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Steiner Commander 7x50 Marine Binoculars with Compass $1007.13 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hey OzBargain.

Found these going through the camels. Sorry, I don't know the first thing about binoculars so please don't ask me about these. All I know is the price comes up as the lowest on the camels and most other places seem to be selling this around the $2000 mark.

A review I found:

Steiner Commander - Review 2022

About this item

  • Precise HD-Stabilized compass with illumination and integrated precision reticle.
  • STEINER High-Definition-Optics for clear images in full contrast with maximum resolution
  • STEINER Diamond-Marine-Coating reduces glare, enhances clarity and maximizes light transmission for optimized viewing in hazy light and after dark
  • Durable polycarbonate Makrolon housing that withstands 11G of impact
  • Nitrogen-Pressure-Filling - water pressure proof to 10m without fogging up inside

Edit: It looks like if you need to use the compass that these may not work in Australia and it doesn't look like you can adjust them (yourself?). I'm not sure. In any case. A quick google search suggests the same model without the compass costs $1700 or so. If you need to use the compass you'll need to get the global version or see if you can get Steiner or someone else to adjust the compass. The FAQ suggest that it can't be adjusted independently. That means they can??

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I want these.

    I have absolutely no need for them, and no idea what I would do with them, but I want them.

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      If I have these do people have to reply to everything I say with aye aye, commander?

      • If I saw anyone with these around their neck I would immediately mutiny, steal their binoculars, and throw them overboard.

        • TheRealC of Thives

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      Do you, by any chance, have direct line of sight to your neighbors windows?

  • Any suggestions for a pair under $200 ?

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    Australian users would obviously want the $2500 version with the "global compass" to account for the difference of direction of the poles in the southern hemisphere?

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      On your point, Steiner says:

      Which compass zone is right for me?

      So you are able to read off as accurate a direction measurement as possible on the compass scale, it is important that the compass needle is able to rotate freely and undisturbed inside the compass. The scale must be balanced in a manner that any contact between the compass housing and the compass needle is avoided at any time and at any place when a measurement is taken.

      Therefore, the world has been divided into at least 5 different magnetic field zones. Your compass is currently optimized for the magnetic field of the northern hemisphere (zone 2), of course only if you purchased binoculars in this region. If you sail too far outside this zone with this product, the compass rose may become unreadable or obstructed. Many circumnavigators therefore use 2 – 3 binoculars with different compass zones.

      It is not possible to change the compass module to another zone independently.

      If you circumnavigate, we suggest the Steiner Commander Global with which no calibration or adjustment is required. The Steiner Commander Global is the class leader and perfectly demonstrates the innovative capabilities of Steiner.

      The in-built electronic magnetic field measurement absolutely guarantees exact and precise measurements anywhere in the world, whether in the South Seas or the Arctic Circle. Because of the digital technologies it uses, the measurements are extremely accurate. Similar to the analog compass, the display is integrated in the lower area of the field of view in a way that not distract the eyes.

      This simple and intuitive use, in addition to an inclination compensation, make this product a most reliable partner at sea. You will be be excited with the the advantages of the Steiner Commander Global.

      Someone did review the product with the compass in mind:

      I love everything about these except for one thing. The compass is set up for compass zone 2 instead of the zone 5 required in order to operate flawlessly in Australia. I got these for such a low price from Amazon (just over a thousand Australian dollars) that I was happy to overlook this flaw and for me the compass was a side issue anyhow. Once set up, the view from these is just so clear and sharp and never needs to be focused. I bought these primarily to watch grandkids play team sport and athletics events and not for marine use. Mind you this often means using in pouring rain and blazing sun not unlike that of many marine circumstances and because they are built to military standards they will be able to withstand a lot of abuse.

  • Thanks OP, brought 5

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