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Bowden's Own Products on Clearance - Snow Job 1L $19, 2L $31, Leather Love 500ml $11 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Repco


Repco has 25% of car care for auto club members but there are some pretty well priced items on clearance as well;

there are other's in the link, clearance items don't need auto club membership and stock is limited and may not be in your local store.

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    These guys got some cleaning products on 25% off too https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/super-specials?prefn1=srgB...

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    $19 Snow job?

    Yes please!

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      A true ozbargainer would get the 2L as it’s only $15.5/L

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        A Ozbargainer would purchase this 5l for $22 ($4.4 a litre).


        • Is this one good?

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            @JL1: The eclipse foams up better, but I find the Snow Job removes/‘loosens’ more dirt from my experience.

            • @donnot: Ah I see! I already use this but might stock up a bit at this price. I remember there was a heavy duty version as well but that might strip protection layers off paint?

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                @JL1: Yeah, I usually just stick to these (rather than heavy duty), as I do a normal wash afterwards and I’d rather not have to reapply the ceramic coating/wax too often.

                • @donnot: Would you say this plus normal wash wouldn't affect ceramic coating or wax much or it still will? How often do you ceramic coat or wax?

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                    @JL1: Hard to say - not really an expert sorry :(. When I bought my current car, I clay-barred it then applied the spray on ceramic coating. Then I just use Meguiar's wash and wax for the next 6-12 months to protect it.

                  • @JL1: If you have ceramic coating, try PH balanced wash, like Meguairs Gold.

        • does anyone know if this is pH neutral, got a car that is DIY 'ceramic coated' with spray wax and don't want that to strip off? can't find anything in the product description

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            @yikes914: Repco exlipse hyper foam isnt PH neutral

            I have this as well as the wash/wax eclipse.

            I'll use them on my old car, definitely won't use on my new car

            • @Spending2Much: thanks, will stick to Chemical Guys Mr Pink then!

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                @yikes914: After the wheels and inner guards with orange agent and wheely clean, I use Bowdens snow job foam cannon pre wash, then pressure rinse. Then chemical guys wash/wax (thick purple) in the bucket with the grit guard. And rinse bucket/two bucket wash with chemical guys mitt. (Green microfiber wash mitt) I have a seperate foam cannon, I mix up the CG wash/wax and coat each section (roof, two doors, front guard, bonnet etc) before hand washing. Pressure rinsing off as I go on each section. Then another foam cannon with Bowdens happy ending mix. Then pressure rinse off the Happy Ending.
                Then dry with boss gloss and a big green sucker, or two.
                Detail windows with CG waffle weave towel and bowdens glass.

                I'm happy with Bowdens products, but likewise, I'm also happy with the chemical guys products too, of the ones I have used.

      • How? This brand is not $15.5.

        • Per litre.

    • you need scum remover too

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      Love a good snow job

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    Also found this https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/car-care/car-care... $20 seems good value since some items retail more than $20 on their own.

    • The wash pad itself is worth it.

    • Is there a way I can check for stock across stores, instead of randomly picking a postcode?

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    price beat available through supercheap auto chat

  • Can anyone comment on if the "new version" that is replacing these Snow Jobs on clearance is any better? I've still got around 5L of various Bowdens foams but am tempted to grab another 2L for this price

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    Can highly recommend the claying rubber pad. So easy to use and the finish is super smooth.


    I start with a pressure rinse. Then snow foam. Use a large wheel brush on the wheels first while the foam works on the panels. Use a microfibre wash mit on the panels. Then pressure rinse.

    With the leftover snow foam, spray onto one side of the car at a time and then use the pad. Go up and down, then side to side on each panel, including glass. Listen as you wipe and you can hear the contaminants being picked up. Pressure rinse.

    Use happy ending with the snow cannon, this time avoiding glass. Pressure rinse glass first then the panels.

    Spray Boss Gloss and dry with the Big Green Sucker.

    Apply Naked glass on the windows using a glass microfibre cloth. Have a 2nd cloth to buff dry.

    Then apply Fully Slick to the panels.

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      A couple of things with your process,
      1) You're better off applying the foam to a dry vehicle with no pre-rinse as it will stick better, allowing longer dwell time.
      2) It's also not advisable to use snow foam with any form of pressure such as a mitt, clay rubber etc as it has no lubrication properties. You should either use a dedicated shampoo for that such as ABG, Nanolicious etc, a spray lubricant like boss gloss if doing it dry or a dedicated de-con agent like three way.

      • Cheers. Will make those changes at the next one. Much appreciated.

        Oh it's a 4WD, so needed a pre-rinse to get the big chunks off 😅

      • Which is a good wash to then apply sealers or ceramic spray coatings after?

        • Any of them really, I like Autobody Gel as I wash in the sun more often than not, otherwise Nanolicous is very good.
          There's a bit of a guide here

          • @whitelie: Yeah the auto body gel seemed best fr that. Others seemed to have sealants etc

      • 100% to your recommendation claying with boss gloss and fully slick

      • @whitelie

        Wow thanks, I've been washing my car after pre-rinsing all this time because I was worried the foam directly onto a dry car would be damaging for the paint.

        I'm still a newbie at doing a good wash on my car. Would you be able to talk me into your steps and products you use on a regular basis? I'd really appreciate it!

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          Bowdens have a flow chart but it can also be a little confusing to follow

          My maintenance process for the exterior would usually be

          Clean wheels with wheely clean and a shampoo of choice
          Snow foam
          2 bucket wash
          Dry with big green softy and boss gloss
          Clean windows with naked glass
          Gloss tyres

          If it needed a top up of sealant in there (say once a month or so), Happy Ending would slot in prior to drying. I may use Fully Slick on the odd occasion but generally not on my daily drive that lives outside.
          I also have other protectants like wax, Bead Machine etc that don't get applied every time I wash or on the daily driver at all but the process for when I use those generally involves adding in a claying staging, another wash down, Flash prep etc to really prepare the paint.

  • The snow party pack is a better buy if you can find it (bought it for $35 last sale, 3x 1L bottles) Bowden smells good and that's about it, however Autoglym Polar Blast cleans better

  • Ill give the leather cleaner a try

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      Also try diluted Wool Wash for ~$2

      • Thanks

  • Out of all that, I only bought the bucket…

  • Thanks! I didn’t need it but ended up spending $100( I lie I wanted the clean detail mainly)! Damn you ozB

  • Looks like the site just broke. I'm getting a 504 Gateway time out.

    • Still works here and still for sale

      • Yep, it does so this morning. Maybe it was a sign that I'm not supposed to buy anything.

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