This was posted 1 year 11 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Bucket (Includes Ceramic Wax Coating, Wash & Wax and 3-1 Detailer) $35 + $9.90 Del ($0 C&C) @ Repco


Just picked 2. I was looking for Turtle Wax coating after shining reviews and came across this at Repco on clearance and seems pretty good value I guess for this package noting individual products even on sale would cost around $100 or more and one of the 3 products below would cost more than $35 RRP. Package include:

Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wax Coating 473ml
Hybrid Solutions Wash & Wax 1.42L
Hybrid Solutions 3-1 Detailer 946ml
Microfibre Cloth x3
Black Wash Mitt
Black Branded Bucket with Grit Guard

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  • None near me , but looks like you can order for delivery

    • Plenty of stock around me so thought to post. I am based in Sydney though

      • I'm in Sydney too, nearest stores with stock are all Central Coast. Rather not spend the time/petrol to drive there, shipping is only $4.95 for club members.

        • Still worth it I guess if you’re after those items.

  • +3

    Looks like wash and wax on its own is around 40 bucks

  • Buy now think later, thanks!

  • +1

    The ceramic wax coating is great. I was really surprised at how well it worked compared to other ones I’d used. This is an amazing deal.

    • How long does it stay on for?

      I'm about to use BO'S LAZY wax and thier entire flow chart for my car.

      Your feedback would be appreciated!

      • +1

        Sorry for the late reply.

        If this is applied properly (wash, proper clay bar etc) it’s lasts for 3 months at least.
        Others I’ve used were great too, but lasted no more than 2 months.

  • Is the bucket lid included as well?

    • -1

      no, that is why its on clearance.

    • +3

      It is included

  • Great price thank you.

  • No stock near my location

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    This ceramic spray beat out a lot of the more expensive options in this comparison. Usually $45 by itself, this a pretty good deal.

  • Damn is this still available? Can't seem or purchase or order.

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      Try different postcode in your state. As long as it's in stock, you can just pay 4.95 for shipping with the free to join member

  • there is one available near me. by near me, i mean 100km away :(

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    I was looking for the ceramic spray last week at $50. Gutted.

  • Amazing, by the time I did password reset on my account my local had sold out … delivery it is LOL …. still a good deal considering the bucket and grate are worth $15 on their own. With the current cost of petrol delivery seems cheaper than 80km round trip LOL.

  • +3

    Yeah/Nah that's a frikkinn bargain!!! Go you ashftc you legend!!!!!! So good I ordered 2. Thanks Repco Bendigo and Reco Kangaroo Flat :-) #Shinny Car :-)

  • Cheers OP, I was about to run out of coating. Been pretty happy with the new Turtle Wax stuff.

  • picked up 2 from another state and paid for delivery said in stock so lets hope they honour

  • -8

    Turtle wax, the fast food of the car care world.

    Spend $10 extra and buy from an Australian company that makes much better quality gear.

    • fast food of the car care world ….not a bad way to put it considering how many upvotes some fast food offerings get on ozbargain because it’s a price point. that suits some people. i have used turtle for many years and think they. are some value products when on special, my car doesn’t justify the use of $100 waxes or $40 washing mitts.
      not even sure how many products are developed and made in australia though.

      • +2

        Mixed in Australia more like

    • +1

      turtle wax is actually better than bowdens. So you're telling me the Australia company isn't better than fast food equivalent

      • -1

        I wouldn't buy Bowden's, there are quite a few Australian companies that make everything in Australia from raw ingredients, some of them allow you to walk through their facilities to demonstrate it.

        I know, from my job, what decent chemical is and where to buy and the Australian stuff, not the rebranded stuff, is some of the world's best. It's a shame Australian's don't realise that, not just with chemicals, but food also.

        Really quite sad.

  • +4

    only Perth stores with stock are
    - Butler
    - Baldivis

    Peel region:
    - Mandurah
    - Halls Head

    out east:
    - Northam

    • Must have been ozbargained, when I ordered mine there were still heaps of metro stores available.

      • +1

        definitely did. there was a whole bunch of stores in stock. nek minnit…

  • +2

    Amazing deal. Just ordered from a remote location for shipping. Great product! The beading is amazing

  • Cracking deal OP!, even delivery was solid value considering the nearest one was over 100 kays away

    • Order arrived via Toll

  • +1

    Ordered. Selected a store in Hobart for delivery.

    • +1

      i chose adelaide

  • Thanks OP, looks to have all gone from VIC, added 2 to cart but had to drop down to just the 1 and that worked!

  • Wicked scored one from Charters Towers $39.95 delivered lol

  • I signed up for an account but delivery is still $9.90. It says member benefits is half price delivery. How do I get it to $4.95?

    • Shows delivery as 9.90 for me too, ordered anyway.

    • +3

      You need to add your email on the my cart page where it says "repco ignition member"

  • Ordered…. Thanks OP.

  • Thankyou

  • Ordered, thanks OP.

    It's too far to pick it up so $4.95 delivery isn't that bad.

  • Thanks op and for comments on how to buy.
    Have a 3 week old car so needed to buy wash kit anyway.
    Bought one then bought another.

  • Seems I missed the party, oos

    • +4

      West Toowoomba shows stock, pick that store and delivery and you should be able to order it.

      • Thanks heaps! Managed to order one

        • Glad I could help, took me a while to find a shop in Qld that still had stock.

      • -1

        Thank you. Was late too late the party. But got one from Toowoomba

      • someone bought it as i had it in my cart… :(

  • +2

    Just ordered one using the Dubbo store.

    • got one from dubbo too

    • Legend! Thanks for this!

      I tried a few postcodes but all were OOS.
      Thank you Number 5! I'm a happy chappie thanks to you! 👍💪🙏😁

  • Ordered 2 from Noarlunga Store in SA, 1 x in stock and the other one will take 1-3 business days to ship to the store, thanks

  • Thanks OP, ordered one for shipping

  • Just got one, thanks everyone for instructions. Few stores in Tasmania still have it. Just select that to be able to chose home delivery and add your email on “repco ignition member” for half price shipping as stated by other members

  • -1

    I can't use this as it says it "does not fit my vehicle" 😥😉

  • Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wax Coating 473ml
    Hybrid Solutions Wash & Wax 1.42L
    Hybrid Solutions 3-1 Detailer 946ml

    does anyone know when would you use the ceramic wax coating and 3 in 1 detailer?

    I have a lot of meguiars wash n wax from the last sale. Can i use that instead of the turtle wash n wax?

    • wash and wax products are for the inbetween wax sessions …. i have some mothers wash and wax ….helps with beading when i wash but doesn’t work as well as specific wax product, possibly due to amount of wax in washes or that you don’t apply as much pressure to apply when you wash vs wax.

      hard to beat wax if you want longer term beading.


  • +1

    Bought even though I have more wash n wax, ceramic coating, micro fibre clothes than u can poke your gear stick at

  • In stock at Armidale for those looking for a delivery option.

  • For those in WA - there is still stock in Margaret River - select that store and you can get it delivered to Perth metro for $5

  • Any stores left with stock that I can order from?

    • Just did Deniliquin now

      • And dispatched today via toll

  • +2

    Northern territory stores still onnn

    • Thanks Yakobaj!

  • just run out of the seal and shine, so good timing, ordered for delivery as nothing showing around Adelaide

  • I must be missing something, I have chosen a store with stock but in delivery options I only get click and collect?

  • Had the last one in stock in VIC around sale and now its gone by the time I called home for my credit card details. rookie mistake. One lucky person done me.

    Any one had luck ordering interstate with delivery to another state.

    Sometimes you just buy to buy on ozbargain but this is actually something I will use a lot, love a clean shiny car.

  • No luck anywhere near Brisbane. Click and collect for Alice Springs if anyone is around there….

  • all out in SA

  • Cannot even order with shipping!

    • same.. think it's sold out online too

  • no stock in vic??

  • Order got refunded :/

    • +1
      • Is that a better deal than this?

        • slightly different products. still has the spray-on ceramic stuff and microfibre cloths if that's what you want primarily. has glass cleaner and rubber/vinyl treatment instead. and the bucket doesn't come with a grit guard.

          • @tdw: What is the grit guards purpose, and do you know what order the products should be used in and where they should be used.

            • @jayboi: it's to agitate against your wash mitt to shake off dirt, and also to keep your wash mitt above said dirt that drops to the bottom of your wash bucket.

              do you know what order the products should be used in and where they should be used.

              which one? turtle wax or autoglym?

              • @tdw: Turtle wax

                • @jayboi: Hybrid Solutions Wash & Wax 1.42L - wash with this.
                  Clay bar (if needed)
                  Iron removal (if needed)
                  Prep the surface with Isopropyl mix or Bowden's Own flash Prep or any of those.
                  Apply Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wax Coating (will only last about 3 months, so will need to repeat every 3 months)

                  The Hybrid Solutions 3-1 Detailer will replace the Wax Coating during those three months, helping top it up and keep it going. In fact, if used diligently as needed, you'll notice that the wax may last longer. This depends on where the car is parked, exposure to elements, etc.

                  • @lordra: If I already had a meguairs wax coating could I use the 3-1 detailer to replenish even though its from a different brand?

    • Did you order from a remote store? Or somewhere close to you?

  • Refunded as well. Shame

  • +1

    Picked mine up today. The guy at Repco was amazed at the price! Thanks again ashftc !

  • My order shipped

  • Mine got refunded as well.

  • +1

    I paid for delivery but email says ready in store? Will call to confirm

    • just got delivered by the store, so all good

  • Refunded

  • Haven't heard anything regarding mine yet, ordered as soon as the deal went live so hopefully it will ship soon

    • Have you heard from them? I'm still waiting on my order

      • Yes, mine is arriving today via Toll

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