SanDisk Cruzer Snap 32GB USB 2.0 (Black) $10 ($0 with Perks Coupon) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


You can better use your Perks $10 voucher .If nothing come up to your mind. 3 different colours available.

Red color

Blue Collar

Black USB 3.0 $11 For $1 after perk voucher.

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    This is their normal price…..

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      It's more to do with using the $10 perks voucher on something making it "free".

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        Geez, might as well list every single item $10 and under as a deal then

        face palm

        Not a deal as normal price and perks promo has been mentioned in another deal post before.

        • Is it still a deal of the normal price is $11? Just trying to get a feel for my next post

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          every single item $10

          Is getting banned a bargain?

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      Cheers for the link. Bought one as well.

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    USB 2.0. Lol

  • Had too many of these free drives from eBay and JB. Can not remember where to find them. Lol

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      This is a much better deal, $1 more for USB 3.0.

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    usb 2.0

    at its normal price

    not a deal. Should be in the JB $10 coupon thread.

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    If you cannot think of anything to buy and you don't want the hassle of having to pick up your item at JB Hi-Fi, consider buying the Norton Mobile Security instead.

    It's an easy profit of $10 once the cashback is approved from Norton (2.5 weeks in my experience) and there's no postage fee since it's a digital license code.

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      Just don't install it.

      • Cashback condition say you need to install it. Not bothered.

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    off topic somewhat - but are perks $10 vouchers still being issued even now?
    i just signed up to perks with an existing JB account but didn't get it in the email

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      They are, I just singed up and got sent the code

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        thanks for the response. did you sign up using an existing JB account or a brand new account? my guess is that's the problem with mine. need a new account or something.

        edit: yeah just signed up using a new account and it worked.

      • Hey can you share the link to perks as I’m new to this . Thanks

    • See my comment in previous thread

      You'll get one for each account

      • i actually did see your comment when i was browsing for help before, but i don't think the scenario you described applies to the issue i was facing.
        the issue you described seems to be for people who couldn't even sign up for perks membership and get some sort of error, whereas i was able to sign up for perks using my existing account no problems, i just don't receive the email.

        my existing account already had a first name so there's that bit that doesn't apply too. i did go into my details and clicked save anyway, which didn't change anything and i still didn't receive any emails.

        thanks anyway.

        • I had the same as you. Adding in first name, then joining again fixed it.

          • @M00Cow: but the account already had a first name and last name

  • just make a big thread for these which can be pinned and updated : D

  • Anything else, other than USB sticks, for a tenner?

  • Thanks for the $10 item but USB 2.0 is outdated and 32GB is low storage for such a slow speed USB for this price

  • why in the world would u buy usb 2.0 even if it was free lol

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      It's part of ARIA's new plan to stop people pirating CD & records.

  • USB 2.0 is too slow to be practically usable, there are much better items available as other posters have shown

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