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Timberland 6" Premium Waterproof Boots $170.96 Delivered @ THE ICONIC


Pretty good deal on these boots.
Doesn't really need an into. Classic boots from timberland.

RRP $279.96 on Iconic
$299 other retailers

The Timberland 6 Premium Icon Boots are designed with a premium full-grain and nubuck leather upper for durability and abrasion resistance. They feature rustproof hardware for long-lasting wear, a cushioned insole, and a rubber lug outsole for traction.

  • Seam-sealed, waterproof nubuck leather upper
  • Round toe
  • Lace-up front
  • Padded collar
  • Logo-embossed heel
  • Cushioned insole
  • Gripped rubber outsole for traction
  • Made using Leather Working Group certified leather, a more sustainable fibre

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  • +1

    Gimme the tims

  • +7

    I had these many years ago, and they lasted a long time. I had new soles stuck to them at least once, I think it was twice. But unless they have changed, the cuff at the top is vinyl, and that's what eventually made me throw them out. The vinyl cracked and eventually I was left only with the cloth backing.

    If you want really long life, perhaps look into treating the cuff with vinyl protectants, like those used for car seats. The Armorall "original" protectant is apparently safe for vinyl car seats, and the MSDS doesn't sound harmful, so maybe that's an appropriate product: https://www.prowash.com.au/images/prowash/sds/VPAA10040%20AA...

    • +6

      I believe the ones labelled Premium don't have the vinyl cuff, but the standard ones do.

      At least, according to this video where he cuts both in half to show the differences:

      https://youtu.be/RcjC_RP0y8U at the 5:40 mark

      • Love Rose Anvil! Was wondering if someone would link his video here.

  • +2

    This may sound a silly, why these over a blundstone in the same price or are these meant to be a fashion statement as opposed to workman boots ?

    • +2

      These are worn more for fashion. Look much better than blundstones.

      • +2

        Does not work for me as a fashion statement.. work boots in general as a fashion statement ..but thank you for replying

        • Docs, RMs, the huge variety of American made classic boots. I get compliments galore on my moctoes and I wear them at work, at the footy, out for dinner, hiking etc.

    • +3

      No toe cap in these, purely for fashion and little practical use.

      • +1

        purely for fashion

        Not so. Lots of people have wide feet, and although shoes are available in wide fittings, they're hard to get at a cheap price. Many boots fit well on wide feet, that's why I changed to boots.

        Boots also last a lot longer than shoes, so although they are usually more expensive initially, they can be cheaper in the long run.

        Also, if you do bush hiking, boots give a lot more stability to your ankle than shoes do. Less likely to get a twisted or sprained ankle, and as many snake bites happen on the ankle, they give more protection than shoes do.

      • Their range Timberland Pro is for the Traides, they have Steel Toe Caps, Alloy and Composite.

        • +2

          Timberlands (toe or not) are for site supervisors who pop out of the box to do a lap of the site once a week when the big bosses turn up.

      • These are still good for working in the garden

    • No idea how waterproof these are but steel blue, red back, Blundstone all leak after they get wet. Your socks won't stay dry.

      I've bought these for camping. For trade use they aren't steel cap

      • These aren't waterproof either, you should treat them with a weather sealer.

        • The title says "Premium Waterproof Boots", do you have personal experience with these?

          • @Russ: I had to go check mine, they don't say "waterproof/premium" on my pair so perhaps these are different to my pair.

      • but steel blue, red back, Blundstone all leak after they get wet

        they're typically not waterproof and not marketed as such. leather is porous and not waterproof - it needs to be treated or have a membrane to keep the water out

    • These are for the fairies that aren't actual tradies. They are not workman boots period.

  • +4

    Bring back the $60 timberland dealZ

  • Anyone tips on cheap similar waterproof shoes for under hundred bucks? I'll only use them once every year or so, so not keen on spending.
    Doesn't have to be a big brand.

  • What use are boots that only hold half a foot?

    • but it is a average size for one eye trouser snake

  • PLEASE NOTE: This style runs large so we recommend buying one size down.

    Can anyone confirm or deny the above warning? Rather not deal with the return hassle if I could help it

    • +3

      Yes, they are big shoes. Those with wide feet like myself appreciate..

      Love my times, even if I can only where them in winter.

    • +1

      I have heard this before, but depends what you're after too - I've seen these worn both loose (untied lace look) and done up, so I guess depends on how tight/loose you want to wear them?

    • +1

      I'm normally a US 12 with Nike, but I'm a US 10 for Timberland. I have a particularly narrow foot too. Have a couple of pairs and US 10 is the sweet spot. If you have regular or wide feet I would go 1 size down. I'd definitely buy from somewhere with generous returns / exchange policy.

    • +1

      Yeah its true. I personally went to the nearest Timberland store near me and tried sizes in person and then asked for a price match (which they don't offer in the store) and then just came home and ordered from The Iconic the same night. Felt bad not buying anything but standard RRP just too high imo.

      Note: I am size 12 bought 11 for the Timberlands

    • +1

      Definitely true for me, they are huge so had to size down. Everyone is different so best to try an actual one in store before buying.

    • I'm usually US size 12 with sneakers and joggers, With Tims I get US size 10.

  • Out of 15 but still had size 14 left, got one thanks heaps OP

  • +1

    Perfect for any 90s hip hop theme party.

  • good boots to earn extra street cred

  • When does this promotion end?

  • Only two sizes left. So not much choice atm.

  • No luck yesterday but managed to grab one this morning. Was only 1 US10 left. Thanks for post

  • Are these really waterproof?

    can I wear them in the Sydney floods?

    • Wrong footwear for the floods mate. You need flippers.

  • Yes, they are.. for floods I'd be looking at knee height gum boots or staying the (profanity) out of them water entirely…

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