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Infinity X1 Rechargeable Worklight with Bluetooth Speaker, 2 Pk $19.99 (was $39.99) @ Costco (Selected Stores, Membership Req.)


Not available on costco website so description copy from Amazon Australia

Infinity X1 Led Worklight with Speakers 2 pack, 700 Lumens, IPX4, Rechargeable, Bluetooth, Stereo or Single use, Wireless, 5W

Features & details
Led Worklight with Speakers 2 pack
700 Lumens, IPX4
Bluetooth, Stereo or Single use

Selling on Amazon Australia for $49.99 and eBay from $75 to $98.50

Amazon link so anyone can check out the light features:


Mod: Spotted at Churchill SA, but reported to be available at least 1 other store.

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  • 700 lumens won't be great for things like painting but ok for a quick portrait

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    Ooo I like this. Good price too.
    Could do without the Bluetooth speaker though.

    No word on battery size/operating time?

    Will check a Sydney Costco hopefully soon

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      Saw it in Docklands, Melbourne today for 19.99.

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        Great! Will grab a set tomorrow.

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      From the box: 700 Lumens 2h30min/ 300 Lumens 5h/ 100 Lumens 12h. Never tried to check exactly how long it last but I used them every night when i feed our newborn twins (around 3 to 4 hours per night on low) I only need to charge the 1st one after 5 days. Did tried the Speakers, no where near my jbl charge 3 but quite loud and sound ok.

      • Ah great, so the lights have 3 settings.
        Thanks for the information.

        Congrats on the new borns!
        We just had one too!

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          It has 5 settings: high, medium, low, red and flashing red. And I think you can paired the speaker (stereo) but I don't have any time to tried that function yet. I really like this
          because of several reasons: so cheap, has the speaker so I can play some white noise or music to comfort the babies, can be attach to the fridge or hang on the bassinet or stand alone.

          • @ttnttp238: It's a lot cheaper then the discounted UE Booms I bought to accomplish the same feat

  • I bought a set to put up in my attic. I liked them so much i bought another set in store here in Perth

  • Aisle 120 @ Churchill

  • do they link together for music?

    • Yes, in stereo.

      Long press Bluetooth button on first speaker. Then the same on 2nd speaker. Then go into the phone's Bluetooth settings and pair new device. You will only find 1 device to pair. Then test with stereo sound test on YouTube.

      Sounds alright actually. Just no bass. Very satisfactory for a DIY mechanic tinkering under the car 😂

  • It has USB-C in and USB-A out. I plugged in my phone and it started charging.

    It also has:
    - carabiner style hook but the latch swings outwards
    - 4 magnetic pieces at the base
    - tripod mount

    Also, the light is of very good brightness.

    Good value. Thanks OP.

  • Think they're still for sale, not expired, at least as of this past weekend. Nice buy at $20 (per pair, 2 in a box, left and right speaker).
    - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/9744/96936/teardown.jp...
    - Review: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=hsSoVYr-7ZY

    Still have the annoying single-button cycle through of light modes: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=JF1JvcvNs54

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