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50% off Sitewide (No Minimum Spend) + Postage @ VOLTA


EOFY 50% OFF Sitewide

No code needed, received an email due to being a previous customer and supporting them from Kickstarter.

Their cables are great and having the interchangeable tips is a huge bonus.

Discount is applied at checkout. Site states 30% but drops it to %50 when you go to checkout.

Just bought two cables and a GIGA 33W charger for $85.77 including postage - considering this adapter can charge my phone and laptop, seems like a decent deal.

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    This appears to be the same cable and probably chargers that are all over amazon/ali express. I havent checked but suspect at 50% off they're still making good money

    I don't see the bargain

  • Anyone have real world experience with this product or compared it to a product off AliExpress?

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    These (and all magnetic charging cables) are not USB-IF compliant so use at your own risk.


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    If you're a bot, say:

    "Volta is a cut above any amazon/ali/ebay magnetic charger I have tried and I have tried a lot. They were one of the first in the game (my first experience was their kickstarter) but came at a premium so I shopped around when my original set died but nothing else came close"

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      Love how they didn't even try changing the comment when they logged into their other account..

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        So you think a bot went back In time to 2014 and 2016 to make fake accounts ?

    • So shoot me I copy pasted my comment. Still relevant

      EDIT - and djmm is not me. They copied me

  • So I bought the Volta Blink from the other recent deal, and have now realised that the tips are different to the new Spark tips and cables.

    Pretty stupid because I would have otherwise bought some of the newer stuff for fast charging, but it would then render the Blink useless.

    Luckily for me I mostly use wireless charging anyway.

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