for Star-Lord
- City-Lord Outfit for Star-Lord
- Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Hits - Original Video Game Soundtrack (Digital Download)
- Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Art of the Game Mini Artbook (Hardback)

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  • +9

    Just a reminder that this is free on Gamepass if you don't want to buy a phsycial and have an Xbox.

    • -2

      Last time I checked subscription service isn't technically free lol.

  • Im playin it right now 4 free

    • When?

      • right now

  • Damn, wanted the PS5 version of this.

    • Available also on PS plus if you get extra tier. Playing it right now

      • Ah, I'm a collector, so wanted the steelcase and artbook. This will do.

        • +1

          as a collector i want it to be a factory sealed copy too

          • +1

            @wekimekigugudan: JB is a 50% hit rate, it's either sealed or they have duct-taped it to death the idiots.

  • +2

    Played this in Gamepass. Couldn’t get into it. Good story and fun characters and dialogue. Found it too repetitive though.

  • I really like this game. It's like an interactive 80s morning cartoon where the heroes overcome through the magic of teamwork. That sounds trite but that's literally what it is lol. Somehow they make it work and it's a lot of fun with decent writing and charm.

  • It'll eventually leave Game Pass so if you like it then it'll be nice to have a physical disc to play. Nier Replicant left game pass and I have the disc so I can keep playing. But I won't buy the Forza disc as if that will ever leave Game Pass hah!

    • +2

      Forza 3 I believe got delisted from GamePass and was definitely removed from the store for new purchases. The games have licensed content which can make longer term distribution problematic. So yeah, entirely possible a Forza game would be removed so if you like a particular entry having the disc is a good idea.

      Something like Halo or Gears without license limitations are a better bet for longer term access.

      • Yeah Forza is a licensing nightmare haha.. between the soundtrack, car brands, partnerships with Top Gear / Lego etc.. Don't expect those to be around forever.

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